The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality

The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality Author Justin Gest
ISBN-10 0190632550
ISBN-13 9780190632557
Year 2016-10-13
Pages 272
Language English
Publisher Oxford University Press
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It wasn t so long ago that the white working class occupied the middle of British and American societies But today members of the same demographic feeling silenced and ignored by mainstream parties have moved to the political margins In the United States and the United Kingdom economic disenfranchisement nativist sentiments and fear of the unknown among this group have even inspired the creation of new right wing parties and resulted in a remarkable level of support for fringe political candidates most notably Donald Trump Answers to the question of how to rebuild centrist coalitions in both the U S and U K have become increasingly elusive How did a group of people synonymous with Middle Britain and Middle America drift to the ends of the political spectrum What drives their emerging radicalism And what could possibly lead a group with such enduring numerical power to in many instances consider themselves a minority in the countries they once defined In The New Minority Justin Gest speaks to people living in once thriving working class cities Youngstown Ohio and Dagenham England to arrive at a nuanced understanding of their political attitudes and behaviors In this daring and compelling book he makes the case that tension between the vestiges of white working class power and its perceived loss have produced the unique phenomenon of white working class radicalization

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