Absolute Legal English

Author: Helen Callanan
ISBN: 9781905085514
Size: 69.29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Absolute Legal English is a practical and stimulating course book for students of law and practising lawyers who wish to work in an international legal environment and need to extent their language skills. It is particularly useful for candidates preparing for the ILEC exam"-back cover.

Author: Под ред. Ратниковой Е.В.
Publisher: "Издательство ""Проспект"""
ISBN: 5392283950
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Учебное пособие предназначено для аспирантов юридических специальностей всех форм обучения по направлению подготовки 40.06.01 «Юриспруденция» (уровень подготовки кадров высшей квалификации) в рамках программы дисциплины «Иностранный язык», разработанной на основании ФГОС ВО. Цель книги — совершенствование профессионально-ориентированной иноязычной компетенции аспирантов юридического профиля в сфере научно-исследовательской и педагогической деятельности.

The Promise Of Human Rights

Author: Associate Professor of Political Science Jamie Mayerfeld
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812292804
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International human rights law is often criticized as an infringement of constitutional democracy. In The Promise of Human Rights, Jamie Mayerfeld argues to the contrary that international human rights law provides a necessary extension of checks and balances and therefore completes the domestic constitutional order. In today's world, constitutional democracy is best understood as a cooperative project enlisting both domestic and international guardians to strengthen the protection of human rights. Reasons to support this view may be found in the political philosophy of James Madison, the principal architect of the U.S. Constitution. The Promise of Human Rights presents sustained theoretical discussions of human rights, constitutionalism, democracy, and sovereignty, along with an extended case study of divergent transatlantic approaches to human rights. Mayerfeld shows that the embrace of international human rights law has inhibited human rights violations in Europe whereas its marginalization has facilitated human rights violations in the United States. A longstanding policy of "American exceptionalism" was a major contributing factor to the Bush administration's use of torture after 9/11. Mounting a combination of theoretical and empirical arguments, Mayerfeld concludes that countries genuinely committed to constitutional democracy should incorporate international human rights law into their domestic legal system and accept international oversight of their human rights practices.

International Law And The Construction Of The Liberal Peace

Author: Russell Buchan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782251766
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This book argues that since the end of the Cold War an international community of liberal states has crystallised within the broader international society of sovereign states. Significantly, this international community has demonstrated a tendency to deny non-liberal states their previously held sovereign right to non-intervention. Instead, the international community considers only those states that demonstrate respect for liberal democratic standards to be sovereign equals. Indeed the international community, motivated by the theory that international peace and security can only be achieved in a world composed exclusively of liberal states, has engaged in a sustained campaign to promote its liberal values to non-liberal states. This campaign has had (and continues to have) a profound impact upon the structure and content of international law. In light of this, this book deploys the concepts of the international society and the international community in order to construct an explanatory framework that can enable us to better understand recent changes to the political and legal structure of the world order and why violations of international peace and security occur.

English Legal Terminology

Author: Helen Gubby
Publisher: Eleven International Pub
ISBN: 9789089745477
Size: 57.21 MB
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Legal English is a professional language. A good command of ordinary English does not automatically make a student proficient in legal English. Many foreign law students in English language programs experience problems when suddenly all their lectures, textbooks, discussions, and written work have to be in English. A lack of familiarity with legal English can seriously impede their progress. A command of legal English is not just a desirable academic skill - it has become an absolute 'must' for today's legal professionals working in internationally-orientated law firms. This third edition of English Legal Terminology is designed for law students who have followed their law studies in a language other than English. Textbooks on English law are too detailed for those who want to understand English legal terminology rather than English law itself. Legal dictionaries are useful but, as the words are ordered alphabetically, terms are treated in isolation. The book offers: vocabulary that provides sets of legal terminology associated with the legal system, civil procedure, EU law, tort, contract law, and company law * text that puts the terms into their legal context * case discussion questions, in order to practice using the terminology * knowledge questions to ensure that the reader has understood the legal concepts.