The Devil S Avenger

Author: Burton H Wolfe
Publisher: neobooks
ISBN: 3847688529
Size: 39.54 MB
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THE DEVIL’S AVENGER portraitiert die zahlreichen Stationen der Karriere von Anton Szandor LaVey und gewährt Einblicke in seinen extravaganten Lebensstil. Zum ersten Mal in deutscher Sprache: Die Geschichte des außergewöhnlichen Mannes, der die Religion des Satanismus etablierte und die erste und einzige authentische Satanische Organisation der Welt ins Leben rief. Bevor er 1966 die CHURCH OF SATAN gründete und 1969 DIE SATANISCHE BIBEL schrieb, hatte Anton LaVey viel gesehen, erfahren und gelernt. Er arbeitete als Löwenbändiger und Organist, beim Zirkus und auf Volksfesten, als Polizeifotograf und Ermittler für paranormale und okkulte Phänomene. Er betätigte sich als Hypnotiseur und gab Workshops für Satanische Hexen. Er war Ikonoklast, Nonkonformist und aufgrund seiner charismatischen Persönlichkeit wurde er nicht nur Vertrauter der Reichen und Berühmten, sondern Freund und Vorbild für zahlreiche Menschen, die seine Philosophie teilten. Neben den Hintergründen seiner Affären mit Marilyn Monroe und Jayne Mansfield enthält THE DEVIL’S AVENGER zahlreiche bis dato unveröffentlichte Informationen und Geschichten über Mitglieder der CHURCH OF SATAN, sowie seltene Fotos von Anton LaVey, schwarzen Messen, magischen Ritualen und erotischen Frauen. Lesen Sie die Geschichte des letzten „Mystery Man“. Lesen Sie die erste Biographie von Anton Szandor LaVey.

Black Dahlia Avenger

Author: Steve Hodel
Publisher: Skyhorse
ISBN: 1628725966
Size: 55.82 MB
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The New York Times–bestselling reveal of the Black Dahlia killer. “Completely convincing . . . As far as I’m concerned, the case is closed” (Michael Connelly). In 1947, the brutal slaying of twenty-two-year-old Elizabeth Short resulted in the largest manhunt in Los Angeles history. The killer’s identity remained a mystery. Decades later, private investigator and former LAPD homicide detective Steve Hodel launched his own investigation into the most tantalizing unsolved case of the last century. It led to a shockingly unexpected perpetrator: Hodel’s own father. Next came an equally blindsiding discovery. The Black Dahlia was not a standalone crime. Between 1943 and 1949, the cold-case “Lone Woman” serial murders haunted the Southern California area. All of them, Hodel believes, committed again by a one real-life Jekyll and Hyde: Dr. George Hill Hodel. In Black Dahlia Avenger, Steve Hodel “paints a chilling, detailed, week-by-week, year-by-year portrait of his father as an intellectual giant driven to serial killing by his arrested emotional development, his hatred of women and his obsessions with money, power and sex” (Los Angeles Times). Including never-before-published forensic evidence, photographs, previously unreleased documents, and the author’s own intimate perspective of a terrifying family psychodrama, Hodel “has written one of the most compelling true-crime books of all time . . . the most noir of noir stories” (Seattle Weekly).

The Plaid Avenger S World

Author: Plaid Avenger
Publisher: Kendall Hunt
ISBN: 9780757558818
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"In the Plaid Avenger's world, we will strip off the shallow window dressing in which you have been trained to see the world donned, we will lay it bare to see what is really happening around the planet. We do this in order to gain enough insight about the current state of the world to truly understand the how and why and where things are happening right now. In this world, no single government or press dictates our views; no single political party shapes our opinion; no single religion or ethnicity tints our not-so-rose-colored glasses. We will see the world in plaid: a mystical weaving of facts, figures, cultures and viewpoints from every corner of the planet, culminating into the fabric that is today." -- p. [2].


Author: Pete Johnson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448100100
Size: 44.49 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Gareth has never been the most popular boy at school, but he's always done all right. Things seem to look up when he befriends Jake, the new boy who's full of exciting tales about film premieres and life in London - but when Gareth is caught doing an impression of Jake's faux-cockney accent, things turn very bad. Jake is furious and determined to have his revenge on Gareth, He wants Gareth out of the school and turns all the other kids against him. Gareth has to draw on the memory of his beloved Grandad - and on Grandad's wrestler alter-ego Avenger in order to fight back against Jake. But is Jake really the opponent he seems to be?


Author: Su Halfwerk
Publisher: Devine Destinies
ISBN: 1771114460
Size: 78.42 MB
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Luke has two purposes, hunting spirits and avenging his own death. Pru has one goal, to return to her body, especially now that Luke is interested in her. Her memories of his shady past haunt her and keep her on guard around him. Ignoring his teen infatuation with Pru, Luke looks for ways to exorcise her, while she must face the fact that she might never be united with herself again. Amidst rogue spirits, ferocious drug smugglers, and unbendable celestial rules, Pru and Lukeês love demands a sacrifice that can snuff out their rekindled romance before it has even begun. When Luke has to decide between his conflicting desires, which path will he choose? And will the sacrifice be worth it?


Author: Frederick Forsyth
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429974004
Size: 57.72 MB
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Frederick Forsyth is back with Avenger! A heart-stopping thriller of murder, intrigue, deception, and revenge Attorney Calvin Dexter hangs his shingle in a quiet New Jersey town, has a reasonably successful practice, and takes the hills strong while triathlon training. But Dexter is no ordinary lawyer. On Sundays, he reads the paper and shuffles around his dark, empty house, trying to forget about a life he has lost forever. Until, of course, Dexter reads something in the papers that sends him the necessary signal. Until one of the handful who know of Dexter's other life tries to contact him. For in a world that has forgotten right and wrong, few can settle a score like Cal Dexter can. But the game is changing, and this time CIA agent Kevin McBride must find a way to stop Dexter before his quest for vengeance throws the world into chaos.


Author: Andy McNab
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407046977
Size: 79.46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Danny and Elena are now working for the Firm, desperately attempting to track down the vengeance-seeking Black Star before more 'Angels of Death' suicide bombers are despatched. Elena is the key to discovering the bomb-master's whereabouts as she has already made Deep Web contact. The plan is simple - locate Black Star and kill him - at whatever cost. While Fergus is forced to remain in England, confined to a wheelchair as he recovers from his injuries, the hunt takes Danny and Elena to New York on a covert mission led by Marcie Deveraux. Despite Black Star's trickery and deception, the net gradually closes. Fergus travels to the US to help, but Elena is drawn into terrible danger, and only Danny can save her. Using the skills his grandfather has taught him and his own initiative, he must stop the avenging bomb-master from wreaking further destruction . . .


Author: Richard Baker
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
ISBN: 0786957514
Size: 43.83 MB
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Join the revolution with The New York Times best-selling author Richard Baker! In Avenger, the final volume in the epic adventures of the Blades of the Moonsea, Geran violates his exile to stalk the streets of his former home, hunting down the one who hurt his family and rallying the oppressed people of Hulburg. But Geran’s enemies are as numerous as the laws he breaks seeking revenge, and each and every one of them is determined to see him dead. Blades of the Moonsea is the first series written entirely in the new edition of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, penned by one of its primary creators. Award-winning designer and New York Times best-selling author Richard Baker’s Avenger goes to a place and time no Forgotten Realms series has gone before. From the Hardcover edition.

The Avenger

Author: Thomas de Quincey
ISBN: 1425015581
Size: 76.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The Avenger," a disturbing exploration of violence, vigilantism, and religious persecution is a story of murders by John Williams, who in 1811 brutally killed seven people in London's East End. It contains De Quincey's best-known piece of literary criticism and reveals his knowledge in contemporary crime. They are a key contribution to the satiric tradition in English Literature. Worth reading!


Author: Robert J. Crane
Publisher: Ostiagard Press
Size: 46.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The world of Arkaria is a dangerous place, filled with dragons, titans, goblins and other dangers. Those who live in this world are faced with two choices: live an ordinary life, or become an adventurer and seek the extraordinary. When a series of attacks on convoys draws suspicion that Sanctuary is involved, Cyrus Davidon must put aside his personal struggles and try to find the raiders. As the attacks worsen, Cyrus and his comrades find themselves abandoned by their allies, surrounded by enemies, facing the end of Sanctuary and a war that will consume their world.