Blood Money

Author: DD Lang
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719826837
Size: 34.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What made saloonkeeper Wilbur Enright so eager to get his hands on the keys to the bank's safe, after the disappearance of the sheriff, Clint West? With Luther Parry, the assistant bank manager, and his wife, Luicy, also missing, and three dangerous-looking strangers new in town, serious trouble threatens. But one of the strangers, Dale Smith, is on the trail of the missing three, and the good people of Springfield are in for a long and tough ride if peace is to be restored.....

The Iron Eyes Collection

Author: Rory Black
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd
ISBN: 0719827116
Size: 78.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Blood of Iron Eyes In the lawless wilds of Arizona Territory, infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes dishes out his own brand of justice and adds another outlaw to his tally. Heading towards the nearest town of Hope to collect the reward money, he discovers the outlaw worked for Brewster Fontaine, who owns everything and everyone in the town - including the bank. But, Fontaine has no intention of paying out bounty money for having one of his own men killed. Summoning his hire guns back into town, he orders them to kill Iron Eyes if he tries to enter the bank. Unknown to Fontaine, this man is no ordinary bounty hunter who can be frightened like regular folk. Here, instead, is a man who will wage war no matter how many guns he must face. Scalp of Iron Eyes Infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes steers his palomino stallion through hostile terrain, he is in chase like a cougar with the scent of its next meal in its nostrils. But unlike a cougar, Iron Eyes simply wants to get his hands on the outlaws who have their images on the crumpled wanted posters in his deep pockets. His bullet-coloured eyes catch a glimpse of Ten Strike and he knows his pursuit is coming to an end. The trouble is that there are men within the remote settlement who have waited for the gaunt horsemen with their guns cocked and ready. Soon Iron Eyes will be fighting for his life against those who want his scalp as a trophy. 100 Golden Eagles for Iron Eyes Bounty hunter Iron Eyes is heading south to Mexico in search of outlaws Bodine and Walters, but is himself being hunted down by his erstwhile sweetheart Squirrel Sally. Then Iron Eyes learns that Sally has been kidnapped by landowner Don Jose Fernandez, and rushes to her aid. But Sally, Iron Eyes and the outlaws are all just pawns in a much larger game, with an enemy more deadly than they can imagine, and Iron Eyes has to use all his courage and skill to survive. Iron Eyes Unchained The notorious bounty hunter known as Iron Eyes is tracking down his errant sweetheart 'Squirrel' Sally, and his quest takes him all the way from Mexico to the forests of the West. However, unbeknown to him, unscrupulous men, envious of his success as a bounty hunter, are pursuing him with a view to a kill. Iron Eyes is unwittingly riding into the jaws of Hell itself and will not survive unless divine intervention comes to his rescue. The problem is, only the Devil knows where he is.

The Black Horse Westerns

Author: Abe Dancer
Publisher: Robert Hale
ISBN: 0709092601
Size: 63.92 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3771
RIO BONITO: Joe Kettle possessed the grit and fighting blood of his father, and his father before him. And he needed it, for Wilshaw Broome -- once a loyal foreman of the Standing K ranch -- was using hired gunmen in his effort to seize the Kettle domain. Supported by an ageing Hector Chaf and Ben McGovren, Joe sets out to win back his birthright. But each of the three men had his own special reason for going up against overwhelming opposition, and it wasn't all to do with property and livestock To overcome Broome's force, they would play a waiting game, take advantage of the hidden trails and scrub thickets along the Rio Bonito. Then, when the time was right, they would not hesitate to meet force with force and guns with guns. LAND OF THE LOST: Young drifter Hal Harper rides into the remote town of Senora when he finds himself looking down the barrels of the law. What Harper does not realise is that the ruthless outlaw Tate Talbot and his gang have managed to get themselves elected as sheriff and deputies. Talbot has discovered that there is a wanted poster on his own head worth a small fortune so he has the ingenious idea of collecting his own bounty by killing the innocent Harper and claiming the drifter is the outlaw known as Diamond Bob Casey. Harper manages to escape to the remote uncharted desert south of Senora but can he survive in the Land of the Lost? RAWHIDE RANSOM: Cole was a good sheriff, maybe a mite too lenient at times, but when the chips were down, the town of Barberry fully appreciated his prowess with guns and fists. But the didn't know there was a tragedy in his past that would affect his actions -- until a local boy was kidnapped while Cole was supposed to be guarding him. And the only one who could deliver the ransom was Cole himself. MCGUIRE MANHUNTER: Manhunter Jim McGuire hung up his gun and settled in White Ridge aiming to live a quiet life, but his past profession soon called him back. His young charge Billy Jameson was wrongly accused of murder and the only way to save him from the gallows was to take on an assignment from the corrupt Mayor Jake Nixon. But finding the on-the-run thief Barney Dale wasn't as straightforward as it seemed. Barney was the only witness to a murder committed by Nixon and unbeknown to Jim the mayor has hired ruthless guns to ensure that as soon as he finds Barney both of their lives will be cut short. With the manhunter becoming the hunted man, can Jim defeat the many guns Nixon has lined up against him?

Iii Minutes To Xii The Last Secrets Of The Bible

Author: Ed DesAutel
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 164138252X
Size: 16.60 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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III Minutes to XII This book was not written to convince anyone to change their views or to take sides in any issue that may arise from any point of view stated by the Author, Ed DesAutel. Any relation to personal belief in science or religion is the author’s own observations based on research and analysis of the bible and various books and science publications. Anyone may research the same information and come to their own conclusions as to what may be the true history of the Caucasian race in relation to the biblical story. Past and current scientific research have excavated old cities in various locations around the world that is uncovering western man’s historical past that is directly and indirectly involved with the bible. This book, “III Minutes to XII”, will attempt to tell the untold story of our ancient and modern day ancestors, the Caucasian race, that existed before the great flood of the bible and after. This book will attempt to explain where modern Caucasian man had his beginning and where his technology came from, and where his destructive nature was born. I will try to explain some of the questions that modern man asks about the bible, his science, mythology, and what does science (E=mc2) have to do with creation? Who are the sons of God that called themselves watchers in the book of Enoch? Who were the giants of the bible? Where did they go? What is the meaning of 666, the number of a man in Revelation 13:18? Many books have been written about what is going to happen to man because of his destructive nature? Should we be worried? Read this book with an open mind, and draw your own conclusions.

Blood Money

Author: Ralph Cotton
Publisher: Cotton-Branch Publishing
Size: 62.70 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Ever since Federal Deputy Sullivan Hart lost his father to ruthless J.T. Priest, he's hoped to find the outlaw leader and bring him down. When hanging judge Isaac Parker sends Hart and his partner, Twojack Roth, to break up Priest's infamous gang, Los Pistoleros, he is only too willing to fulfill his duty. With the price on Priest's head rising, gunmen from the East and the West alike come forward, rifles in their hands and dollar signs in their eyes. Hart and Roth need all the help they can get to catch Priest and his crew, who've stolen a million dollars - and taken a pretty hostage. Joining Hart's hunt is former bounty hunter Jake Coak and the ever-resourceful "Quick Charlie" Sims. With these two on his side, Hart sets out on a trail leading to a final desert showdown in this the concluding third book in the Dead or Alive Trilogy.

Money Thicker Than Blood

Author: Adam Smith
ISBN: 9780709057444
Size: 39.54 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 350
Black Horse Westerns belong to a series published each month by Robert Hale. Money Thicker than Blood is one of ten titles produced during May 1996.

Western And Frontier Film And Television Credits 1903 1995 Section I Actors And Actresses Section Ii Directors Producers And Writers

Author: Harris M. Lentz
Publisher: McFarland & Company
ISBN: 9780786402175
Size: 23.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 891
This exhaustive reference provides a comprehensive accounting, covering more than nine decades, of Western and frontier movies and television shows, and the creative talents who brought them to life. Part I is a full listing of Western and frontier credits for actors and actresses, with year of production and role played, and a listing of television credits in the genre, giving the series title, episode title, original air date, and role played. Birth dates (and death dates when appropriate) are given for each performer. Part II gives directors, producers, screenwriters, and original authors, along with the Western films they were involved in. Part III is an alphabetical listing of films, including silents, serials, and made-for-television features, with date and country of release, alternate titles, and the cast and production credits. The final section is a television listing, providing series title, orig

Iron Eyes

Author: Michael D. George
Publisher: Linford
ISBN: 9780708997338
Size: 33.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4114
Iron Eyes was a deadly bounty hunter who never brought his quarry back alive. He guns down Dan Hardy and drags the body to the sheriff's office, hoping to pick up his blood money. Instead, he must ride to El Paso to collect, but he unaware that Hardy's two younger brothers are on his trail. As if there was not already enough trouble facing Iron Eyes, he becomes involved with a mysterious woman and a Mexican rancher who has planned a dangerous mission for the bounty hunter.