Colonialism Race And The French Romantic Imagination

Author: Pratima Prasad
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135846537
Size: 20.43 MB
Format: PDF
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This book investigates how French Romanticism was shaped by and contributed to colonial discourses of race. It studies the ways in which metropolitan Romantic novels—that is, novels by French authors such as Victor Hugo, George Sand, Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, François René de Chateaubriand, Claire de Duras, and Prosper Mérimée—comprehend and construct colonized peoples, fashion French identity in the context of colonialism, and record the encounter between Europeans and non-Europeans. While the primary texts that come under investigation in the book are novels, close attention is paid to Romantic fiction’s interdependence with naturalist treatises, travel writing, abolitionist texts, and ethnographies. Colonialism, Race, and the French Romantic Imagination is one of the first books to carry out a sustained and comprehensive analysis of the French Romantic novel’s racial imagination that encompasses several sites of colonial contact: the Indian Ocean, North America, the Caribbean, West Africa, and France. Its archival research and interdisciplinary approach shed new light on canonical texts and expose the reader to non-canonical ones. The book will be useful to students and academics involved with Romanticism, colonial historians, students and scholars of transatlantic studies and postcolonial studies, as well as those interested in questions of race and colonialism.

Character Sketches Of Romance Fiction And The Drama

Author: Ebenezer Cobham Brewer
Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.
ISBN: 9781410213341
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Originally published in 1892, "the object of this Handbook is to supply readers and speakers with a lucid, but very brief account of such names as are used in allusions and references, whether by poets or prose writers; - to furnish those who consult it with the plot of popular dramas, the story of epic poems, and the outline of well-known tales. The number of dramatic plots sketched out is many hundreds. Another striking and interesting feature of the book is the revelation of the source from which dramatists and romancers have derived their stories, and the strange repetitions of historic incidents. It has been borne in mind throughout that it is not enough to state a fact. It must be stated attractively, and the character described must be drawn characteristically if the reader is to appreciate it, and feel an interest in what he reads." This work, an American reprint of The Reader's Handbook by E. Cobham Brewer, ..".while retaining all of the original material that can interest and aid the English-speaking student, gives also 'characters and sketches found in American novels, poetry and drama.'"

Serials And Series

Author: Buck Rainey
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786447028
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While many fans remember The Lone Ranger, Ace Drummond and others, fewer focus on the facts that serials had their roots in silent film and that many foreign studios also produced serials, though few made it to the United States. The 471 serials and 100 series (continuing productions without the cliffhanger endings) from the United States and 136 serials and 37 series from other countries are included in this comprehensive reference work. Each entry includes title, country of origin, year, studio, number of episodes, running time or number of reels, episode titles, cast, production credits, and a plot synopsis.

Beim Leben Meiner Tochter

Author: Michel Bussi
Publisher: Aufbau Digital
ISBN: 3841210759
Size: 12.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Plötzlich bist du allein und du weißt nicht mehr, wem du noch trauen kannst... Das junge Ehepaar Bellion macht mit seiner sechsjährigen Tochter Josapha Urlaub auf der paradiesischen Insel La Réunion. Eines Nachmittags lässt Liane ihre Tochter und ihren Mann Martial am Pool zurück, um sich hinzulegen. Als Martial kurze Zeit später nach ihr sucht, ist sie verschwunden, das Hotelzimmer verwüstet und voller Blut. Die Polizei nimmt ihre Ermittlungen auf, und schnell steht Martial unter Verdacht, etwas mit dem Verschwinden seiner Frau zu tun zu haben. Doch bevor er festgenommen werden kann, gelingt es Martial mit Josepha zu fliehen. Eine Hetzjagd beginnt, denn niemand weiß: Ist seine Tochter bei ihm überhaupt noch sicher? „Eine atemlose Flucht unter tropischer Sonne.“ Libération. „Ein außerordentliches Lese-Vergnügen!“ Le Figaro Magazine.