Weapons Of Chess An Omnibus Of Chess Strategies

Author: Bruce Pandolfini
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671659723
Size: 53.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5173
With Weapons of Chess, National Master and highly acclaimed teacher Bruce Pandolfini brings us the most accessible and easy-to-use chess strategy book ever. Written for beginning and intermediate players, Weapons of Chess is the first encyclopedia of chess strategies that doesn't rely on the usual baffling chess notation. There are no symbolic chess moves, no charts or sequences in chess notation: every move is explained in words. Arranged alphabetically for easy use and based mainly on pawn formation, the incredibly detailed and thorough entries in this book talk a player through dozens of common strategic dilemmas, such as "doubled pawn," "bishops vs. knights," and "hanging pawn pair." Diagrams illustrate the terms, first showing the basic position and then strategically moving to more complicated versions of it. Players will learn how to formulate plans once they have reached a middlegame, enabling them to make wiser strategic decisions after the first few moves of the game. Designed for use as a ready reference during actual practice games, and usable without a chess board, Weapons of Chess is a unique and invaluable resource for any developing chess player.

Chess Simply Play Better

Author: Martin Pluta
Publisher: Martin Pluta
Size: 16.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6746
Thank you all for the nice feedback and your personal opinions. Greatly appreciated :) This chess book is intended for starters or intermediates. It will provide you accessible and easy to understand information on how to improve your game efficiently in the shortest amount of time. This is what the author says: "Ever since I have played chess, I have been looking for an extensive set of tips to quickly boost my skills and give me access to a more intuitive understanding of the game, but I couldn't find anything that matched my requirements. Therefore, I have decided to create this book with a collection of my favorite strategy patterns. These patterns will be most helpful for players who are just starting to play chess and would like to advance quickly without the need of reading complete chess books or game analysis, which is usually time consuming, quite exhausting and often more efficient for advanced players and professionals. Within this book you will find diagrams associated with bullet point lists. Each page contains one diagram at most. All diagrams are made available in a large size with highlighted squares of interest for best visual interpretation. Chapters will open with a short introduction and a quick overview on what is ahead. I have decided for this structure and layout to assure a very visual presentation with focus on clear facts. You will not find elaborate essays, but rather precise suggestions on what you may try to develop your game to a new level in just a short amount of time."

The Complete Book Of Chess Strategy

Author: Jeremy Silman
ISBN: 9781890085018
Size: 27.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2626
An easy-to-understand guide to chess strategy -- conceptual planning -- has always been the amateur's dream. This book makes that dream a reality. This comprehensive guide in dictionary form, the first of its kind, makes all aspects of chess strategy quick, easy, and painlessly accessible to players of all degrees of strength. Each strategic concept is listed alphabetically and followed by a clear, easy-to-absorb explanation accompanied by examples of how this strategy is used in practice. Such great World Champions as Steinitz, Capablanca, Petrosian, Fischer, and Karpov have used these strategies in virtually all of their games. Now you can arm yourself with their weapons. As you incorporate these weapons into your own play, they will enrich your appreciation of the game and lead you to one beautiful victory after another.

Schachstrategie F R Vereinsspieler

Author: Herman Grooten
Publisher: New In Chess
ISBN: 9056916815
Size: 54.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4900
Jeder Vereinsspieler kennt das Problem: Die Eröffnung ist vorbei, was nun? Finden Sie zuerst den richtigen Plan, dann werden auch gute Züge folgen! Mit diesem Buch präsentiert der Internationale Meister Herman Grooten Amateurspielern einen kompletten und strukturierten Kurs darüber: • wie man wesentliche Merkmale in allen Stellungstypen erkennt und • wie sich diese Merkmale ausnutzen lassen, um den richtigen Plan auszuwählen. Seine Lehren basieren auf den berühmten “Elementen” von Wilhelm Steinitz, Grooten hat die Arbeit des ersten Weltmeisters aber wesentlich erweitert und aktualisiert. Er liefert viele moderne Beispiele, die bei seiner Betreuung talentierter Jugendlicher den Praxistest bestanden haben. In Schachstrategie für Vereinsspieler erlernen Sie die Grundelemente für ein positionelles Verständnis: Bauernstruktur, Figurenspiel, Entwicklungsvorsprung, offene Linien, Schwächen, Raumvorteil und Sicherheit des Königs. Sie meistern die Kunst, einen vorübergehenden Vorteil in andere, dauerhaftere Vorteile umzuwandeln. Der Autor erklärt ebenfalls, was zu tun ist, wenn in einer gegebenen Stellung die Grundprinzipien in verschiedene Richtungen zu deuten scheinen. Jedes Kapitel dieses Grundlagenlehrbuchs endet mit einer Reihe von äußerst lehrreichen Übungen.