Author: Price Brothers & Company, Limited
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Jacques Cartier

Author: EPUB 2-3
Publisher: Infobase Learning
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Jacques Cartier

Author: Meg Greene
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780823936243
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Describes the life and travels of Jacques Cartier, the sixteenth-century French navigator who made three voyages to what is today known as Canada, in search of a northwest passage to China.

Children Of Aataentsic

Author: Bruce G. Trigger
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773561498
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Trigger's work integrates insights from archaeology, history, ethnology, linguistics, and geography. This wide knowledge allows him to show that, far from being a static prehistoric society quickly torn apart by European contact and the fur trade, almost every facet of Iroquoian culture had undergone significant change in the centuries preceding European contact. He argues convincingly that the European impact upon native cultures cannot be correctly assessed unless the nature and extent of precontact change is understood. His study not only stands Euro-American stereotypes and fictions on their heads, but forcefully and consistently interprets European and Indian actions, thoughts, and motives from the perspective of the Huron culture. The Children of Aataentsic revises widely accepted interpretations of Indian behaviour and challenges cherished myths about the actions of some celebrated Europeans during the "heroic age" of Canadian history. In a new preface, Trigger describes and evaluates contemporary controversies over the ethnohistory of eastern Canada.

On The Edge

Author: Thomas R. Dunlap
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199974381
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With our access to Google Maps, Global Positioning Systems, and Atlases that cover all regions and terrains and tell us precisely how to get from one place to another, we tend to forget there was ever a time when the world was unknown and uncharted--a mystery waiting to be solved. In On the Edge, Roger McCoy tells the captivating--and often harrowing--story of the 400 year effort to map North America's Coasts. Much of the book is based on the narratives of mariners who sought a passage through the continent to Asia and produced maps as a byproduct of their journeys. These courageous explorers had to rely on the most rudimentary mapping tools and to contend with unimaginably harsh conditions: ship-crushing ice floes; the threat of frostbite, scurvy, and starvation; gold fever and mutiny; ice that could lock them in for months on end; and, inevitably, the failure to find the elusive Northwest passage. Telling the story from the explorers' perspective, McCoy allows readers to see how maps of their voyages were made and why they were so full of errors, as well as how they gradually acquired greater accuracy, especially after the longitude problem was solved. On the Edge tracks the dramatic voyages of John Cabot, John Davis, Captain Cook, Henry Hudson, Martin Frobisher, John Franklin (who nearly starved to death and become known in England as "the man who ate his boots"), and others, concluding with Robert Peary, Otto Sverdrup, and Vihjalmur Steffanson in the early twentieth century. Drawing upon diaries, journals, and other primary sources--and including a set of maps charting the progress of exploration over time--On the Edge shows exactly how we came to know the shape of our continent.

Escape To Be Free In Pursuit Of Luck

Author: Tom Krieser
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
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This is a life story of a Hungarian refugee born in Slovakia in 1938 amidst the beginning of World War II. Parents were a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. Following the end of WWII, the Krieser family moved to Hungary, and Tom escaped directly following the Hungarian Revolution against Soviet Russia, which was crushed by the Red Army. Arriving in Canada with nothing but a diary, a birth certificate, and a determination to succeed, Tom was lucky enough to meet up with the Sheehan family, who helped to determine much of Tom’s future. The Sheehans helped Tom attend and successfully graduate in engineering from St. FX University. It was in the town of Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada), that Tom met his wife-to-be Jane O’Leary. They married in 1960 and had two children (Paul and Mark in 1961 and 1963, respectively) growing up in Montreal, Canada. Tom’s career commenced as a young engineer, but over the years, he eventually was elevated to become the president and CEO of one of Canada’s best recognized pulp and paper machinery manufacturing enterprises with up to five hundred employees. Surrounded by a great team of professionals and many great customers in a dynamic, competitive, yet surprisingly friendly business environment, the company became known for its research and development activities, machinery innovation, and commitment to deliver value to its customers the world over. Despite the enormous stress of the job he held, Tom found time to dedicate much attention to his kids (having become a spokesperson for the English section of the Quebec PTA [Parent Teacher Association]) and his church, including leadership positions in the Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement. Tom even became a deacon in the Catholic Church in the diocese of Montreal. Tom’s marriage to Jane came to an end in 1989, and in 1993, Tom married his wife of today, Linda Thibodeau. Linda’s daughter became like Tom’s own, and that is a story in its own. Tom and Linda live in beautiful Naples, Florida, today. The book is full of twists and turns with experiences gained through a very enriching life and extensive business, family, and traveling adventures. Tom still works today because he loves what he does and thrives to be the best in all things he undertakes. This book is a product of his love of family, business, friends, and life.

Times Are Altered With Us

Author: Roger M. Carpenter
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118733150
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"Times Are Altered with Us": American Indians from Contact to the New Republic offers a concise and engaging introduction to the turbulent 300-year-period of the history of Native Americans and their interactions with Europeans—and then Americans—from 1492 to 1800. Considers the interactions of American Indians at many points of "First Contact" across North America, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts Explores the early years of contact, trade, reciprocity, and colonization, from initial engagement of different Indian and European peoples—Spanish, French, Dutch, English, and Russian—up to the start of tenuous and stormy relations with the new American government Charts the rapid decline in American Indian populations due to factors including epidemic Old World diseases, genocide and warfare by explorers and colonists, tribal warfare, and the detrimental effects of resource ruination and displacement from traditional lands Features a completely up-to-date synthesis of the literature of the field Incorporates useful student features, including maps, illustrations, and a comprehensive and evaluative Bibliographical Essay Written in an engaging style by an expert in Native American history and designed for use in both the U.S. history survey as well as dedicated courses in Native American studies