In Pursuit Of The Truth

Author: Clive Driscoll
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473503922
Size: 13.31 MB
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Former Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll is most famous for being the man who finally secured convictions for the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a case previously mired by claims of institutional racism and corruption. For Clive, it was the pinnacle of a 35-year career with the world’s most famous police force, the Metropolitan Police Service. Clive’s prodigious rise through the ranks of the Met saw him front some of the most high-profile units at Scotland Yard. He was put in charge of their policy for sexual offences, domestic violence, child protection and the paedophile unit before heading up the Racial and Violent Crime Task Force tackling their backlist of cold cases. From action-packed moments chasing down criminals to more tender occasions, like gaining the trust of a murder victim’s family, to making crucial legal history, and unearthing huge national scandals, In Pursuit of the Truth is the definitive account of modern day policing, its successes and failings included, seen through the eyes of a man who has dedicated his life to making a difference. This is a book that every part of society can learn from.

In Pursuit Of The Truth

Author: Anne Latouche
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781498412117
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Anne Latouche was born in Barbados. At an early age, she came to Canada. After 7 years of marriage and 2 children to care for, she was propelled into becoming a single parent, a status which was inevitable. Many factors can be blamed for this separation but instead of blame, she chose to look at the real reason for the failure. Why didn't the marriage work? God was not in it In this book, she has a story to tell. When you seek for God's truth to live by and measure your life according to what it says, you have a better chance of functioning at a higher level than you would without Him. She returned to school in later years and gained the Bachelor of Theology Degree. This study of God's Word helped her to recognize and be able to adapt her life according to the 'truths' that were in it. There is joy and peace which are readily available when you know God's 'truth'. Such knowledge gives you freedom. Her message is that when you seek to know what the Word of God says, you gain confidence and success will come because you learn to live by what it says: the 'truth'. When you seek for it, you will find it, when you seek with all your heart. I pursued it and it worked for me. You can allow it to work for you. "The Truth."

In Pursuit Of The Truth

Author: Larry L. DeRaad
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491835710
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If you were told, you are a free moral agent, you were lied to. If you were told, you are basically a good person, you were lied to. If you were told, one church is as good as another, you were lied to. If you were told, you could worship God with crucifixes, statues, jewelry, crosses, etc. you were lied to. If you were told, everyone is a child of God, you were lied to. If you were told, baptism was a necessary part of salvation, you were lied to. If you weren’t told about being born again, saved, or regenerated, you were being lied to If you were told, Jesus died for the sins of everyone, you were lied to. If you were told, infants could be baptized, you were lied to. If you were told, baptism washed away your sins, you were lied to. If you were told, you had to belong to a church, or a certain church, you were lied to. If you are a member of a church that Jesus didn’t build, you are being lied to. If you were told, your honesty, integrity, loyalty, goodness, etc. would save you, you were lied to. If you think truth is irrelevant, you are dead wrong, or if you think your idea of truth is okay, you’re dead in trespasses and sins. Romans 1:18, “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness;”

Pursuit Of The Truth 2

Author: Er Gen
Publisher: WWW.WEBNOVEL.COM (Cloudary Holdings Limited)
Size: 61.94 MB
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Su Ming grew up dreaming about becoming a Berserker even though he knew that the chances of him becoming one were close to nil. One day, he found a strange piece of debris, and it allowed him to walk the path of becoming a Berserker. But would it be enough for Su Ming to become just another Berserker to protect those he cares about? Would he be satisfied with leaving everything in fate's hands? *This novel was originally named Beseech the Devil, but due to the author's wishes, it was changed to Pursuit of the Truth.

Pursuit Of Truth

Author: Willard Van Orman Quine
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674739505
Size: 37.33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In Pursuit of Truth W. V. Quine gives us his latest word on issues to which he has devoted many years. As he says in the preface: "In these pages I have undertaken to update, sum up, and clarify my variously intersecting views on cognitive meaning, objective reference, and the grounds of knowledge?'The pursuit of truth is a quest that links observation, theory, and the world. Various faulty efforts to forge such links have led to much intellectual confusion. Quine's efforts to get beyond the confusion begin by rejecting the very idea of binding together word and thing, rejecting the focus on the isolated word. For him, observation sentences and theoretical sentences are the alpha and omega ofthe scientific enterprise. Notions like "idea" and "meaning" are vague, but a sentence-now there's something you can sink your teeth into. Starting thus with sentences, Quine sketches an epistemological setting for the pursuit of truth. He proceeds to show how reification and reference contribute to the elaborate structure that can indeed relate science to its sensory evidence.In this book Quine both summarizes and moves ahead. Rich, lively chapters dissect his major concerns-evidence, reference, meaning, intension, and truth. "Some points;' he writes, "have become clearer in my mind in the eight years since Theories and Things. Some that were already clear in my mind have become clearer on paper. And there are some that have meanwhile undergone substantive change for the better." This is a key book for understanding the effort that a major philosopher has made a large part of his life's work: to naturalize epistemology in the twentieth century. The book is concise and elegantly written, as one would expect, and does not assume the reader's previous acquaintance with Quine's writings. Throughout, it is marked by Quine's wit and economy of style.


Author: Mick O'Donnell
ISBN: 9780732264642
Size: 31.46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When Australian nurse, Yvonne Gilford was found butchered in her apartment in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in 1996, two of Gilford's nursing colleagues were arrested by Saudi police. What followed was a protracted legal and political wrangle as lawyers attempted to stave off the execution.

In Pursuit Of Truth

Author: Greg Grandchamp
ISBN: 9781612443393
Size: 39.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Christianity today is often viewed by others as judgmental, hypercritical and condemnatory. Too often people are turned off by what they see as a religion bound by rules and regulations, which they believe dominate the Christian landscape. In Pursuit of Truth tries to dispel those false assumptions, and to show that true Christianity is nothing more - and nothing less - than a relationship with Jesus Christ. IPOT asks the reader to answer the question for him or herself - Who Is Jesus Christ?