Mein Leben Und Streben

Author: Karl May
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781548823474
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"Mein Leben und Streben" from Karl May. Deutscher Schriftsteller, einer der produktivsten Autoren von Abenteuerromanen (1842-1912).

Education Through Work

Author: Célestin Freinet
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press
ISBN: 9780773493032
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Learning Relations

Author: Alexander M. Sidorkin
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc
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Claiming Knowledge

Author: Olav Hammer
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004136380
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This volume deals with the transformation of unchurched religious creativity in the late modern West. It analyzes the ways in which the advance of science, globalization and individualism have fundamentally reshaped esoteric religious traditions, from theosophy to the New Age. This publication has also been published in hardback, please click here for details.

The Language Instinct Debate

Author: Geoffrey Sampson
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826473857
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When it was first published in 1997, Geoffrey Sampson's Educating Eve was described as the definitive response to Steven Pinker's The Language Instinct and Noam Chomsky's nativism. In this revised and expanded new edition, Sampson revisits his original arguments in the light of fresh evidence that has emerged since the original publication. Since Chomsky revolutionized the study of language in the 1960s, it has increasingly come to be accepted that language and other knowledge structures are hard-wired in our genes. According to this view, human beings are born with a rich structure of cognition already in place. But people do not realize how thin the evidence for that idea is. The 'Language Instinct' Debate examines the various arguments for instinctive knowledge, and finds that each one rests on false premisses or embodies logical fallacies. The structures of language are shown to be purely cultural creations. With a new chapter entitled 'How People Really Speak' which uses corpus data to analyse how language is used in spontaneous English conversation, responses to critics, extensive revisions throughout, and a new preface by Paul Postal of New York University, this new edition will be an essential purchase for students, academics, and general readers interested in the debate about the 'language instinct'.

A Psychology Of Body Soul Spirit

Author: Rudolf Steiner
Publisher: SteinerBooks
ISBN: 0880109513
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"Steiner does not talk about soul; he speaks from soul. That is the entire method. There is, however, an entrance fee for doing psychology. The fee is that you need to leave behind your well-known-to-you self-identity. You must suffer the experience of leaving behind not only what you know, but also what you think you know of yourself. This requirement qualifies psychology as integral to the work of initiation. -Robert Sardello, from his introduction "Essentially, the correct meaning of theosophy is the allowing of the god within us to speak; what it tells you about the world is theosophy. Anthroposophy, for its part, may be characterized as the wisdom spoken by us as human beings when we are between God and nature, and allow the human being in us to speak of what is shining into us from above and of what is projecting into us from below. Anthroposophy is the wisdom that human beings speak. -Rudolf Steiner In 1904, Steiner publicly described this classic account of the Western path of initiation. Beginning with the assumption that "the capacities by which we can gain insights into the higher worlds lie dormant within each one of us," Steiner carefully and precisely leads us through the stages of preparation, illumination, and initiation, from cultivating fundamental soul moods of reverence and tranquility to esoteric self-development. He also provides practical exercises for inner and outer observation and moral development. By patiently and persistently following his suggestions, new capacities of soul and spirit begin to form, revealing the contours of the higher worlds previously concealed from us. Robert Sardello's in-depth introduction places Steiner's lectures within the context of modern life and psychology and provides insights into how to read and use this text for inner development and a deeper understanding of spiritual science. The challenges we face in modern life require ever-deeper levels of wisdom and insight. In this important book, Rudolf Steiner becomes a teacher, counselor, and friend through advice that is practical, clear, and powerful. The text shows us how to cultivate the capacities for such insights and places them at the service of humanity.

Duality And Approximation Methods For Cooperative Optimization And Control

Author: Mathias Bürger
Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH
ISBN: 3832536248
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This thesis investigates the role of duality and the use of approximation methods in cooperative optimization and control. Concerning cooperative optimization, a general algorithm for convex optimization in networks with asynchronous communication is presented. Based on the idea of polyhedral approximations, a family of distributed algorithms is developed to solve a variety of distributed decision problems, ranging from semi-definite and robust optimization problems up to distributed model predictive control. Optimization theory, and in particular duality theory, are shown to be central elements also in cooperative control. This thesis establishes an intimate relation between passivity-based cooperative control and network optimization theory. The presented results provide a complete duality theory for passivity-based cooperative control and lead the way to novel analysis tools for complex dynamic phenomena. In this way, this thesis presents theoretical insights and algorithmic approaches for cooperative optimization and control, and emphasizes the role of convexity and duality in this field.

Goethe And Love

Author: Karl Julius Schröer
ISBN: 9780929979816
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The Portal Of Initiation

Author: Rudolf Steiner
Publisher: Garber Communications
ISBN: 9780893450120
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This is an edition of the Bittleston translation of the first Mystery. Drama, together with Goethe's esoteric tale. With introductions by Hans Pusch, Adam Bittleston, and the translation of a lecture by Steiner on Goethe's fairy tale, this is a good place to begin the Mystery Dramas.