Author: Theresa Hissong
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781983898952
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Kye Rise of the Pride Book 6 Kye has loved her for years. Evie has never wanted anyone else. Kye knows that his life and heart belong to Evie. With their maturity on the horizon, both Kye and Evie promise to stay united regardless of the outcome from the magic that determines their future together. As the threats against his pride continue, Kye will make a decision that will affect everyone around him, but it is Evie who puts her plan into motion first. Evie's demons haunt her regardless of how much she has grown. Kye vows to put her back together again when the truth is revealed about what really happened when she was kidnapped as a young female. This time, he's determined to make her whole again. Even if that means throwing out everything he's ever known about the rituals and expectations of his pride. With their maturity on the horizon, both Kye and Evie vow to stay united regardless of the outcome of the magic that determines their future together. When their maturity comes and goes without the spark that unites them as mates, Kye and Evie must make a decision to either live as an unmated pair or leave each other to find the one who is destined for them. Kye must grow into his maturity and accept guidance from his brother on becoming an alpha to his own pride one day. Evie continues to grow, relying on Kye to keep her grounded. When she has a major setback, Kye will do everything he can to bring her back into his arms. Even if that means ripping his heart out and laying it at her feet. With the death of his mother, and the continuing threats against his pride, Kye makes a decision that affects everyone around him. Evie has kept a secret, even lied to Kye about it, but for her to move forward, she must tell him everything. As their twentieth birthdays arrive, the two young panther's will have to overcome pain and loss to become one. No one said it would be easy. As her training continues with the females, she will have to rely on her skills to prove her worth to the pride.


Author: Theresa Hissong
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530332830
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My name is Talon Shaw and I am the alpha of a pride of black panthers. My cat finds his mate in a human female and she wants a date! Panthers don't date...we mate. Before my plans fall into place to court the woman who is destined to be my mate, one of my pride is taken and held for ransom. That ransom is me. I will do anything for my pride, but my little human mate puts herself in my place. When I find out that she has been taken, along with a young girl from my pride, I vow to bring them both home. My Guardians and I hunt to find my mate, save my pride, and deal out justice for those my enemy has harmed. That is...if I'm not too late to save them both.


Author: Theresa Hissong
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781537024776
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Winter Rise of the Pride, Book 2 Winter Blue, Guardian of the Shaw Pride, has sworn to protect the beautiful and stubborn Nova Raines. His panther knows that she is his mate, but Winter's refusal to touch her causes him to almost destroy their fragile relationship when she is attacked by a human male and left for dead behind the bar that she owns. The wolves are still on the loose, and when a rogue panther comes forward with information, the pride soon realizes that the male who assaulted Nova is a wolf and will stop at nothing until he kills her. The panthers assemble with a plan, ensuring that the pack of wolves are destroyed so that the pride can live in peace. When Nova's ability to protect herself is questioned, Winter has to make the decision to change her into what he is to save her life or leave her vulnerable to his enemies. His reasoning for keeping her human could also be the one thing that takes her life for good when the last remaining wolf returns to finish off the job.

The Birth Of An Alpha

Author: Theresa Hissong
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781987530780
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The Birth of an Alpha Rise of the Pride Book 4 The elders of the pride have told the story of an invisible thread that binds us to our mates. The connection is more powerful than any god could create and stronger than any war could destroy. It has been said that the only way to truly kill a shifter is to have their mate taken from their side. Even in death, their love will never perish... Talon has never been more in love with his mate than in the months leading up to the arrival of their first born, the next alpha to the Shaw pride. His cub's birth should be surrounded by celebration, but when Talon's mother falls ill and Liberty goes into labor, the alpha must balance his emotions for the sake of his people. The presence of something otherworldly sends Talon and his Guardians on the search for answers to a mysterious phenomenon. When the truth is revealed, Talon must accept what has been written by fate, even if he doesn't agree.

Bound To Shadows

Author: Keri Arthur
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN: 0553591169
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While trying to decide between two jealous lovers, Riley, a part vampire, part werewolf detective, must solve two cases at once--one of which involves a sadistic killer who targets the latest hot spot for vampire-human hookups.

Meet Me In The Bathroom

Author: Lizzy Goodman
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062233122
Size: 32.92 MB
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Joining the ranks of the classics Please Kill Me, Our Band Could Be Your Life, and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, an intriguing oral history of the post-9/11 decline of the old-guard music industry and rebirth of the New York rock scene, led by a group of iconoclastic rock bands. In the second half of the twentieth-century New York was the source of new sounds, including the Greenwich Village folk scene, punk and new wave, and hip-hop. But as the end of the millennium neared, cutting-edge bands began emerging from Seattle, Austin, and London, pushing New York further from the epicenter. The behemoth music industry, too, found itself in free fall, under siege from technology. Then 9/11/2001 plunged the country into a state of uncertainty and war—and a dozen New York City bands that had been honing their sound and style in relative obscurity suddenly became symbols of glamour for a young, web-savvy, forward-looking generation in need of an anthem. Meet Me in the Bathroom charts the transformation of the New York music scene in the first decade of the 2000s, the bands behind it—including The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem, Interpol, and Vampire Weekend—and the cultural forces that shaped it, from the Internet to a booming real estate market that forced artists out of the Lower East Side to Williamsburg. Drawing on 200 original interviews with James Murphy, Julian Casablancas, Karen O, Ezra Koenig, and many others musicians, artists, journalists, bloggers, photographers, managers, music executives, groupies, models, movie stars, and DJs who lived through this explosive time, journalist Lizzy Goodman offers a fascinating portrait of a time and a place that gave birth to a new era in modern rock-and-roll.

Her Forbidden Hero

Author: Laura Kaye
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen
ISBN: 162266924X
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She's always been off-limits... Former Army Special Forces Sgt. Marco Vieri has never thought of Alyssa Scott as more than his best friend's little sister, but her return home changes that...and challenges him to keep his war-borne demons at bay. Marco's not the same person he was back when he protected Alyssa from her abusive father, and he's not about to let her see the mess he's become. ...but now she's all grown up. When Alyssa takes a job at the bar where Marco works, her carefree smiles wreak havoc on his resolve to bury his feelings. How can he protect her when he can't stop thinking about her in his bed? But Alyssa's not looking for protection—not anymore. Now that she's back in his life, she's determined to heal her forbidden hero, one touch at a time...

Deity Mantra And Wisdom

Author: Jigme Lingpa
Publisher: Shambhala
ISBN: 9781559398183
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Deity, Mantra, and Wisdom contains four of the most cherished Tibetan Buddhist commentaries on the practices of visualization, mantra recitation, and meditative absorption. These three elements form the core of development stage meditation, one of the most important practices of Buddhist Tantra. The authors of these timeless classics—Jigme Lingpa, Patrul Rinpoche, and Getse Mahapandita—have all profoundly shaped Tibetan Buddhism with their vast scholarship and deep spiritual realization. In these eloquent and inspiring writings, they explain the fundamental philosophy of the development stage, showing not only its profound insights into the nature of reality, but also how to make this view a living experience through the practice of meditation. The four works here translated for the first time are: "Ladder to Akanistha" by Jigme Lingpa, "Clarifying the Difficult Points in the Development Stage" by Patrul Rinpoche, "The Four Stakes That Bind the Life-Force" by Patrul Rinpoche, and "Husks of Unity" by Getse Mahapandita Tsewang Chokdrub.

Networking For People Who Hate Networking

Author: Devora Zack
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1605096075
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Networking is the art of building and maintaining connections for shared positive outcomes. This field guide begins by politely examining, and then shattering to pieces, traditional networking truisms.

The Treasury Of Knowledge

Author: Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 1559393890
Size: 48.33 MB
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Jamgön Kongtrul's encyclopedic Treasury of Knowledge presents a complete account of the major lines of thought and practice that comprise Tibetan Buddhism. Among the ten books that make up this tour de force, Book Six is by far the longest—concisely summarizing the theoretical fields of knowledge to be studied prior to the cultivation of reflection and discriminative awareness. The first two parts of Book Six, contained in this volume, respectively concern Indo-Tibetan classical learning and Buddhist phenomenology. The former analyzes the traditional subjects of phonology and Sanskrit grammar, logic, fine art, and medicine, along with astrology, poetics, prosody, synonymics, and dramaturgy. The principal non-Buddhist philosophical systems of ancient India are then summarized and contrasted with the hierarchical meditative concentrations and formless absorptions through which the “summit of cyclic existence” can genuinely be attained. Part Two examines the phenomenological structures of Abhidharma—the shared inheritance of all Buddhist traditions—from three distinct perspectives, corresponding to the three successive turnings of the doctrinal wheel.