In Another Life

Author: Marc Levy
Publisher: Versilio
ISBN: 2361320452
Size: 34.47 MB
Format: PDF
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An extraordinary story of love and vengeance in the international art world... A fast-paced and gripping tale... An extraordinary story of love and vengeance in the international art world... A fast-paced and gripping tale... Jonathan and Anna are in the final stages of planning their Bostonian high-society wedding, when Peter, an auctioneer for Christie's and Jonathan's best friend, calls with news that will change all of their lives. He has just been informed that a small London art gallery has come in to possession of five canvases by the 19th century artist, Vladimir Radskin. Jonathan, the world's foremost expert on Radskin, immediately understands the significance of the information. If the gallery indeed has five paintings, then the collection could very well include Radskin's final canvas - a painting that has become legendary ever since it went missing in mysterious circumstances before its public unveiling in 1868. For Jonathan, who has spent the last twenty years of his career searching for this painting, its discovery and authentication would finally establish the under-appreciated Radskin as a true master. For Peter, whose recent auctions have come under fire from the critics, an ensuing high-profile sale would represent an opportunity to salvage his career. When Jonathan meets Clara, the owner of the London gallery, he is overwhelmed by a dizzying sense of déjà-vu. But in the desperate rush to authenticate the fifth painting, he simply puts this strange feeling down to their shared passion for the late Russian painter. He and Clara are both convinced that this breath-taking painting is Radskin's mythical last work, but they need proof: for The Young Girl in the Red Dress is unsigned. Their quest takes them from a gallery in Piccadilly to a paint workshop in Florence, from a laboratory in the Louvre to a mysterious manor in the English countryside. The more Jonathan and Clara uncover about Radskin's last painting, the more they discover about themselves: three very different lives, three inextricably intertwined destinies, caught in a race against time. "His writing flows, it is elegant and fast paced... In Another Life is Romeo and Juliet, set in today's modern world . It's dense, beautiful, and just as tragic.' - Paris Match "His stories make us dream, his writing fills us with emotion.' - Elle

Sense And Sensibility English French Edition Illustrated

Author: Jane Austen
Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1635378354
Size: 55.98 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Henry Dashwood, his second wife, and their three daughters live for many years with Henry's wealthy bachelor uncle. That uncle decides, in late life, to will his property first to Henry, then to Henry's first son John, and then to John's three-year-old son Harry. The uncle dies, but Henry lives just a year after that. On Henry's death, the new owner of the estate, then, is John Dashwood, the child of Henry's first marriage. Henry's second wife, Mrs Dashwood, and their daughters, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret, inherit only a small income. On his deathbed, Mr Henry Dashwood extracts a promise from his son John to take care of his half-sisters. But before Henry is long in the grave, John's greedy wife, Fanny, persuades her husband to renege on the promise, appealing to his concerns about diminishing his own son Harry's inheritance and to the fact that his sisters are but half-blood and therefore undeserving of his family loyalty. Après le décès de Henry Dashwood, ses trois filles, Elinor, Marianne et Margaret, ainsi que leur mère se trouvent privées de leur part d'héritage par leur demi-frère John (né d'un précédent mariage de Henry Dashwood) qui se laisse facilement convaincre par sa femme Fanny qu'il ne leur doit rien. Leur condition financière considérablement diminuée, elles se retrouvent dans une situation particulièrement difficile.

The Scapegoat

Author: Daniel Pennac
Publisher: Harvill Press
ISBN: 9781860466113
Size: 65.47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Benjamin Malauss ne is a true 20th century saint. As the elder brother in a large family of young siblings, he is the breadwinner, troubleshooter, and spinner of bedtime stories. He is employed at the Store, where his title is Quality Controller but his real function is scapegoat for the fury of dissatisfied customers. His mistress is a journalist and when he confides in her the details of his job, she writes an expos of the Store's practices. Benjamin is sacked. Bombs start exploding at the Store and Benjamin is chief suspect. In the first of Pennac's comic crime novels set in the Parisian suburb of Belleville, it requires the combined talents of Benjamin's sisters Th r se and Clara to make the connection between the elderly victims of the explosions and uncover a sinister conspiracy that has left children dead and Benjamin in danger of facing murder charges.

Du Tac Au Tac Managing Conversations In French

Author: Jeannette D. Bragger
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285629493
Size: 78.34 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Improve your French conversation skills with DU TAC AU TAC: MANAGING CONVERSATIONS IN FRENCH! The communicative strategies used in this French text help you reactivate, strengthen, and build on what you already know so that you can improve your French communication skills with ease. Each chapter is organized around what you need to know to interact with native speakers: how to initiate, maintain, and close conversations; how to communicate and respond to feelings and emotions; how to express opinions; and how to give and get information. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Meet Your Happy Chemicals

Author: Loretta Graziano Breuning
ISBN: 9781941959015
Size: 69.79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The "happy chemicals" are controlled by tiny brain structures that all mammals have in common. Your brain rewards you with good feelings when you do something good for your survival. But we struggle to make sense of our neurochemical ups and downs, and can trigger vicious cycles such as alcohol, junk food, risk-taking. Learn how to make real-world choices that will help you break the cycles.

Mauvaises Fois

Author: Pierre Chalmin
Publisher: L'AGE D'HOMME
ISBN: 9782825111093
Size: 33.82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Annoncé depuis longtemps, voici enfin le premier volume du Journal de Pierre Chalmin qui s'était fait connaître naguère avec Le Petit Crevé, paru au Dilettante. Mauvaises Fois est le journal scrupuleux d'une petite vie sinistre, consignée sans fard avec le tranquille cynisme d'un jeune auteur, sorti du souterrain dostoïevskien, qui refuse d'admettre qu'il a tout à se reprocher. Evitant cependant l'écueil propre au genre des énormes fatuités bavardes, Pierre Chalmin parvient à amuser dans le renouvellement des disgrâces et la répétition des échecs qui font son ordinaire calamiteux. Il lui fallut sans doute cette année-là (1995) une forme très spéciale de talent qu'on ne songera pas à lui envier, pour ainsi tout rater : amitiés, métier, livres et maîtresse... Le ton de l'auteur, rageur ou burlesque, ironique ou blasé, tour à tour irrite et provoque l'hilarité. Apparaît, derrière ce tableau d'un désastre intime, la trame d'une époque sans grandeur contre laquelle l'auteur se débat sans succès.

Petit Trait Du Bonheur 2 0

Author: Christophe Deshayes
Publisher: Armand Colin
ISBN: 2200286910
Size: 42.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Et si le bonheur était au creux de nos mains ? Aujourd’hui, en combinant psychologie, sociologie et technologies numériques, il devient si facile de changer nos comportements et de concrétiser nos rêves : positiver, aimer, se relaxer, mincir, faire du sport, élever sereinement nos enfants, bien vivre au travail... Qu’est-ce qui marche, et pourquoi ? Après avoir analysé des centaines d’études scientifiques, des milliers d’applications mobiles, de coachs numériques et d’appareils intelligents, les auteurs révèlent les leviers qui vont enfin nous permettre d’atteindre nos propres objectifs. Prendre soin de soi et des autres grâce au numérique Au travers de courts récits tirés du quotidien, ils nous expliquent la prochaine révolution personnelle et sociétale : la réappropriation de nos comportements. On croyait les technologies numériques envahissantes, stressantes, les voilà en passe de devenir notre meilleur allié pour vivre mieux. Retrouvez les auteurs et les thématiques abordées sur