Livro Clap

Author: Madalena Matoso
ISBN: 9788574067681
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Quando o leitor menos esperar, o Livro clap pode- - sair voando por aí, - bater na porta de alguma casa, - começar a levantar pesos e a fazer abdominais, - se transformar em um bumbo ou em uma sanfona nunca se sabe! Então o melhor é agarrá-lo com as duas mãos e aproveitar- abrir e fechar suas páginas, inventar sons e palavras, criar novas histórias e tudo aquilo que a imaginação mandar. Quem gostou da ideia bata palmas! Clap, clap!

Fractures And Disruptions In Children S Literature

Author: Ana Margarida Ramos
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1527504263
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In March 2015, the eleventh edition of The Child and the Book Conference was organized at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. The conference was related to the theme of fracture and disruption in children’s and young adult literature. This publication provides not only a synthesis of the main reflections, but also a starting point for understanding the issues of fracture and disruption within children’s and young adult literature. The volume gathers texts from consolidated figures within the field of research in Children’s Literature, as well as contributions from junior researchers, creating bridges and dialogue between both generations and critical and theoretical approaches. It includes chapters on violence, war, sexuality and politics, discussion around formal-stylistic perspectives, analysis of fringe works and hybrid literary forms as well as the issue of audience and the crossover universe. Special reference should be given to the inclusion of contributions from lesser-known countries and literatures such as Brazil, Italy, Norway, Poland, and Portugal. The volume will be of interest to children’s literature specialists, graduate and post-graduate students, librarians, and mediators of reading.

Reencarna O

Publisher: Edicoes Loyola
ISBN: 9788515008599
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Adolpho Lutz Viagens Por Terra De Bichos E Homens V 3 Livro 3

Author: Jaime L. Benchimol
Publisher: SciELO - Editora FIOCRUZ
ISBN: 8575414054
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Organizada pelo historiador Jaime Benchimol e pela bióloga e historiadora da ciência Magali Romero Sá, é uma homenagem ao pesquisador e à sua trajetória. Adolpho Lutz foi o precursor das modernas campanhas sanitárias e dos estudos epidemiológicos envolvendo, sobretudo, o cólera, a febre tifóide, a peste bubônica e a febre amarela. Os quatro primeiros volumes da obra - que consistirá, quando completa, numa coleção de 21 livros acondicionados em cinco caixas - trazem: Primeiros Trabalhos: Alemanha, Suíça e Brasil (1878-1885); Hanseníase; Dermatologia e Micologia e ainda um suplemento contendo sumário, glossário e índices. Neles, os organizadores recuperaram o arquivo pessoal do cientista e de sua filha, a bióloga Bertha Lutz.

World Guide To Abbreviations Of Organizations

Author: F. A. Buttress
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1468487426
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This edition of well over 50,000 entries not only updates its predecessor but considerably increases the coverage of Latin America and Eastern Europe. I have been aided in this work by two colleagues at Glasgow University Library, Dr Lloyd Davies and Barbara MacMillan, and in general revision by Kate Richard. Close on 20% of the text has been altered. The equivalences, introduced into the last edition, linking acronyms in different languages for the same organization, have been extended. New to this edition is the cross-referencing between a defunct organization and its successor. Otherwise the policies adopted in previous editions have been retained: strictly local organizations are omitted, but the subject scope includes activities of all kinds; the country of origin of a national organization is given in brackets, unless it is the home country of the title language or can be readily deduced from the title itself. Acronyms of parent bodies of subsidiary organizations are also added in brackets. A select bibliography guides the reader to specialist works providing more detailed information. Particularly at a time of such widespread political change affecting organizational structures in so many countries, it is impossible to ensure complete up-to-date accuracy in a work of this kind. Readers are earnestly invited to inform me of any errors and omissions for attention in a later edition of this work. H. H. Bibliography Acronyms, Initialisms and Abbreviations Dictionary. 13th edn. Gale Research Co. , Detroit, 1989.

Buttress S World Guide To Abbreviations Of Organizations

Author: L. Pitman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400900937
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The previous edition of this directory extended its coverage of the Far East, Australasia and Latin America, areas previously under-represented. For this new edition emphasis has been given to increasing the number of entries for organizations from Britain, the United States and Australia, and particular attention has been paid to new political organizations in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The number of entries included has gone up to over 68,000 of which over 9,000 are new or amended. Cross-references from defunct organizations in the previous edition have been deleted, and references (indicated by ex and now) added for organizations which have changed their name since the previous edition. As before, the range of organizations included is broad and only purely local organizations have been excluded. This directory therefore lists official and unofficial organizations, national and international, on all SUbjects: political, economic and social. Acronyms of parent bodies of subsidiary organizations are given where appropriate and equivalencies are used to link acronyms in different languages for the same organization. Further information about the organizations listed can be found in the sources listed in the bibliography. I would like to thank Henry Heaney and Graeme Mackintosh for their advice, and David Grinyer for his technical support. L. M. Pitman Bibliography Adams, R. (ed.) (1993) Centres & Bureaux: A Directory of UK Concentrations of Effort. Information and Expertise, 2nd edn, CBD Research, Beckenham. Barrett, lK. (1993) Encyclopedia of Women's Associations Worldwide, Gale, London.

So Weit Oben

Author: Susanne Straßer
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Experimente tocar este livro como se fosse uma matraca e veja que divertido!


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