The One

Author: K. R. Thompson
ISBN: 9781945524035
Size: 62.68 MB
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Adam Black Water has guarded his tribe's secret for as long as he remember. As leader of his pack, he thinks he knows everything that being a Keeper entails - from protecting the forest, to searching for the elusive killer that stalks the Appalachian Trail. What he isn't ready for - is her. When he meets Nikki Harmon, one thing will become very clear. She is the one who holds the power to change it all.

Henry I

Author: C. Warren Hollister
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300143729
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Henry I, son of William the Conqueror, ruled from 1100 to 1135, a time of fundamental change in the Anglo-Norman world. This long-awaited biography, written by one of the most distinguished medievalists of his generation, offers a major reassessment of Henry’s character and reign. Challenging the dark and dated portrait of the king as brutal, greedy, and repressive, it argues instead that Henry’s rule was based on reason and order. C. Warren Hollister points out that Henry laid the foundations for judicial and financial institutions usually attributed to his grandson, Henry II. Royal government was centralized and systematized, leading to firm, stable, and peaceful rule for his subjects in both England and Normandy. By mid-reign Henry I was the most powerful king in Western Europe, and with astute diplomacy, an intelligence network, and strategic marriages of his children (legitimate and illegitimate), he was able to undermine the various coalitions mounted against him. Henry strove throughout his reign to solidify the Anglo-Norman dynasty, and his marriage linked the Normans to the Old English line. Hollister vividly describes Henry’s life and reign, places them against the political background of the time, and provides analytical studies of the king and his magnates, the royal administration, and relations between king and church. The resulting volume is one that will be welcomed by students and general readers alike.

Maurice O La Cabana Del Pescador

Author: Mary Shelley
Publisher: Castellnou
ISBN: 8498049113
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Maurice o la cabana del pescador tracta de la vida d'un pobre noi, Maurice, que no posseeix absolutament res material: ni casa, ni fortuna, ni tan sols família..., però que té un tresor d'incalculable valor: la bondat, l'honestedat de cor. I és precisament gràcies a aquesta bondat que, sense proposar-s'ho, aconsegueix allò que tant desitja: l'amor i l'amistat.

Pouring Jewish Water Into Fascist Wine

Author: Robert Aleksander Maryks
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004222413
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This book offers a critical edition of the petitions in their original Italian language that (Catholic) Jews residing in Italy submitted to the Fascist General Administration for Demography and Race (Demorazza) in order either to be “discriminated,” i.e., not subjected to various provisions of Mussolini’s racial laws.

Compostela And Europe

Publisher: Skira - Berenice
ISBN: 9788857204932
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The international nature of Santiago de Compostela in the 12th century cannot be understood without the exceptional figure of Diego Gelmirez (1070?1140). Immediately after Diego Gelmirez became bishop, he undertook the struggle to achieve metropolitan dignity; this was obtained in 1120 and he gained the privilege of becoming the first archbishop of Santiago. In the following decades the so-called Pilgrims Way to Santiago grew like never before, placing the pilgrimage on the same level as Rome and Jerusalem and turning the apostles village into one of Christendoms main pilgrimage centres. Compostela and Europe. The History of Diego Gelmirez is published in conjunction with the same title travelling exhibition.

The Adventures Of Bert

Author: Allan Ahlberg
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited (UK)
ISBN: 9780140567540
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Picture story book.