Author: Arthur Stanley Smith
Publisher: Virago Press
ISBN: 9780958099608
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At the height of his powers in the 1980s, he robbed, bashed and dealt drugs across Sydney with impunity after being given a "green light" by corrupt NSW detectives. The deal meant Smith could do pretty much as he pleased - for a price. Millions changed hands as Smith, working with corrupt police, emerged as one of the biggest organised crime figures of the decade. Then it all went wrong. On a spring evening, a fight left a man dead. Then shortly before Christmas 1988, Smith was caught red-handed during an armed robbery. None of Smith's police contacts would help - so Smith blew the whistle on more than a decade of corruption, sparking first a major inquiry, then a royal commission. Granted an indemnity against prosecution for any crime except murder, Smith's extraordinarily frank account of his life, his misdeeds - and the corruption, violence and treachery of the Australian underworld - make this book unique.


Author: Neddy Smith
Publisher: Kerr Publishing
ISBN: 1925282929
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Neddy Smith's life story, smuggled out of Long Bay prison, created a sensation on publication. He wrote that: - Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson and other NSW police gave him a rare 'green light' to rob, bash, deal drugs, whatever... without fear of arrest. - He robbed payrolls, dealt heroin and took full advantage - He was the star witness at ICAC hearings into police corruption that changed policing in NSW And he wrote it like he was telling it in a pub - immediate, compelling, straight from the shoulder. This is the book that inspired the TV drama, Blue Murder.

Hit Men

Author: John Kerr
ISBN: 1459621557
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These men are the hit men, striking a contract with someone who has a target - and the cash. In a world of ever-increasing outsourcing, contract killing has become 'the white middle class way of murder'. The Hit Men tells the stories of some of Australia's most ruthless contract killers - their plots, accomplices, victims, crimes and punishments - and of the people who saw fit to employ them. John Kerr dissects a parade of hits, from the days of Sydney's razor gangs in the 1930s to more modern times, taking a fresh look on the way at the man they called Rent-a-Kill - Christopher Dale Flannery. Kerr traces the tragic path of Dennis Allen's hired Red Rat, tells of the bungled 'Are you Les?' hit, and examines the crimes that led to a mother's death on a bed beside her six-year-old son. He gives unflinching accounts of a man who killed his granny, wives who shopped for their husband's killers, and cashed-up criminals who called in favours to arrange the deaths of their enemies. A chilling account of how quickly ordinary people can turn to extreme violence to get what they want.

Ethics And Accountability In Criminal Justice

Author: Tim Prenzler
Publisher: Australian Academic Press
ISBN: 1921513268
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Around the world, corruption continues to undermine the rule of law and the application of due process rights. Misconduct by criminal justice professionals challenges democratic authority and the equality and freedom of ordinary citizens.

Blue Army

Author: Jude McCulloch
Publisher: Melbourne University Publish
ISBN: 9780522849608
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We expect the police to stop armed robbers, to arrest drug dealers, to keep the peace at demonstrations and to protect us from crime. Many of us believe that police officers need to carry guns to protect themselves as well as us. But do we want our police forces to become armies? Most of us are shocked when suspects are shot dead by police before they can be tried, and disturbed to see police wearing riot gear and using baton charges at peaceful demonstrations. When police begin using paramilitary tactics, the essential nature of their role is redefined, switching from protection and peacekeeping to active aggression. Some units within our police forces, such as the Special Operations Group, train with the military and use military weapons and tactics. In looking behind the extraordinary number of police shootings in Victoria, Blue Army examines how the Special Operations Group and their tactics-which are passed on to ordinary police-have contributed to the toll. Jude McCulloch's involvement as a lawyer in cases of police shootings led her to detailed investigation of changes to policing in Australia. Blue Army arises from her research into the paramilitarisation of the police. It exposes the risks of allowing Australia's police forces to move away from the key principle of keeping the peace with the use of minimum force. Blue Army is a very disturbing book, and one of great importance.

Walsh Street

Author: Tom Noble
Publisher: Victory Books
ISBN: 0522858155
Size: 58.56 MB
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A powerful Melbourne crime family. A teenage protected witness. The killing of two policemen. Terror. Violence. Loyalty. On a cool spring morning two policemen were lured into a leafy street in Melbourne, Australia and gunned down. Police investigators pulled out all stops to find the killers, for an astounding two and a half years. Then the men they found were acquitted. The police's case against the two brothers and two friends of their family had fallen apart. The accused were free to leave the court. In Walsh Street, Australia's most famous criminal family comes to life: Kath Pettingill, the fierce matriarch; her eldest son, Dennis, drug dealer and killer; her daughter, Vicki, a protected police witness; her youngest, Trevor, and her other son Victor Peirce, two of the four men charged with the murders; and her grandson Jason-harassed by Kath's dogs and the family's enemies alike. Includes a new foreword from the author with updates on all the major players.

Neddy Smith

Author: Saul Eadweard Helias
ISBN: 9786139348770
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Arthur Stanley "Neddy" Smith (born November 27, 1944) is an Australian criminal who has been convicted of rape, armed robbery and murder. Smith has been serving a life sentence since 1989 and is presently imprisoned in Long Bay Correctional Centre after being moved from Lithgow Correctional Centre in New South Wales, where he spent 14 years of his life. Smith's bodyguard Graham 'Abo' Henry claimed in ABO - A Treacherous Life: The Graham Henry Story that the gang of criminals Smith led committed crimes worth A$25 million in the 1980s.