No Rival Love

Author: Dwight Hervey Small
ISBN: 9780875084954
Size: 45.19 MB
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Rival Love

Author: Natalie Decker
ISBN: 9780692332238
Size: 70.22 MB
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Skylar Fletcher is a proud Harris Academy Bulldog! She has everything she's ever wanted: a perfect boyfriend, great friends, and her dream college waiting for her in the fall. But nothing lasts forever. Skylar's world shatters when her mom decides it's time to move and drags Skylar, kicking and screaming, into Bobcat territory. At Delmont High School, home of the Bobcats, Skylar has no friends and is often bullied. To make matters worse, her home life sucks thanks to all-star quarterback Caleb Morgan, nephew of her mom's live-in boyfriend. At first, Skylar and Caleb want nothing to do with one another. But they soon discover they're not that different after all--and each is harboring a secret attraction to the other. But can a Bulldog and a Bobcat ever really be more than friends? And are Skylar and Caleb willing to risk everything to find out? Rival Love is a debut young adult contemporary romance from Natalie Decker.

Poems On Life And Love In Ancient India

Author: Hāla
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791493922
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The oldest surviving anthology of lyric poems from India, the Sattasaiμ presents the many aspects of love and provides a realistic counterpart to the Kaμmasuμtra.

All For Love

Author: John Dryden
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803253797
Size: 68.30 MB
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Although John Dryden the poet is best known for his alexandrine epics, John Dryden the playwright is most honored for this blank verse tragedy. The summit of Dryden's dramatic art, All for Love (1677) is a spectacle of passion as felt, feared, and disputed in the suspicious years following the English Civil War. Due to its dramatic compression and elegance, All for Love is one of the most enduring plays of the Restoration repertory. It was so successful that in the eighteenth century Dryden's tragedy drove Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra from the stage. The play depicts the catastrophic passion of Cleopatra and Marc Antony, who could not be conquered but by love. Fidelity to family and friends, adherence to codes of honor, national loyalties, and the rule of law compete with each other, tearing the world with violence.

The World And Its Rival

Author: Kathryn Karczewska
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789042006973
Size: 48.79 MB
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This volume assembles a wide range of scholars and critical methodologies to suggest multiple interpretations of the vital connection linking literary imagination and the human experience of reality. In varying ways and with varying intent, it speaks to the essential experience of participating in imaginative worlds, offering different accounts of how language signifies in real and imaginary contexts, and why people read and write rival realities. Taking as point of departure Aristotle's definition of poesis, it questions how literature stands in both mimetic and transformative relation to the givens of history, reworking them within the order of imagination and desire. Through historical, linguistic, and literary analysis of texts spanning nine centuries, it demonstrates how though it is irreducible to reality, literary imagination conveys something very real about the human response to the world, including the knowledge and power proper to such experience; neither history nor lie, it discloses a reality purged of extraneous detail, making what is essential to human experience more concentrated and dramatic. Thus made apparent is that literature and history do not exclude each other, but inform, correct, and supplement each other, underscoring the complexities of thought and imagination.

Tamil Love Poetry

Author: Martha Ann Selby
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231521588
Size: 23.57 MB
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Dating from the early decades of the third century C.E., the Ainkurunuru is believed to be the world's earliest anthology of classical Tamil love poetry. Commissioned by a Cera-dynasty king and composed by five masterful poets, the anthology illustrates the five landscapes of reciprocal love: jealous quarreling, anxious waiting and lamentation, clandestine love before marriage, elopement and love in separation, and patient waiting after marriage. Despite its centrality to literary and intellectual traditions, the Ainkurunuru remains relatively unknown beyond specialists. Martha Ann Selby, well-known translator of classical Indian poetry and literature, takes the bold step of opening this anthology to all readers, presenting crystalline translations of 500 poems dense with natural imagery and early examples of South Indian culture. Because of their form's short length, the anthology's five authors rely on double entendre and sophisticated techniques of suggestion, giving their poems an almost haikulike feel. Groups of verse center on one unique figure, in some cases an object or an animal, in others a line of direct address or a specific conversation or situation. Selby introduces each section with a biographical sketch of the poet and the conventions at work within the landscape. She then incorporates notes explaining shifting contexts. Excerpt: He has gone off all by himselfbeyond the wasteswhere tigers used to prowland the toothbrush trees grow tall,their trunks parched,on the flinty mountains, while the lovely folds of your loins, wide as a chariot's seat, vanish as your circlet worked from gold grows far too large for you.

Rivals For Love

Author: Barbara Cartland
Publisher: Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd
ISBN: 1908303697
Size: 25.66 MB
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Two attractive, intelligent people with one thing in common both of them have sworn never to marry, unless it is for true love. Beautiful and headstrong, Lady Elva Chartham shocks her family when she denounces the debutante balls and festivities of London as a waste of her time. Determined not to bow to the pressure of polite society into an early marriage, she returns home to the pleasures of the country and to dream of travel and adventure.Little does she know that opportunities for both will be presented to her during a surprise visit from her cousin, the enigmatic Duke of Sparkbrook. Handsome and equally adamant that he will not marry the eligible young ladies paraded before him, they enter into a pact to help the British Government.Leaving the safety of England for Russia and the opulent court of Empress Catherine, Elva and the Duke grow closer as they face great danger amongst the plotters and espionage they discover. Will they succeed in their mission and return safely back to Britain? Or will their deception be discovered as they get drawn ever deeper into a court filled with desire, betrayal, revenge, and ultimately love?