Taking Liberties

Author: Helen Black
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472124197
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'Gripping and gritty, this book will keep you hooked from the first page to the last.' Roberta Kray Liberty Chapman had a difficult childhood. The oldest of four kids, she tried to protect them from their violent father until one day he murdered their mother and got sent down. What was left of the family rattled through the care system, bouncing from foster placement to care home. Liberty would have probably ended up on drugs, or dead, or worse if it hadn't been for a ballsy solicitor who told her to get her act together.So that's what she did. She kept her nose clean, got an education. And look at her now. New name, new accent, new town. The past is far behind her and she's concentrating on her own legal career. She has a Porsche, a house in Hampstead... and then one morning her boss asks her to do a favour. He wants her to go to Leeds, to get an important client's son off an assault charge. But Leeds is in Liberty's past. And once she hits town, the past slaps her in the face... and pulls her back into what she worked so hard to leave behind.


Author: Helen Black
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104036977
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Lilly Valentine ist eigenwillig, aufmüpfig und keine typische Anwältin. Sie verabscheut korrekte Kleidung und hat eine fatale Neigung zum Naschen und zum Widerspruch. Ihr neuer Fall scheint der Polizei ganz eindeutig zu sein. Die Mutter der vierzehnjährigen Kelsey ist brutal ermordet worden, und Kelsey ist die Hauptverdächtige. Lilly engagiert sich für das verzweifelte Mädchen und ermittelt auf eigene Faust. Dabei stößt sie auf ein Netz von Drogendealern, Kinderpornos und Erpressung. Bald gerät die Anwältin selbst in Gefahr... Spannend, schnell, realistisch, großstädtisch, modern – und eine kämpferische Anwältin, die mit Humor und Energie gegen das Verbrechen kämpft.

Roget S International Thesaurus

Author: Barbara Ann Kipfer
Publisher: Turtleback Books
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Provides more than three hundred thousand synonyms, antonyms, and related words in more than a thousand different categories.

How The Classics Made Shakespeare

Author: Jonathan Bate
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691185638
Size: 73.12 MB
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From one of our most eminent and accessible literary critics, a groundbreaking account of how the Greek and Roman classics forged Shakespeare’s imagination Ben Jonson famously accused Shakespeare of having “small Latin and less Greek.” But he was exaggerating. Shakespeare was steeped in the classics. Shaped by his grammar school education in Roman literature, history, and rhetoric, he moved to London, a city that modeled itself on ancient Rome. He worked in a theatrical profession that had inherited the conventions and forms of classical drama, and he read deeply in Ovid, Virgil, and Seneca. In a book of extraordinary range, acclaimed literary critic and biographer Jonathan Bate, one of the world’s leading authorities on Shakespeare, offers groundbreaking insights into how, perhaps more than any other influence, the classics made Shakespeare the writer he became. Revealing in new depth the influence of Cicero and Horace on Shakespeare and finding new links between him and classical traditions, ranging from myths and magic to monuments and politics, Bate offers striking new readings of a wide array of the plays and poems. At the heart of the book is an argument that Shakespeare’s supreme valuation of the force of imagination was honed by the classical tradition and designed as a defense of poetry and theater in a hostile world of emergent Puritanism. Rounded off with a fascinating account of how Shakespeare became our modern classic and has ended up playing much the same role for us as the Greek and Roman classics did for him, How the Classics Made Shakespeare combines stylistic brilliance, accessibility, and scholarship, demonstrating why Jonathan Bate is one of our most eminent and readable literary critics.

Jane Austen Among Women

Author: Deborah Kaplan
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801849701
Size: 72.65 MB
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In an age when genteel women wrote little more than personal letters, how did Jane Austen manage to become a novelist? Was she an isolated genius who rose to fame through sheer talent? Did she draw strength from the support of her family, or from woman writers who went before her? In Jane Austen among Women Deborah Kaplan argues that these explanations are either misleading or insufficient. Austen, Kaplan contends, participated actively in a women's culture that promoted female authority and achievement--a culture that not only helped her become a novelist but also influenced her fiction. Kaplan shows that women of Jane Austen's family and community endorsed their society's male-dominated culture and its "domestic ideology" while also in their intimate friendships with other women-expressing distance from it. Drawing on this framework of women's dual perspectives, Kaplan offers new insights about Austen's life and work, including her decision not to marry and her attempts to keep her writing secret. She also examines Austen's fictional representations of loyalties divided between the dominant patriarchal values of her community and the unconventional, even subversive, values and expressions that circulated privately among women. Jane Austen among Women presents a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to feminist literary studies. The discussion of Austen and her family and community is based on extensive research in letters, diaries, poems, and memoirs. Much of this material, discovered by the author in British record offices and in private hands, has never before been published. Kaplan also provides new readings of Austen's fiction, including detailed discussions of the often-ignoredjuvenilia and the transitional producations Lady Susan and The Watsons. A perceptive and original account of the author in her social among Women will English society, and the relation of gender and literature.


Author: Helen Black
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104014477
Size: 18.53 MB
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Aktuell, brisant, kontrovers: der dritte Krimi mit Lilly Valentine, der Anwältin der Außenseiter und Schwachen Wenn es um Gerechtigkeit geht, schreckt die kämpferische Anwältin Lilly Valentine auch vor brisanten Aufträgen nicht zurück. Sie vertritt die muslimische Familie Khan. Deren Tochter soll Selbstmord begangen haben. Aber die Polizei vermutet einen »Ehrenmord« und nimmt ihren Bruder vorläufig fest. Presserummel und Proteste der Muslimgemeinde heizen die Stimmung gefährlich auf. Lilly muss unbedingt die Wahrheit herausfinden, sonst droht eine Explosion...