The Bismarck Folly

Author: Alexander Kemp
ISBN: 9781520153179
Size: 26.89 MB
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Cussler meets Clancy and Kent in this fast paced thriller.Jonathan Henry K�nig, shipping magnate and former Royal Navy Officer is not happy, in fact he's so angry he's going to do something about it. Someone took one of his ships and killed all the crew. Jonathan, aka 'Jake', sets out to make sure it won't happen again, at all, ever. With an upsurge of piracy in the Gulf of Aden and other choke points and dithering governments hamstrung by liberal progressives unable or unwilling to do anything, K�nig decides to deal with the problem. Instead of simply accepting the status quo he plans to take the war to those who pirate and kill, either in the name of the Prophet, or for profit.In the turbulent teens of the 21st century Jake decides the time is right for the return of the privately owned 'Man of War'. An idea that will set him against many governments, but his choice of ship design could even set his friends against him.Far from a quiet start to its work the new ship is catapulted to notoriety on its maiden voyage, making friends and enemies alike in dramatic fashion. A chain of events unfolding in the Caribbean, force a conflict in which his ship and her company must win or die. In the background the clock of history is ticking loudly and as May the 24th approaches, events seem to be leading everyone towards a replay of a desperate battle. Will history repeat itself?

The Tsar S Colonels

Author: David Alan Rich
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674059641
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In this impressive study, David Rich demonstrates how the modernization of Russia's general staff during the second half of the nineteenth century reshaped its intellectual and strategic outlook and equipped the staff to play a strong, and at times dominant, role in shaping Russian foreign policy. Rich weaves together several levels of narrative to show how the increasingly sophisticated, scientific, and positivistic work attitudes and habits of the general staff acculturated younger officers, redefining their relationship with, and responsibilities to, the state. In time, this new generation of officers projected their characteristic notions onto the state and onto autocracy itself; professional concern for the security of the state eclipsed traditional unquestioning loyalty to the regime. Rich goes on to show how divergence between diplomatic and military aims among those responsible for making strategy cost the state dearly in terms of economic stability and international standing. The author supports his findings with original research in Russian foreign policy and military archives and wide reading in published sources. The Tsar's Colonels contributes to a number of debates in Russian military and social history and offers new insights on the structural roots of the Great War, and on the theoretical problems of modernization and professionalization.