Til Death Do Us Part

Author: A. Lopez Jr.
Publisher: Ace-Hil-Ink
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The morning started off just like any other - the sun rising in the east, the waves crashing in from the west, and for Alex Logan, the Santa Monica resident, heading for work was just part of another normal day. But by the time he arrived at his Los Angeles office, the world had changed. Now, miles from home, Alex must fight to get back to his family amid the terror, chaos, and mayhem. Before he starts his journey, he has to gather his thoughts and seek help before walking blindly into the crazed streets below. Will Alex even have a chance to make it out of his office? Will he be in time to save his wife and daughter? The action never stops in this short story of a man seeking to unite with his family before the world goes deeper into its apocalyptic spiral. Where will you be when the infection starts?

Till Death Do Us Part

Author: Robi Ludwig
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416523130
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Every day six people in the United States are murdered by spouses or intimate partners. The stories of killer spouses tend to captivate us, as they beg the question of how so many seemingly normal and happy people manage to go over the edge. Indeed, every relationship presents "extreme moments" where scary feelings surface, yet what happens when those feelings turn to action? In Till Death Do Us Part, noted psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig, along with journalist Matt Birkbeck, presents the psychological profiles of notorious killer spouses -- from Scott Peterson and Clara Harris to Rabbi Fred Neulander and Betty Broderick. Ludwig reveals ten killer personality types. These ten personality types are defined in detail and illustrated with examples from high-profile cases along with in-depth analyses of the motivations behind the murders. The ten types range from the Betrayal/Abandonment Killer (who loses control and kills from a broken heart) to the Control Killer (who micromanages every aspect of the spouse's life) and the Black Widow/Profit Killer (who kills for money). With gripping stories and probing insight, authors Ludwig and Birkbeck examine the concept of peaceful versus violent resolution and why certain spouses believe murder is the best and only response. In an age when spousal murder is headline news, Till Death Do Us Part explores a phenomenon that many spouses can't help but think about at some point in their relationships -- which sheds light on the very notion of "happily ever after."

Till Death Do Us Part Series Books 1 2

Author: Cheryl Bradshaw
Publisher: Cheryl Bradshaw
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New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw's library of the Till Death do us Part Novella Series, Books 1-2: WHISPERS OF MURDER: It was Isabelle Donnelly's wedding day, a moment in time that should have been the happiest in her life...until it ended in murder. Three women, three motives to kill: --A jealous sister --A company CFO --A new-found friend Which one is plotting against her? Which one wants her dead? Think you know who did it? Think again. ECHOES OF MURDER: It was Isla Everley's wedding day, a moment in time that should have been the happiest in her life ... until it ended in murder. When two women with no apparent connection are found dead at the same wedding, medical examiner Reagan Davenport will stop at nothing to discover the identity of the killer ... even if it means untangling a deadly web of lies she’ll live to regret.

Till Death Do Us Part

Author: Alfred Adams, Jr.
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Kenneth Shannon and Joshua Reed Jr. were two childhood comrades who were as close as biological brothers growing up on the infamous “south road” in Jamiaca, Queens. They were the sons of two notorious street legends — Eugene, Shannon and Joshua Reed Sr. — who for a number of years ruled the streets of Queens, NY with iron fists. After the unfortunate and untimely death of Eugene, Joshua became the father figure to young Kenneth. Upon noticing the two boys possessed the same characteristics and potential as he and his deceased comrade, he formulated a plan in which he was confident (with his guidance) would enable him to “FINISH” what he and Eugene had set out years prior...through there two sons!!!

Till Death Do Us Part

Author: Siobhan Gaffney
Publisher: Maverick House
ISBN: 1908518251
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Young, handsome Colin Whelan was a magnet for women, who always fell for his seductive charms. Little did they know that underneath his cool exterior lay a twisted desire to kill. Behind the facade of normality lay a psychopathic mind struggling to control its homicidal urges. Having seduced and married his sweetheart Mary Gough, Whelan immediately began planning her brutal murder. While his young wife dreamed of a love-filled marriage, Whelan searched the internet for information on serial killers and the methods they used to strangle their victims. Compelling and disturbing, this book reveals how Whelan murdered his wife to claim a hefty life insurance policy, and how he faked his own suicide when he became the prime suspect for the murder. Till Death Do Us Part offers a fascinating insight into the true motivation behind one of Irelands most notorious murders, and is a horrifying story of love, lust, revenge and murder - all the more shocking because every word is true.

Till Death Do Us Part

Author: Derek A. Tong
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490813438
Size: 72.15 MB
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This memoir shares one individual's journey and his testimony to the goodness of God. Entranced in the complexities of life, he was enjoying his childhood until the accident A head injury has these components: physical, behavioral, psychological, physiological, perceptual, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive. Till Death Do Us Part explores struggles for dealing with the head-injured; physical aggression and rage and whether they can be overcome; family dynamics; hope for the head-injured community; and conflict tips. In this book, you will read of some tragic behavior and its consequences. May you experience God's peace as the details are sewn together. "With God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26 NIV). This is a cursory glance at my life. It hones in on the head injury (TBI) I suffered as a youth. It traces my development into young adulthood and enters into my married life. My relationship with Dana is briefly romanticized and the arrival of our children glorified. The union with my beloved bride started to change dramatically over time. Often with the distractions in life, I lose my focus and then my cool. My head injury was the source of these changes. It became the greatest culprit of all. Unfortunately, my wife fell victim to my relentless physical aggression, albeit unintentionally. As the story unfolds, for my wife the question would be her reaction Till Death Do Us Part or not?

One Drop Too White

Author: Mike Mose
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456758055
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Bearing aversion & dubiety for society, Mike Mose braved the culture of Detroit, Michigan in the 1990s. Even though the city became ravaged with poverty & violence, the calamity taking place within his home created his ultimate austerity. With a womanizing father who was imprisoned due to illicit business dealings, his mother was forced to raise f ive boys alone. She overcame extreme f inancial hardships & was able to move her family to the suburbs of Southfield, Michigan. The move guaranteed her children an opportunity to attain the spectrum of grandeur that she desired for them. In Mike Mose’s new environment, he was introduced to a class of African Americans he’d never encountered before. While in the suburbs, he realized that he didn’t quite agree with the belief systems that the kids there had developed about race & lower class blacks. Thus, he became entangled in an identity crisis; one where he struggled with his city roots and his new middle class beginning. Mike’s closest friends in Detroit were involved in underworld criminal activity, running with gangs such as CS8 & the Motown Legends. However, he strived to fit in with a new crew in Southfield called PBC. PBC was a selective group of young black men in the area, who wanted Mike to forget about his friends in Detroit. As a young, light skinned African-American man, Mike was a constant victim of intra-racism, victimized by dark skinned blacks. He also witnessed dark skinned blacks fall victim to intra-racism as well. The intra-racism that he encountered was compelling, and brings to light this ugly secret that has been hidden in the African- American community. Throughout the book, Mike Mose remains stuck in the middle of two worlds, representing the unique position that many African-Americans, who move to the suburbs from inner cities, are placed in.

Blaze Brothers No 4 Till Death Do Us Part

Author: Matthew Scott Krentz
Publisher: Blaze Comics
ISBN: 1628908726
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Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. It's hard to tell who's who in a world riddled with crime, jealousy and deception. It makes it even more difficult to know who to trust when there's a $2 million dollar bounty on your heads. While Jack and Billy Blaze attempt to clear their names and prepare to leave the country, an unexpected attack on their family, at the House of Chen, culminates in an epic battle to the death. “If Pulp Fiction were a comic it would be BLAZE BROTHERS... A smashing freshman success!” (comicbooked.com) BLAZE COMICS presents BLAZE BROTHERS, “a bullet flying, katana slicing piece of action that delivers.” (comicattack.net) This tale of two orphaned half brothers, reared by an exiled Chinese martial arts Master, and trained as deadly assassins by a secret US Black Ops force, was illustrated by Marat Mychaels of Marvel’s Deadpool Corp and X-Force:Shatter with Graphic Novel Covers painted by the legendary, Eisner-winning Glenn Fabry! This award-winning, completely original saga will not disappoint. “Like a Mark Millar creation, BLAZE BROTHERS is flat-out KICK-ASS!” BLAZE COMICS presents BLAZE BROTHERS, a no-holds-bar, non-apologetic, hard-hitting completely original series of 8 comics. "WE WERE SET UP FOR SOMETHING WE DID NOT DO! SOMEONE PLACED A TWO MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT ON OUR HEADS. NOW EVERY MURDERING, KILLING, SCUM BUCKET IN THE CITY IS OUT TO PUT A BULLET IN OUR HEADS. SO LISTEN, AND LISTEN CLOSELY - IF THEY WANT BLOOD, WE WILL GIVE THEM BLOOD... BUCKETS OF IT!!!"