We Are The Wolf

Author: Toby Neighbors
ISBN: 9781521001202
Size: 31.73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Off World Force Recon, the first in the fight, the tip of the spear. With human colonies on 45 worlds and space stations in over a hundred different systems, serving with the elite Force Recon branch of the Extra Solar Defense Force is the most prestigious career anyone could hope for. Warfare is almost exclusively the domain of remotely operated drones, but when things go wrong, in space or on a colony world, the Off World Recon gets the call and they always come prepared. Dean is a young man with plenty of prospects ahead of him, but when he gets selected for the most coveted job in the world, he jumps at the chance. Little does he know the rigors of training to become an elite Force Recon specialist or the dangers waiting for him in off-world tours of duty that sometimes last for years on end, but it's always been his dream to charge into the unknown with a band of brothers, facing any threat to humanity's expansion across the galaxy and etching his name into the annals of history. The only question is does he have what it takes to stand between the threats of the galaxy and the rest of the human race? We Are the Wolf is the first book in an exciting new military space opera that will have you riveted from the very first page. Toby Neighbors reimagines what service in a militarized space force would look like and takes his readers on a roller coaster ride that introduces them to a whole new world of adventure. From training across the globe to missions in outer space, We Are the Wolf will capture your imagination and have you cheering for more.

Sworn To The Wolf

Author: Lauren Dane
Publisher: Carina Press
ISBN: 9780373003921
Size: 52.91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR Rain left her old life to find a fresh start. But a wolf shifter mate wasn't exactly what she was expecting... A new name, a new job, a new life--far from the dangers of her old one. Then Laurent walked into her restaurant and changed everything. The second-in-command for the Cherchez Wolf Pack, Laurent didn't expect to find his destiny in a roadside café. But there's no doubt in his mind that waitress-by-day, artist-by-night Rain is his mate. And the urge to be near her, to protect her, to have her, is intoxicating. An unbelievably hot night leaves them both wanting more. But more with Laurent comes with an introduction to his extended family--of werewolves. Learning that supernatural beings are real is a shock, but becoming one turns out to be the best decision she's made in her new life. No matter how good things are with Laurent and the pack, Rain can't run from her old life forever. When a threat on the horizon tests the life they're building together, Rain will have to prove that her place is with the Cherchez wolves--no matter who says otherwise.

He Who Dares

Author: Rob Buckman
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483567648
Size: 56.77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Beyond the love, understanding, and nurturing lay the unanswered question of why a disgraced ex-Royal Naval Admiral would pulled himself out of a bottle and take upon himself to bring a one year old child home as raise him as his own. The question of why his family, the Tregallion clan, refused to come to his aid went unanswered. Even so, between them they build a life for themselves until the fateful day he died while helping to save a starship from certain destruction. After that, Mike fled across the stars, swearing he would never again take the responsibility for another person’s life and death. Fate and destiny had other ideas, plunging him into one situation after the other where he had to take command, and decide the fate of others. With war on the horizon, and the future of the free stars hanging in the balance, Mike reluctantly accepted his destiny, and the part he must play. For better or worse, he would find the answered to his question, and make those responsible pay a the price.

Wolf Pack

Author: Steven Trent Smith
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471223542
Size: 14.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Wolf Pack traces the development of one of the most effective naval strategies employed by the American fleet in World War II. Steven Trent Smith recounts the behind-the-scenes struggles of the visionary U.S. naval commanders who sought to adapt the highly effective strategy of using coordinated submarine attack groups, or ?wolf-packs,? first pioneered by the German Navy to devastating effect. Smith provides vivid profiles of the major players involved and clearly explains the important technology involved. Working from survivor accounts and government documents, he recounts, in scenes packed with nail-biting undersea action, some of the most hair-raising wolf pack operations in both the European and Asian theatres of war.

The Longing

Author: Piper Davenport
ISBN: 1537862456
Size: 26.36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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18+ for language and sexual situations… She wants only him… For as long as she can remember, Poppy has loved only one man. Devon Wallace has been her knight in shining leather ever since he rescued her from a date gone wrong. She can’t envision a future without him, but she’s convinced he still thinks of her as the pesky twelve-year-old that used to follow him around. He can have anyone but her… Devon “Sparky” Wallace has spent the better part of a decade trying to keep his hands off his uncle’s step-daughter, Poppy, and living by the code of the brotherhood. He’s not about to break the rules, no matter how much he fantasizes about the sexiest woman on the planet. But when her connection to him puts her life in jeopardy, he must figure out a way to save her without breaking the club’s code, even if that means losing her forever.

Recon Book Three A Battle For The Gods

Author: Rick Partlow
ISBN: 9781521552452
Size: 78.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The mission couldn't be simpler. It sounds like an easy, straightforward operation to take care of some small-time raiders hijacking black-market weapons shipments in the Pirate Worlds. Former Recon Marine war hero Randall Munroe doesn't need to know why his Corporate bosses care about one group of criminals stealing from another, he just has to do the job. But when Munroe is ordered to lead his crack squad of mercenaries into a gang war on the harsh, ice-covered, barely-habitable battleground that is Peboan, he discovers that things are never simple and straightforward when you work for Andre Damiani, the Executive Director of the Corporate Council. And just when he thinks he knows what the battle is about, he's thrown a new curve.Because if there's one thing that every criminal, mercenary or Corporate executive in the Commonwealth is willing to kill for, it's access to the lost technology of the mysterious Predecessors. The alien race known as the Predecessors or Ancients engineered hundreds of planets and moons to support life, created a system of wormholes that connected them and then simply vanished without a trace, tens of thousands of years ago. Opportunists search endlessly for any remnant of their world-shattering power, while others go so far as to worship them as gods. And when you're fighting for the powers of the very gods, no price is too high.

Wolf Lover Konochur

Author: Victoria Danann
ISBN: 9781933320410
Size: 31.49 MB
Format: PDF
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"You can't help but give up a sigh for this unlikely, but epic, hero."" - Fantastical Paramormal Romantical" "Although I have loved all of Ms. Danann's books. This series that loosely ties to the Knight's of The Black Swan series has become my favorite. I love the premise of rebuilding, restarting in a new place. Overcoming the obstacles that are both internal and external. Finding that missing ingredient, person(s) even when you didn't think anything was missing."" - Read To Live / Live To Read" He's a bad, bad wolf and everybody knows it, younger brother to New Scotia's king. The last thing he expected was to be seized by longing for a beautiful and pregnant young widow on the other side of a funeral pyre, clutching the hand of a little girl. Conn, short for the Gaelic name Konochur, which means Wolf Lover, is happy being promiscuously single. The last thing he's looking for is a relationship, especially not with a human. In the middle of a war with dragon shifters, the widow of another werewolf may get another chance at love, but feelings of guilt threaten a blossoming attraction to the one wolf everyone thought was untamable. Victoria Danann brings us a tale of second chance love sure to warm the fur of werewolf lovers.

The Wisdom Of Wolves

Author: Jim Dutcher
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426218869
Size: 25.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Lessons Jim and Jamie Dutcher learned from six years of living in the Idaho wilderness with gray wolves"--

Wolfpack Warriors

Author: Roger A. Freeman
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 1461752132
Size: 38.38 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Vividly recounts the combat history of the legendary U.S. 56th Fighter Group Focuses on the pilots, their friendships and rivalries, and their battles "Beware the Thunderbolt!" With that motto, the pilots of the U.S. Eighth Air Force's 56th Fighter Group--also known as Zemke's Wolfpack--took to the skies above Europe in their P-47 Thunderbolt fighters, escorting bombers into Germany, dogfighting with the Luftwaffe, and conducting ground-attack missions. The first group to receive the P-47, the 56th pioneered aerial tactics and compiled a staggering record: 665.5 aerial kills, 311 ground kills, thirty-nine fighter aces with five or more kills, two Distinguished Unit Citations, eighteen Distinguished Service Crosses, and twenty-eight Silver Stars.

Wolf Pack Protectors

Author: Liv Brywood
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781545445662
Size: 57.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6717
Wolf Pack Protectors Books 1-3: The Complete Series Three tall, dark, and dangerously sexy alpha werewolves protect the BBW women they love. This complete, three book paranormal romance series is full of passion, fated mates, and suspense. Secret Seduction When a tall, dark and dangerously sexy Alpha werewolf rescues Diana from a vicious attack, she doesn't know who to fear more - her attacker or the wolf. She's heard whispered legends of a powerful werewolf but never believed such a creature could exist. Captured by the wolf, she's taken to his den, and to his bed. Feral Seduction Forced to take refuge in an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods, Brandy thinks she's finally escaped her stalker. But she quickly realizes, she's not alone. An unimaginably sexy, and very naked, man appears in the middle of the night to offer her protection. She's captivated by his stormy eyes, until she learns his dark secret. She knows she could never tame him, but when he makes the ultimate sacrifice for her, she knows she can't live without him. The more he tries to resist her, the more she wants him and for once in her life, she intends to get what she wants. Deadly Seduction Gwen hasn't left the Silver Creek Pack's den since a devastating assault that scarred her body and still tortures her soul. But when Nosh, the alpha of the Dark Moon pack, is injured in a suspicious accident, she's forced to travel to his den. The healer-in-training draws on all her skills and saves the alpha, but soon he narrowly escapes another "accident." Someone in Nosh's pack is hell-bent on murdering him and everyone he cares about, and now Gwen has been targeted by a killer. Wolf Pack Protectors is a complete three book paranormal romance series. This is a stand-alone book series with no cliffhangers. Love scenes are fully realized and at times include explicit language.