Wunderwaffen T12

Author: Richard D. Nolane
Publisher: Soleil
ISBN: 2302062876
Size: 38.31 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Découvrez de nouvelles et terrifiantes armes de destruction nazies ! Quel aurait été le sort du monde si le Troisième Reich avait concrétisé ses plans diaboliques ? Le Visiteur a tenu sa promesse : l'arme Thor est lancée dans le temps. Pourtant des complications surviennent et la catastrophe est évitée au prix de lourdes destructions à Wewelsburg. Des fantômes, surgissant du passé, indiquent que le continuum a été compromis. En Normandie, l'Allemagne l'a bien emporté mais l'avenir semble avoir été modifié insidieusement... Comme toujours, le Diable se niche dans les détails...

Polymeric Materials With Antimicrobial Activity

Author: Maria Cerrada
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1849738076
Size: 18.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Antimicrobial polymers are materials that prevent microorganism growth and are needed for many everyday applications from food packaging and water treatment to medicine and healthcare. This new book covers different areas of antimicrobial materials based on polymers including chitosan, polymers with ammonium and phosphonium groups, polymer nanofibers, carbon-based polymer Nanocomposites, polymeric and non-polymeric metal complexes, and biomimetic materials. By combining the information of different materials as well as antimicrobial action modes and applications within one source, the book provides a general summary of the field. Polymeric Materials with Antimicrobial Activity starts with a general introduction to antimicrobial polymers and presents the most common types of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae) along with the main areas of application of antimicrobial polymeric materials. Specific chapters then detail different polymer systems covering the fundamental issues of synthesis, characterization, physico-chemical properties and applications. With contributions from leading scientists the book is suitable for researchers in polymers, chemistry, biology and materials science interested in an overview of antimicrobial polymeric materials as well as the recent advances in their synthesis, properties and applications.

American Monster

Author: Brian Azzarello
Publisher: Aftershock Comics
ISBN: 9781935002932
Size: 46.30 MB
Format: PDF
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The ugliest side of humanity may be humanity's only hope. Collecting the first five issues of Brian Azzarello's (100 Bullets, DarkKnight III) latest masterpiece, with horrifically, beautiful artwork from JuanDoe (Fantastic Four, Joker's Asylum). In a small Midwestern town, a large man with a horribly scarred face getsoff a bus, and takes a room. He spooks the locals-nobody knows him-or do they?It's impossible to say be-cause he seemingly has no face. The man's intentionsremain unknown, until he takes on a corrupt sheriff and the rural crew of racistarms dealers. The town's impression of the man changes, and he's seen as ahero...until his real intentions bubble to the surface. The man isn't there toend the gang, but to take it over. And he's just getting started.

Giants Of Scottish Rugby

Author: Jeff Connor
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1780572883
Size: 33.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the heights of the Grand Slams to a near whitewash in the 2000 Six Nations championship, one factor has remained constant in Scottish rugby - its huge resource of characters. Early in the year 2000, Jeff Connor set out on a mission to track down some of Scotland's best-known players, the true giants of the game, and discover whether there is life after international rugby. The result was 40 exclusive interviews and a book that is enlightening, hilarious and moving in equal measure. There are rare and extended interviews with Ken Scotland, Jim Telfer, Ian McLauchlan, Sandy Carmichael and Andy Irvine. There is the Hawick humour of Jim Renwick, the history of Finlay Calder's greatest wind-ups and the emotive story of Gordon Brown's battle with his most vicious opponent of them all, cancer. Bruce Hay's confrontation with the Duke of Edinburgh, Iain Paxton's disgust at the attitude of some English players on a British Lions tour and David Leslie's fearsome pre-match preparations are all vividly described, along with frankly expressed views from active modern-day players like Gregor Townsend. All rugby fans will find something to treasure in Giants of Scottish Rugby.

Pearl Harbor And The Day Of Infamy

Author: Jay Wertz
Publisher: World War II Comix
ISBN: 9780998889399
Size: 69.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Starting with the background of Japan's rise to military prominence and the Asian country's aggressive behavior against its neighbors, this graphic history covers all the significant events leading up to that fateful aerial attack on December 7, 1941. Japan's simultaneous surprise attacks in the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific are included, as is America's reaction to the bombing of Hawaii. Also includes the introduction to a serialized adventure graphic novel set during the War in the Pacific entitled Separated by War.

They Called Themselves The Battling Bastards Of Bataan

Author: Jay Wertz
ISBN: 9780998889382
Size: 19.54 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This fully-illustrated account details all the major battles, decisions, and outcomes as the Japanese military sought to collapse the United States' principal military enclave in East Asia and seize a country rich in natural and human resources for their Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere. The planned 50-day campaign took 133 days because they underestimated the grit of their foes. Despite horrendous conditions, lack of air support, food, and medicine, sheer grit compelled the Americans and Filipinos not to give up, even if the rest of the world had given up on them.

A Game For Hooligans

Author: Huw Richards
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1780573286
Size: 18.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rugby union has undergone immense change in the past two decades - introducing a World Cup, accepting professionalism and creating a global market in players - yet no authoritative English-language general history of the game has been published in that time. Until now. A Game for Hooligans brings the game's colourful story up to date to include the 2007 World Cup. It covers all of the great matches, teams and players but also explores the social, political and economic changes that have affected the course of rugby's development. It is an international history, covering not only Britain and France but also the great rugby powers of the southern hemisphere and other successful rugby nations, including Argentina, Fiji and Japan. Contained within are the answers to many intriguing questions concerning the game, such as why 1895 is the most important date in both rugby-union and rugby-league history and how New Zealand became so good and have remained so good for so long. There is also a wealth of anecdotes, including allegations of devil-worship at a Welsh rugby club and an account of the game's contribution to the Cuban Revolution. This is a must-read for any fan of the oval ball.


Author: Jay Wertz
ISBN: 9780998889375
Size: 69.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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After the attack on Pearl Harbor the U. S. Pacific Fleet was bent but not broken. The fact that the fleet's aircraft carriers were away from base at the time of the attack helped the navy under new commander Admiral Chester Nimitz react to further Japanese expansion in the Pacific. American task forces staged a series of raids, mostly ineffective except in letting the Japanese know that their continued aggression would not go unchecked. Then came the Battle of Coral Sea, the first naval battle fought entirely in air-to-sea actions - the opposing ships never saw each other. Through experience gained in this battle and advances in code breaking by U. S. Navy cryptologists, the Pacific Fleet was ready for Japan's attack on the American base on Midway on June 5, 1942. Navy fliers attacked the Japanese carriers and sunk four of the six present. And while America lost some ships as well, the two-day battle so damaged the Combined Fleet that the Japanese were never able to mount another strategic offensive in the Pacific. All the preparations, actions, personalities and results of the Battle of Midway are chronicled in graphic story form in Midway - The Battle That Changed the Pacific War.

Mice Templar

Author: Bryan J. L. Glass
ISBN: 9781632155511
Size: 68.31 MB
Format: PDF
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"NIGHT'S END" On the last night of the world as it was, the restored Order of the Templar marches against the fortress stronghold of mad King Icarus. Yet as they lay siege without the guidance of Karic, the heroic young mouse that overcame their generations of prejudice and division, will everything they fight for prove lost to the horrors that arrive with the coming dawn? One Night! One glorious, terrifying battle! Where every Legend--Dream, Destiny & Prophecy--will collide for the fate of the world they know! The grand finale of a10-year Creator-Owned vision! Featuring a Foreword by Brian Michael Bendis!