A Guinea Pig Romeo Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare
ISBN: 9781408890646
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Born into the litters of two rival families, star-cross'd lovers Romeo and Juliet fall tuft-over-paw for each other before learning that they are sworn enemies.'O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?' squeaks Juliet from her balcony, before declarations of undying affection are made and a secret wedding is planned. But the path of true love does not run smooth, and Romeo soon finds himself banished from the city of Verona after playing his part in a fatal brawl with Juliet's family. In a desperate attempt to scurry away together, they devise a plan fraught with danger that eventually leads to heart-break.Discover Shakespeare's classic tale of romance and tragedy, retold in an entirely new way.

A Guinea Pig Romeo Juliet

Author: William Shakespeare
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
ISBN: 9781635570007
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A charming retelling of Shakespeare's beloved tragedy, brought to you by the cuddly stars of A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice. A Guinea Pig Romeo & Juliet tells the tragic tale of two star-crossed guinea pigs who fall in love at first nose twitch. When Romeo and Juliet meet in a crowded ballroom, they don't realize that their families are sworn enemies. Later that night, Romeo overhears Juliet declaring her love for him from her balcony, and the two hatch a plan to marry and escape. But their great romance is ruined by the family rivalry, which tears them apart and leads to their tragic demise. Portrayed with great heart by a darling cast of guinea pigs in adorable period costumes, A Guinea Pig Romeo & Juliet is Shakespeare as you've never seen him before.

Travails Of Love

Author: Bimal Prasad Mohapatra
Publisher: Partridge Publishing
ISBN: 1482814250
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The book tells a love story between the daughter of a clever villager and the scholarly boy of a deprived widow. The love-locked pair had an obsession to work with their mentor for image makeover of their village through educational development, denied to the village by its influential Zamindar on the pretext of the modern education would spoil village’s age-old social order. As the story progressed, the pair admitted in college where they befriended with a girl who was in exile to pave way for her corrupt father’s promotion. The daughters of rich and powerful families tried to entice the boy, being impressed by his personality and all-round performances, which was thwarted with active cooperation of the exiled girl. The major turning point of the story took place when the clever father of the girl forced her to ignore the boy in view of his social status. The frustrated father joined hand with Zamindar, his bête noire in village politics, to get rid of the boy along with his mother in a mid-night fire. But, their mentor rescued them. The boy got selected to civil service, came back to village, set up a High School, rescued his love and the villagers from the evil clutches of Zamindar. A fiction of love, romance, tragedy, superstition, humour, comic, exploitation, corruption, nasty politics and feudocracy.

The Oxford Handbook Of Shakespearean Tragedy

Author: Michael Neill
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191036145
Size: 39.75 MB
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The Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Tragedy is a collection of fifty-four essays by a range of scholars from all parts of the world, bringing together some of the best-known writers in the field with a strong selection of younger Shakespeareans. Together these essays offer readers a fresh and comprehensive understanding of Shakespeare tragedies as both works of literature and as performance texts written by a playwright who was himself an experienced actor. The collection is organised in five sections. The substantial opening section introduces the plays by placing them in a variety of illuminating contexts: as well looking at ways in which later generations of critics have shaped our idea of 'Shakespearean' tragedy, it addresses questions of genre by examining the playwright's inheritance from the classical and medieval past, by considering tragedy's relationship to other genres (including history plays, tragicomedy, and satiric drama), and by showing how Shakespeare's tragedies respond to the pressures of early modern politics, religion, and ideas about humanity and the natural world. The second section is devoted to current textual issues; while the third offers new critical readings of each of the tragedies, from Titus Andronicus to Coriolanus. This is set beside a group of essays that deal with performance history, with screen productions, and with versions devised for the operatic stage, as well as with the extraordinary diversity of twentieth and twenty-first century re-workings of Shakespearean tragedy. The thirteen essays of the book's final section seek to expand readers' awareness of Shakespeare's global reach, tracing histories of criticism and performance across Europe, the Americas, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa, India, and East Asia. Offering the richest and most diverse collection of approaches to Shakespearean tragedy currently available, the Handbook will be an indispensable resource for students both undergraduate and graduate levels, while the lively and provocative character of its essays make will it required reading for teachers of Shakespeare everywhere.

The New Penguin Dictionary Of The Theatre

Author: Deborah Chapman
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
Size: 66.32 MB
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This guide to the theatre traces its development from its origins in primitive ritual to the theatre of today. There are over 5000 entries, from activism and Auschylus to zarzuela and Ziegfield, and it includes detailed coverage of American theatre.

Exam Copy

Author: Kathy Fletcher
ISBN: 9780205393909
Size: 44.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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