A Painter S Kitchen

Author: Margaret Wood
Publisher: Museum of New Mexico Press
ISBN: 9780890135600
Size: 80.60 MB
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This new edition of a bestselling cookbook features an attractively designed cover and new foreword by award-winning chef and cookbook author Deborah Madison. Margaret Wood was Georgia O'Keeffe's personal chef.

The Kitchen

Author: John Ota
Publisher: Appetite by Random House
ISBN: 0525609911
Size: 19.17 MB
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One man's quest to seek out--and be inspired by--the great historic kitchens of Canada and the USA. John Ota was a man on a mission--to put together the perfect kitchen. He and his wife had been making do with a room that was frankly no great advertisement for John's architectural expertise. It just about did the job but for a room that's supposed to be the beating heart of a home and a joy to cook in, the Otas' left a lot to be desired. And so John set out on a quest across North America, exploring examples of excellent designs throughout history, to learn from them and apply their lessons to his own restoration. Along the way, he learned about the origins and evolution of the kitchen, its architecture and its appliances. He cooked, with expert instruction. And he learned too about the homes and their occupants, who range from pilgrims to President Thomas Jefferson, from turn of the century tenement dwellers to 21st century Vancouver idealists, from Julia Child to Georgia O'Keeffe, and from Elvis Presley to Louis Armstrong. John Ota has a refreshingly upbeat approach and a hunger for knowledge (and indeed for food). His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and his insights of lasting value. Illustrated throughout, with photographs and also with drawings by the author, this is a book for homeowners, home makers, interior designers, cooks, armchair historians, and for anyone who--like John Ota before them--is looking for inspiration for a renovation.

Georgia O Keeffe A Private Friendship Walking The Abiquiu And Ghost Ranch Land

Author: Nancy Hopkins Reily
Publisher: Sunstone Press
ISBN: 0865344523
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In a seamless, clear, and straightforward narrative of excerpts from their lives, Reily presents Georgia O'Keeffee in a time-window of her age. The book features Reily's youthful experiences, letters from Georgia, and glimpses of the family's memorabilia and photographic snapshots.

Georgia O Keeffe A Private Friendship Part Ii

Author: Nancy Hopkins Reily
Publisher: Sunstone Press
ISBN: 1632930439
Size: 44.16 MB
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The time is 1946. From Georgia O’Keeffe’s old hacienda sitting on a bluff in Abiquiu, New Mexico, she could see my aunt and uncle, Helen and Winfield Morten’s property across the Chama River. Georgia had begun the restoration of her property. The Mortens, in the final stages of purchasing land along the Chama River, had recently completed their restoration of another old hacienda they called Rancho de Abiquiu. As one of few Anglos in the Chama River valley, Georgia ventured over to Rancho de Abiquiu to introduce herself and a private friendship resulted with the Mortens and their family. In this close family circle, Georgia revealed herself and proved that beneath her bare face there was more to her than just an artist of legendary proportions. Nancy Hopkins Reily spent many of her childhood days walking the Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch land. She explored the canyons, the White Place, Echo Amphitheater, the mountains, and the Chama River by walking the trails worn by earlier moccasined feet. In a seamless, clear, and straightforward narrative of excerpts from their lives, Reily presents Georgia in a time-window of her age. The book features Reily’s youthful experiences, letters from Georgia, glimpses of the family’s memorabilia and photographic snapshots—all gracefully woven into the forces of the contemporaneous scene that shaped their friendship. In addition, there are insights into the land’s beauty, times, culture, history and the people who surrounded Georgia, as well as many minute details that should be remembered and which are often overlooked by others when they speak of Georgia O’Keeffe.


Author: Dawn Tripp
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0679604278
Size: 47.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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NATIONAL BESTSELLER • In a dazzling work of historical fiction in the vein of Nancy Horan’s Loving Frank, Dawn Tripp brings to life Georgia O’Keeffe, her love affair with photographer Alfred Stieglitz, and her quest to become an independent artist. This is not a love story. If it were, we would have the same story. But he has his, and I have mine. In 1916, Georgia O’Keeffe is a young, unknown art teacher when she travels to New York to meet Stieglitz, the famed photographer and art dealer, who has discovered O’Keeffe’s work and exhibits it in his gallery. Their connection is instantaneous. O’Keeffe is quickly drawn into Stieglitz’s sophisticated world, becoming his mistress, protégé, and muse, as their attraction deepens into an intense and tempestuous relationship and his photographs of her, both clothed and nude, create a sensation. Yet as her own creative force develops, Georgia begins to push back against what critics and others are saying about her and her art. And soon she must make difficult choices to live a life she believes in. A breathtaking work of the imagination, Georgia is the story of a passionate young woman, her search for love and artistic freedom, the sacrifices she will face, and the bold vision that will make her a legend. Praise for Georgia “Complex and original . . . Georgia conveys O’Keeffe’s joys and disappointments, rendering both the woman and the artist with keenness and consideration.”—The New York Times Book Review “As magical and provocative as O’Keeffe’s lush paintings of flowers that upended the art world in the 1920s . . . Tripp inhabits Georgia’s psyche so deeply that the reader can practically feel the paintbrush in hand as she creates her abstract paintings and New Mexico landscapes. . . . Evocative from the first page to the last, Tripp’s Georgia is a romantic yet realistic exploration of the sacrifices one of the foremost artists of the twentieth century made for love.”—USA Today “Sexually charged . . . insightful . . . Dawn Tripp humanizes an artist who is seen in biographies as more icon than woman. Her sensuous novel is as finely rendered as an O’Keeffe painting.”—The Denver Post “A vivid work forged from the actual events of O’Keeffe’s life . . . [Tripp] imbues the novel with a protagonist who forces the reader to consider the breadth of O’Keeffe’s talent, business savvy, courage and wanderlust. . . . [She] is vividly alive as she grapples with success, fame, integrity, love and family.”—Salon “Masterful . . . The book is a lovely portrayal of an iconic artist who is independent and multidimensional. Tripp’s O’Keeffe is a woman hoping to break free of conventional definitions of art, life and gender, as well as a woman of deep passion and love.”—Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “O’Keeffe blazes across the pages in Tripp’s tour de force about this indomitable woman. . . . Tripp has hit her stride here, bringing to life one of the most remarkable artists of the twentieth century with veracity, heart, and panache.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “I devoured this dazzling novel about an American icon. Dawn Tripp brings Georgia O’Keeffe so fully to life on every page and, with great wisdom, examines the very nature of love, longing, femininity, and art.”—J. Courtney Sullivan, New York Times bestselling author of Maine and The Engagements From the Hardcover edition.

Eden S View

Author: Margaret Wood
ISBN: 9781906558307
Size: 45.31 MB
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Two mothers, two daughters, from very different social backgrounds. Both are beautiful and intelligent, both are bound up in a mysterious way. One daughter has been missing for almost twenty years, when the other suddenly dissapears.

O Keeffe At Abiquiu

Author: Myron Wood
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Size: 12.42 MB
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Georgia O'Keeffe, the most famous woman artist of twentieth-century America, spent the last forty years of her life in quiet isolation in New Mexico, living in an adobe house that she had built on an old property in the village of Abiquiu (pronounced Abbey-cue). Anyone who knows New Mexico, with its fierce light, pungent aroma of sage, and big, open skies, will understand its fascination for O'Keeffe. The landscape is direct and elemental, like her paintings; it is tough and unyielding, like her character. In 1979, some seven years before her death, O'Keeffe permitted Colorado photographer Myron Wood to photograph at Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch. Over the next two-and-a-half years, Wood made hundreds of photographs, of the artist herself, the people closest to her (Juan Hamilton, her manager; gardener Steven Lopez, and others), and most especially of the house, gardens, and surrounding landscape that nourished O'Keeffe so richly. Reproduced here are seventy-nine of Wood's photographs, in subtle tones ranging from stark white to dense black. They do more than merely document the look of the house, they evoke the spirit of the place as O'Keeffe inhabited it. Here are the smooth shapes of the sun-bleached animal bones and river-rounded rocks that the painter loved to collect; here are the hand-rubbed adobe walls of a building that seems to grow out organically from the earth. Matching the photographs in information as well as in the conveyance of the mood and feeling of O'Keeffe's Abiquiu is Christine Taylor Patten's essay. Patten worked for the painter as a nurse companion close to the end of her life, and grew to see the house and the desert through O'Keeffe's failing eyes. In two parts, heressay provides considerable information, but also attempts to evoke the high desert atmosphere as Georgia O'Keeffe herself experienced it. Together, words and pictures paint a rare portrait of the precious domain of a remarkable, sensitive, and demanding woman.