A Safe Girl To Love

Author: Casey Plett
ISBN: 9781627290050
Size: 20.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Eleven unique short stories that stretch from a rural Canadian Mennonite town to a hipster gay bar in Brooklyn, featuring young trans women stumbling through loss, sex, harassment, and love. These stories, shiny with whiskey and prairie sunsets, rattling subways and neglected cats, show growing up as a trans girl can be charming, funny, frustrating, or sad, but never will it be predictable.

Little Fish

Author: Casey Plett
Publisher: arsenal pulp press
ISBN: 1551527219
Size: 28.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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When thirty-year-old trans woman Wendy Reimer comes across evidence that her late grandfather—a devout Mennonite farmer—might have been transgender himself, she dismisses this revelation, having other problems at hand. But as she and her friends struggle to cope with their increasingly volatile lives—which range from alcoholism, to sex work, to suicide—Wendy grows increasingly drawn to the lost pieces of her grandfather’s life, becoming determined to unravel the mystery of his truth. Alternately warm-hearted and dark-spirited, desperate and mirthful, Little Fish explores the winter of discontent in the life of one transgender woman as her past and future become irrevocably entwined.

The Common Girl

Author: Tanya Bird
Publisher: Tanya Bird
Size: 23.89 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Love has never been more dangerous. Companions are the kingdom’s most beautiful and educated women—possessions of Syrasan’s royal men. But the longstanding tradition is about to change. Prince Tyron never wanted a Companion. Now he cannot fathom a life without her. But when a rebellious act brings brutal consequences, the prince realises that what he feels might be her biggest threat. As his Companion’s future grows uncertain, he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Aldara never wanted to be a Companion. The choice was made for her. She certainly never imagined she would grow to love the prince more than her own freedom. Now their life together is falling apart. Tyron wants her safe, and she must find a way to exist without him. But as Zoelin tightens its grip on Syrasan, the pair soon discovers there are no safe havens. Tender and heart-stopping, The Common Girl is a story about love, sacrifice and the roles that bind us. PLEASE NOTE: This is book two in The Companion series and is best read after book one, The Royal Companion.

Mad Girl S Love Song

Author: Andrew Wilson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857205900
Size: 57.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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On 25 February 1956, twenty-three-year-old Sylvia Plath walked into a party and immediately spotted Ted Hughes. This encounter - now one of the most famous in all literary history - was recorded by Plath in her journal, where she described Hughes as a 'big, dark, hunky boy'. Sylvia viewed Ted as something of a colossus, and to this day his enormous shadow has obscured Plath's life and work. The sensational aspects of the Plath-Hughes relationship have dominated the cultural landscape to such an extent that their story has taken on the resonance of a modern myth. After Plath's suicide in February 1963, Hughes became Plath's literary executor, the guardian of her writings, and, in effect responsible for how she was perceived. But Hughes did not think much of Plath's prose writing, viewing it as a 'waste product' of her 'false self', and his determination to market her later poetry - poetry written after she had begun her relationship with him - as the crowning glory of her career, has meant that her other earlier work has been marginalised. Before she met Ted, Plath had lived a complex, creative and disturbing life. Her father had died when she was only eight, she had gone out with literally hundreds of men, had been unofficially engaged, had tried to commit suicide and had written over 200 poems. Mad Girl's Love Songwill trace through these early years the sources of her mental instabilities and will examine how a range of personal, economic and societal factors - the real disquieting muses - conspired against her. Drawing on exclusive interviews with friends and lovers who have never spoken openly about Plath before and using previously unavailable archives and papers, this is the first book to focus on the early life of the twentieth century's most popular and enduring female poet. Mad Girl's Love Songreclaims Sylvia Plath from the tangle of emotions associated with her relationship with Ted Hughes and reveals the origins of her unsettled and unsettling voice, a voice that, fifty years after her death, still has the power to haunt and disturb.

Love Is Safe

Publisher: Megan Wieand
ISBN: 1301974358
Size: 17.83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Pineapple Girl And Off With The Old Love

Author: Betty Neels
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373601093
Size: 43.44 MB
Format: PDF
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Pineapple Girl A pineapple leads Eloise Bennett to meeting the Dutch doctor Timon van Zeilst. Shortly after that, Eloise travels to Holland to nurse a patient and there is Dr. van Zeilst again! Thrown into his company, Eloise soon realizes she loves him. But Timon intends to marry the beautiful Liskeso why would he look twice at Eloise? Off with the Old Love Rachel Downing leads a life that many people would envyexcept for those times when job and boyfriend clash. He sometimes finds it hard to accept Rachel's devotion to the busy London hospital where she works. Thank goodness for the one man around who does seem to understandeminent surgeon Radmer van Teule!


Author: Cassandra Love
Publisher: Cassandra Love
Size: 50.28 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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All Victoria wanted was a nice life, it did not have to be perfect just nicer than it was now. She wanted to escape from her past, all the hurt and pain that came from her childhood, a failed marriage and the death of her boyfriend. Angel saves Victoria's life by moving her to Texas and allowing Victoria to stay with her. Once she arrives in Texas, she meets the gorgeous Luke Matthews who quickly shakes Victoria out of her safety bubble and tries to show her that she can be happy. Will he be enough to protect her from the past, or will a startling new development change everything for her and make her question everything she thought was real?

Love Beyond Reason

Author: John Ortberg
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0310234492
Size: 21.13 MB
Format: PDF
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Reveals the God you've longed to encounter: a Father head-over-heals in love with you and committed to your highest joy.

I Can T Believe I Love The Depressed Girl

Author: Noel Romansky
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1499083122
Size: 22.67 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5828
Aiden Masters is the star baseball player at Stephen’s University in Silverton, Oregon, whereas Krystina Hammons is known as the depressed girl. Aiden is put in a familiar situation. Just before his sister Aubrey’s party, he finds a suicide note on her bed. Aiden looks around all over town but comes up empty-handed. Thinking it was too late, he sees Aubrey sitting on a bench next to Krystina. Aiden confronts Krystina angrily, thinking Aubrey’s threat was her fault. Instead Aiden is left to think about one sentence. “I saved her life, you ass.” Krystina promised she would do anything to save a life, even if it meant sacrificing her own. While in a coma, Krystina unknowingly brings everyone together, some closer than others.