A Symphony Of Echoes

Author: Jodi Taylor
Publisher: Accent Press (UK)
ISBN: 9781783755769
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Book Two in the madcap time-travel series based at the St Mary's Institute of Historical Research that seems to be everyone's cup of tea. In the second book in the Chronicles of St Mary's series, Max and the team visit Victorian London in search of Jack the Ripper, withess the murder of Archbishop Thomas a Becket in Canterbury Cathedral, and discover that dodos make a grockling noise when eating cucumber sandwiches. But they must also confront an enemy intent on destroying St Mary's - an enemy willing, if necessary, to destroy History itself to do it.

The Chronicles Of St Mary S Omnibus Three Extraordinary Adventures

Author: Jodi Taylor
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472266862
Size: 52.41 MB
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The first three extraordinary adventures in the Chronicles of St Mary's series, now available together in ebook. If you love Jasper Fforde or Ben Aaronovitch, you won't be able to resist Jodi Taylor. 'The Chronicles of St Mary's are the stories of a bunch of time travelling historians who investigate major historical events in contemporary time. Do NOT call it time travel. They are frequently described as "a bunch of tea-sodden disaster magnets", bouncing from crisis to catastrophe and back again. For is it not written, where historians go disaster is sure to follow?' - Jodi Taylor In these first three novels, meet the disaster magnets of St Mary's as they hurtle their way around History. JUST ONE DAMNED THING AFTER ANOTHER When Madeleine Maxwell is recruited by the St Mary's Institute of Historical Research, she discovers the historians there don't just study the past - they revisit it. But one wrong move and History will fight back - to the death. And she soon discovers it's not just History she's fighting... A SYMPHONY OF ECHOES Dispatched to Victorian London to seek out Jack the Ripper, things go badly wrong when he finds the St Mary's historians first. Stalked through the fog-shrouded streets of Whitechapel, Max is soon running for her life. Again. A SECOND CHANCE It began well. A successful assignment to 17th century Cambridge to meet Isaac Newton, and another to witness the historic events at The Gates of Grief. So far so good. But then came the long-awaited jump to the Trojan War that changed everything. And for Max, nothing will ever be the same again. Readers love Jodi Taylor: 'Once in a while, I discover an author who changes everything... Jodi Taylor and her protagonista Madeleine "Max" Maxwell have seduced me' 'A great mix of British proper-ness and humour with a large dollop of historical fun' 'Addictive. I wish St Mary's was real and I was a part of it' 'Jodi Taylor has an imagination that gets me completely hooked' 'A tour de force'

John Bull

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The World Almanac And Book Of Facts 2004

Author: Ken Park
Publisher: World Almanac Education
ISBN: 9780886879181
Size: 17.37 MB
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Features information on nations, states, and cities, celebrities, sports, consumerism, the arts, health and nutrition, United States and world history, and numerous other subjects