Index To Poetry In Music

Author: Carol June Bradley
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135381275
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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Claude Nougaro

Author: Alain Wodrascka
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Shooting Notebook

Author: Simyager Alchimiste
ISBN: 9781792980145
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The Shooting Notebook: It's a classic glossy notebook, complete with 120 pages, 60 sheets.The notebook is suitable for:Shooting rangeschoolhomeuniversitywherever you wantUse for note taking, keeping competition results, as a training diary or journal.Ideal for a coach, dad, mom, son, daughter or anyone that loves shooting for inspiration and motivation to even better work. Specifications:Cover Finish: GlossyDimensions: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)Interior: Ruled lined PaperSheets: 60 / Pages: 120

The Occult Sciences In Byzantium

Author: Paul Magdalino
Publisher: La Pomme d'or
ISBN: 9548446022
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This volume represents the first attempt to examine occult sciences as a distinct category of Byzantine intellectual culture. It is concerned with both the reality and the image of the occult sciences in Byzantium, and seeks, above all, to represent them in their social and cultural context as a historical phenomenon. The eleven essays demonstrate that Byzantium was not marginal to the scientific culture of the Middle Ages, and that the occult sciences were not marginal to the learned culture of the medieval Byzantine world.

Shaping And Reshaping The Caribbean

Author: Martin Munro
Publisher: MHRA
ISBN: 9781902653297
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The current drive in Caribbean literary studies stresses similarities and points of convergence between the various islands of the archipelago and their authors, the fundamental aim of which is to move closer to an all-encompassing theory of Caribbeanness. Martin Munro challenges this movement, and through a study of the work of Aime Cesaire and Rene Depestre, proposes an alternative vision of the present and future of Caribbean literature. The main areas of inquiry are: how these two Caribbean writers construct their sense of themselves; how they relate to the Caribbean and to the wider world; and how they have been influenced by the historical and cultural particularities of their respective islands. Aime Cesaire's sense of self and of the Caribbean is essentially shaped around the circuit triangulaire, the model of Africa/Europe/Caribbean interdependencies, ultimately inherited from the time of the slave trade. Munro shows how Cesaire views the Caribbean as a deeply traumatic, insubstantial space; how he looks to Africa for his lost sense of self; and how Europe is seen at once as the malevolent colonial power and also the home of poetry and learning. Rene Depestre's Caribbean 'shape' is quite different: Africa is relatively absent in Depestre's work; Europe is not presented as a threat; and Depestre, unlike Cesaire, sees in the Caribbean an energy and a creativity brought about by the historical fusion of disparate cultures. An important factor in 'shaping' Depestre's model of Caribbeanness is his long exile from Haiti, and Depestre's experience of exile is analysed in detail. The combination of broad contextualization, diverse theoretical approaches, and close analysis of these important writers' work, produces a strong argument against attempts to view and read writing from the Caribbean as one literature. Difference and diversity, it is argued, predominate as Caribbean writing embraces the new century, and the whole notion of Caribbeanness undergoes further processes of highly creative splintering and reshaping.

Alchemical Poetry 1575 1700

Author: Robert M. Schuler
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415641896
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Of interest to interdisciplinary historians as well as those in various other fields, this book presents the first publication of 14 poems ranging from 12 to 3,000 lines. The poems are printed in the chronological order of their composition, from Elizabethan to Augustan times, but nine of them are verse translations of works from earlier periods in the development of alchemy. Each has a textual and historical introduction and explanatory note by the Editor. Renaissance alchemy is acknowledged as an important element in the histories of early modern science and medicine. This book emphasises these poems' expression of and shaping influence on religious, social and political values and institutions of their time too and is a useful reference work with much to offer for cultural studies and literary studies as well as science and history.

The Idea Of Design

Author: Victor Margolin
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262631662
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An anthology of essays addressing the nature and practice of contemporary product and graphic design, selected from volumes four through nine of the international journal Design Issues. Themes include reflection on the nature of design, the meaning of products, and the place of design in world culture. Includes b & w photos and illustrations. c. Book News Inc.