The Mystery Of Personality

Author: Eugene Taylor
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387981048
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In The Mystery of Personality: A History of Psychodynamic Theories, acclaimed professor and historian Eugene Taylor synthesizes the field’s first century and a half into a rich, highly readable account. Taylor situates the dynamic school in its catalytic place in history, re-evaluating misunderstood figures and events, re-creating the heady milieu of discovery as the concept of "mental science" dawns across Europe, revisiting the widening rift between clinical and experimental study (or the couch and the lab) as early psychology matured into legitimate science. Gradual but vital evolutions form the heart of this chronicle: the ebb and flow of analytic theory and practice, the shift from doctor-centered to client-centered therapy, the movement from exclusionary to multidisciplinary, the evolving role of the therapist. And as can be expected from the author, there is special emphasis on the sublime in psychology: the philosophy/psychology fusion of the New England transcendentalists, the battle between spiritualism and science in 1880s America, and early versions of today’s spiritually-attuned therapies. Pivotal concepts and key individuals covered are: Charcot, Janet, and the origins of dynamic personality theory in the so-called French, Swiss, English, and American psychotherapeutic axis. Person and personality: William James’s "radical empiricism" The rise of psychoanalysis: Freud, the Freudians, and the Neo-Freudians Adler and Jung, who were never "students" of Freud: Toward, within, and beyond the self Murray, Allport, and Lewin at Harvard in the 30s Culture and personality, pastoral counseling, and Gestalt Psychology in New York in the ‘40s and ‘50s An Existential-humanistic and Transpersonally oriented depth psychology in the 60s The current era: "science confronts itself", as neuroscience enters the picture. Students of psychology and its history will find in this inspiring narrative both possibilities for further study and a new appreciation of their own work. The Mystery of Personality: A History of Psychodynamic Theories is a stimulating course conducted by a master teacher.

Found In Translation Volume Ii Crime And Suicide Early Mapping Of Detours And Moving Backward

Author: Marina Bluvshtein (Ed.)
ISBN: 0692874127
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This volume is the second in a series entitled Found in Translation. It follows the first volume, Somatic Vocabulary: Early Contributions to Organ Jargon. This book is a compilation of articles originally published in the Russian journal Психотерапия (Psychotherapy) and the Austrian Internationale Zeitschrift für Individual Psychologie (International journal of individual psychology) between November/December 1910 and the second half of 1937. The theme is crime and suicide, and the articles were authored by German, Austrian, French, and Russian psychiatrists, psychologists, and educators who were, to various degrees, influenced by Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology. The articles reflect the emerging theory of Individual Psychology, and its active view on social issues, from educational reforms to parenting and family functioning, to criminal justice system. Individual Psychological approach to human nature as essentially relational is palpable in all articles, and readers will be able to watch how this concept has become more mature and active with time, between 1910s and 1930s. Adler's concept of Social Interest and his idea of person's unique, self-consistent, creative, and purposeful strategy in dealing with life challenges are considered in many theoretical discussions and case studies included in this book. The book is illustrated with original works of art allowing its readers to attend to artistic reflections on the major theme of the book as well as on specific cases.

Psychosocial And Legal Perspectives Of Marital Breakdown

Author: Margit Gaffal
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642138966
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Divorce has long been viewed as a single phenomenon affecting two individuals without considering the framework conditions in which it occurs. Due to the increase of divorce rates in the past decades researchers have changed their perspective and have concentrated on the view of divorce as a personal experience that is greatly affected by the socials and economic environment. The aim of this thesis is to investigate divorce that has become a mass phenomenon in our present society. The assumption is that in order to understand the grounds for divorce and its consequences, we have to view divorce as a phenomenon that occurs at the intersection of personal, socio-economic and legal factors. Family disputes involve persons who have interdependent and continued relati- ships and arise in a context of distressing emotions. Separation and divorce affect all the members of the family, especially children. The study presents a comprehensive analysis of divorce as a psychological process that is situated within a social and a legal context. It presents a comprehensive view of divorce as a psychosocial, economic and legal phenomenon and contains a review of the research literature about divorce and its consequences for parents and children. Moreover, it describes divorce by proposing conceptual frames and explanatory models.

Popper Otto Selz And The Rise Of Evolutionary Epistemology

Author: Michel ter Hark
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107320550
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This book is about Karl Popper's early writings before he began his career as a philosopher. The purpose of the book is to demonstrate that Popper's philosophy of science, with its emphasis on the method of trial and error, is largely based on the psychology of Otto Selz, whose theory of problem solving and scientific discovery laid the foundation for much of contemporary cognitive psychology. By arguing that Popper's famous defence of the method of falsification as well as his elaboration of an evolutionary theory of knowledge are equally indebted to German psychology, Michel ter Hark challenges the received view of the development of Popper's philosophy. The book concludes with a reinterpretation of Popper's theory of the mind-body problem, emphasizing its contemporary relevance.

Modern Occultism In Late Imperial Russia

Author: Julia Mannherz
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Modern Occultism in Late Imperial Russia traces the history of occult thought and practice from its origins in private salons to its popularity in turn-of-the-century mass culture. In lucid prose, Julia Mannherz examines the ferocious public debates of the 1870s on higher dimensional mathematics and the workings of séance phenomena, discusses the world of cheap instruction manuals and popular occult journals, and looks at haunted houses, which brought together the rural settings and the urban masses that obsessed over them. In addition, Mannherz looks at reactions of Russian Orthodox theologians to the occult. In spite of its prominence, the role of the occult in turn-of-the-century Russian culture has been largely ignored, if not actively written out of histories of the modern state. For specialists and students of Russian history, culture, and science, as well as those generally interested in the occult, Mannherz's fascinating study remedies this gap and returns the occult to its rightful place in the popular imagination of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Russian society.