Alma Mater

Author: Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9780870238697
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Reprint of the Knopf original of 1985 (which is distinguished by inclusion in BCL3 . Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

The Plays Of Alma De Groen

Author: Elizabeth M. Perkins
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9789051837643
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Alma De Groen is a New Zealand born playwright who came to Australia in 1964, married the artist Geoffrey De Groen and began writing plays in 1968. Twenty-four years after the performance of her first play she has made a formidable contribution to contemporary drama with stage plays and with television, film and radio scripts, each of which is distinguished by her unique dramatic vision and her unusual insight to human life and society. Each play is distinct from the others, beginning with her first performed stage play, The Joss Adams Show (1970), through to the controversial and highly acclaimed The Rivers of China (1987), and the compassionate The Girl Who Saw Everything (1991). The importance of her work has been recognised by awards which include two AWGIEs and the New South Wales State Award and the Victorian Premier's Award for Drama in 1988.


Author: David McMacken
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738561257
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Ralph Ely, founder of Alma, selected 10 acres of old forest on the bank of the Pine River in 1853. In this central-Michigan wilderness, he built a log cabin, a log store, and two steam-powered mills--a sawmill and a gristmill. At first, his growing settlement was called Elyton, but within a few years, it was renamed Alma, memorializing a battle in the Crimean War. Alma was energized by the acquisition of millionaire lumberman and entrepreneur Ammi W. Wright, who poured his resources into the town. Wright encouraged the establishment of Alma College in 1886 and the state Masonic home for the elderly in 1911. Wright laid the foundations for Alma's great Republic Truck Company, the largest exclusive maker of trucks in the world by 1920. The discovery of several oil fields prompted the establishment of two oil refineries in Alma in the 1930s and saved the town from the doldrums of the Great Depression. By the 1950s, Alma was a key national manufacturer of house trailers and mobile homes. This photographic panorama reflects the city's economic cycles and its institutions that have given Alma an enviable stability through the years.

Alma W Thomas

Author: Alma Thomas
Publisher: Pomegranate
ISBN: 9780764906862
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Catalog of an exhibition organized by and held at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne, Ind., Sept. 5-Nov. 8, 1998 and touring nationally through Jan. 9, 2000.

A Travez Del Alma

Author: Andrea Espinoza
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1456804901
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Alguna vez te has preguntado acerca del recorrido que llevará tu alma hasta el punto actual de tu existencia? Y cómo estas vivencias podrían estar afectandote en la misma? Esta historia podría llevarte a cuestionartelo. Atravez del alma es una recopilación de temas tales como, reencarnación, vidas pasadas, almas gemelas y regresiones. Y hacia donde va nuestra alma en este proceso de evolución Esta es la historia de Ariana, una muchacha bella, joven y talentosa, quien apesar de tener tales atributos, llevaba una vida monótona y rutinaria aún teniendolo todo. Siempre con una sensación de ausencia de algo que ella mismo desconocia, hasta que en un grito desesperado de su subconciente, experimenta una autoregresión involuntaria, que atravez de un sueño, su alma comienza una travesía a sus vidas pasadas, reencontrandose una y otra vez, con su alma gemela. Encontrándola en diferentes épocas y personajes, que envuelven esta historia en un halo de misterio, romance y aventuras, reconociéndolo siempre por su mirada y descubriendo el motivo de su vacío e inconformidad por medio de sus vivencias en esta extraodinaria experiencia, que la llevará a conecer el verdadero sentido de la felicidad alcanzando niveles más altos espiritualmente a travez del alma.

Alma Rubens Silent Snowbird

Author: Alma Rubens
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476616671
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Dark-eyed and distant Alma Rubens was one of the first female stars of the early feature film industry in the 1910s. She was a major star by 1920, but before the decade was over her screen career was marked and marred by cocaine abuse. She died in 1931 at age 33—a Hollywood beauty, a casualty of Hollywood “snow,” yet much more. As an actress she was versatile, demonstrating a talent that was ahead of its time with her gentle and subtle expressions. This book contains Rubens’s autobiography, a text titled This Bright World Again that was serialized in newspapers in 1931. Ghost-written or not or somewhere in between, this long forgotten document deals with Rubens’s addiction and despair. In addition, a new biography of Rubens takes the reader from her birth in San Francisco through an impoverished upbringing, three short-lived marriages, and her career in pictures for Triangle Film, Cosmopolitan, Fox and other production companies. The story of her film career mingles with a tale of desperate drug addiction that led to hospital stays, violence and deception. A filmography lists her credits from 1913 to 1929.

Alma S Journey

Author: Taylor Samuel Lyen
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1469700379
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A hauntingly beautiful account of how women understand their purpose in life and use their power to transform humankind . . . In twenty-first century America, in a remote town nestled in the Sierra mountain forests, Alma Whitman lives secluded with her brother Edgar and with Fenway, Edgars golden retriever. Alma has never set foot in a church and draws her spiritual strength from the wilderness. She forges emotional and spiritual connections within a community of women called the Sisterhood. Within the community of sisters Alma seeks close relationships with Florence de la Rosa, Dr. Silvia Preston and Desiree Parker, whom she senses will strengthen, guide, and carry forward the work of the Sisterhood. Every Sunday Reverend Henry rushes to the Whitman cabin for his weekly chess game. Edgar and Henry grapple in the heat of mock battle, while Alma prepares lunch for her boys. Henry is an established minister of the cross. He holds great sway in the community of Abbeville, most of which attend his house of worship, Damascus Church. That is until Fredrika Handleys gossip mill links Reverend Henry to Anne Dean, the church secretary and wife of one of the church elders. Soon whispers are heard around town about Reverend Henry and other female members of his church. When Alma, who is almost four decades Reverend Henrys senior, reaches out to Henry, town gossip ignites and an all out battle for the streets of Abbeville begins. Reverend Henry resigns his position as Pastor of Damascus Church. Fredrika and her gossip mill paint Alma and the Sisterhood as forest enchantresses. Abbeville slips under the control of Reverend Jacob, who renames Henrys church, the Damascus Reformed Church. And, Abbeville is literally destroyed.

Alma Mater I

Author: Anthony Noriega-Carranza
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781453548981
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ABOUT ALMA MATER I This book is in many ways the story of my university life, but also the book of cosmology, inspiration, romance, love and friendship, success and failure, achievement and disappointment. This is a book for everyone who ever attended school, at an alma mater, and can read poetry in at least one of the three languages in which it is originally written.

Alma Kabutari

Author: Maitreyī Pushpā
Publisher: Katha
ISBN: 9788187649236
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The saga of Alma Kabutari does not begin with Alma herself. It has its roots in centuries of social and sexual subjugation of the kabutaris by the upper-caste kajjas. Like Chittor's Rani Padmini of yore, from whom the kabutaris are descended, the onus of breaking the vicious circle and reclaiming human status for her people falls on young Alma. The engrossing story of young Alma's evolution from victim to survivor to tenacious rebel, Alma Kabutari opens a window to the suffering and exploitation of a tribe that teeters at the very fringes of society even today, and that urgently needs our concern and understanding.

Lawrence Alma Tadema

Author: Louise Lippincott
Publisher: Getty Publications
ISBN: 0892361867
Size: 34.20 MB
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The works of the late Victorian painter Lawrence Alma Tadema have recently enjoyed a revived interest. This second volume in the Getty Museum Studies on Art focuses on Spring, one of Alma Tadema’s most renowned paintings. The book is lavishly illustrated and includes many details of the painting. The author traces the history of the painting and provides an analysis of its sources, composition, and symbolism.