And We Re Off

Author: Dana Schwartz
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0448493837
Size: 15.32 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“A winsome, hilarious tale about losing the map and finding a better way to a happy ending. I loved it!” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner Seventeen-year-old Nora Holmes is an artist, a painter from the moment she could hold a brush. She inherited the skill from her grandfather, Robert, who's always nurtured Nora's talent and encouraged her to follow her passion. Still, Nora is shocked and elated when Robert offers her a gift: an all-expenses-paid summer trip to Europe to immerse herself in the craft and to study history's most famous artists. The only catch? Nora has to create an original piece of artwork at every stop and send it back to her grandfather. It's a no-brainer: Nora is in! Unfortunately, Nora's mother, Alice, is less than thrilled about the trip. She worries about what the future holds for her young, idealistic daughter—and her opinions haven't gone unnoticed. Nora couldn't feel more unsupported by her mother, and in the weeks leading up to the trip, the women are as disconnected as they've ever been. But seconds after saying goodbye to Alice at the airport terminal, Nora hears a voice call out: "Wait! Stop! I'm coming with you!" And . . . they’re off. 13 Little Blue Envelopes meets Gilmore Girls in this fun, funny, and bittersweet summer adventure from Observer writer and the hilarious voice behind @GuyInYourMFA, Dana Schwartz.

The Kaiser S Battle

Author: Martin Middlebrook
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473819423
Size: 31.54 MB
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At 9.30am on 21 March 1918, the last great battle of the First World War commenced when three German armies struck a massive blow against the weak divisions of the British Third and Fifth Armies. It was the first day of what the Germans called the Kaiserschlacht (the Kaisers Battle), the series of attacks that were intended to break the deadlock on the Western Front, knock the British Army out of the war, and finally bring victory to Germany. In the event the cost of the gamble was so heavy that once the assault faltered, it remained for the Allies to push the exhausted German armies back and the War was at last over.Critics accounts:The clever blending of written and oral accounts from some 650 surviving British and German soldiers makes the book an extremely convincing reconstruction. SUNDAY TIMESMr Middlebrooks industry and patience are displayed in his amazing collection of eyewitness accounts, the compassion in his commentary, the good sense in his analysis DAILY TELEGRAPH

Off The Record

Author: Ajith Pillai
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9350097850
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‘[Ajith’s book] is the first full account I have seen between hard covers which is exclusively about a journalist’s adventures and journeys in the field... An extraordinary first “rough draft of history”, a portrait of India from the 80s to the present time.’ – Vinod Mehta ‘Ajith Pillai’s account of his journalistic odyssey covers the period of India’s Great Transformation from the 1980s to the present. He does so with incisive wit and insight into a breathtaking range of issues. This ought to be a handbook for all aspiring journalists, since Pillai is an enemy of sycophantic corporate ideology and craven submissiveness to wealth and power which characterize most of today’s celebritywriters.’ – Jeremy Seabrook, British author and columnist In a journalist’s career, the best stories can seldom be published... Veteran journalist Ajith Pillai’s colourful career spanning nearly three decades has taken him from the murky underworld of Bombay to the icy heights of Kargil; yet, the reports he has written are only half the story. Now, for the first time, the ‘off-the-record’ experiences that never found their way to print are presented in this witty and engaging memoir. Beginning with a call from a furious Chota Shakeel, Dawood Ibrahim’s right-hand man, asking him to retract a story on ‘Bhai’ or face the consequence, Ajith takes the reader on a journey that sees him guide V.S. Naipaul to meet the ‘boys’ from the underworld; follow the sensuous Silk Smitha around Bombay on a New Year’s eve; witness the first shots of Operation Vijay during the Kargil War; track, along with a colleague, a Brigadier accused of high treason across the country; stumble upon embarrassed Congressmen in Kamathipura, Bombay’s red-light district; discover who was actually pulling the strings during Vajpayee’s tenure as PM; and coordinate the coverage of the multimillion dollar Scorpene submarine scam and the sensational Radia tapes. Written with Ajith’s trademark wry humour, these real stories, often more entertaining than fiction, are a testament to a journalist’s life, as well as a comment on the changing nature of the effervescent Indian media.'

Ok Ok But You Asked For It

Author: David Roy Patterson
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457502917
Size: 56.55 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Adventure, mystery, imagination, immaturity, and sometimes just plain ignorance....that's what you'll find in this compilation of sixty-two short memoirs. The stories will take you from the innocent childhood of the author in the 1940s and 50s, through the turbulence of school, marriage and child-rearing in the 60s through the 90s, and eventual spiritual maturity of the author in these current days. Each memoir, though short in words, is long in substance, usually funny, and a life lesson. Ten of the stories are in fact near-death experiences, and examples of how the author lived his life without recognizing the signs that his Lord placed before him. Each story stands alone without reference to the others. However, in whole, the stories relate to a complete life change in the author from childhood to adulthood. Many people do not pass beyond their first encounter with death; some do, but are left with scars and memories of their near miss. Some people call it luck; some call it coincidence, and some a guardian angel's protection. The author believes that the Lord placed signs before him, and still does for everyone. These signs are placed so that all will open their hearts and minds to the wondrous power of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The author is in no way proud of most of his memoirs, as most of them occurred due to naivety, an over-active imagination, or stupidity. But he is thankful that Jesus has been patient with him through the journey. Jesus can save all of us through our journey, but it is up to us to accept Him and save our soul. David R. Patterson, born, raised, and a life time resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been employed at Murray Equipment Inc. since 1968. Dave is a self-taught Systems Engineer and Inventor who owes every thing to his Creator, who has been very patient with Dave throughout the years. All his thoughts and ideas have come from the Lord who allowed him to grow up at a time when he could use his imagination, which became his foundation for a tiny spot that he could create and fulfill a need. The Lord also introduced Dave to Steve Murray, who later became the owner and risk taker of Murray Equipment, which Steve built into what it is today, a leader in its field of expertise. Steve showed confidence in Dave, and Dave took it as a challenge to fill this void. Cynthia L. Patterson, Dave's beautiful wife of over forty five years, is truly a wife that Dave will tell you he is not worthy of, and a mother who has no equal. Cindi and Dave have four wonderful children, all of whom are Christians and are very successful. Craig and his wife Rhonda have two wonderful children a girl Paige and a boy Caleb. Randy and his wife Dawn have twin boys Jacob and Foster. Shawn and his wife Kimberly have three children, a boy Cole, a girl Madalyn and a boy Cade. Brooke is Dave and Cindi's daughter of the family, and is everything they could ever ask for, but currently lives in Chicago. Dave has no experience at writing, but he has always wanted to tell of his life time adventures, be it good but mostly bad. He also wants you to know, it's not where you were spiritually, but where you are now. Romans 12:6

Igloos In The Jungle

Author: Brian Watson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469159376
Size: 73.66 MB
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Go along with the Colonel on this nostalgic trip back to the 1950's and life growing up in the Midwest. Follow him on his solo trek across Europe and the year that made him a man in the Aviation Cadet Program. Next it's many a day in Vietnam over the course of the war and the hardships faced by the aviators and their families on a daily basis. Life in the "fast lane" or five years in the Pentagon gives the reader a close look at the many challenges faced by the Staff Officer in the "building". Finally, the harrowing experience of life in a high school classroom for 19 years caps off the interesting adventure. Lt. Col. Watson amassed almost 5,000 hours flight time with 1,300 of it being combat time in Vietnam. He was "in country" for over 500 days covering parts of 1965,1966,1968,1969,1970,1971,1972, and 1973.He was decorated 39 times including the Legion of Merit, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, 12 Air Medals, 2 Commendations Medals, and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry just to mention a few. His travels took him north of the Arctic Circle to the southernmost tip of South America, all over Europe and the Far East with stops in 68 countries on 6 continents. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this most interesting story of an Air Force Officer and his travels in support of our national interests.

On And Off The Bandstand

Author: Arthur Bradley
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595359078
Size: 78.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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On and Off the Bandstand is a study of American history, invention, and culture that focuses on the evolution of popular music. Efforts to keep the best of the bandstand alive in the twentieth century, as well as today, are enthusiastically celebrated. Before reliable lighting and central heating, entertainment mainly occurred outdoors. Without microphones, a band performance was the centerpiece of choice for numerous celebrations. Outstanding conductors and musicians were major celebrities in their day. The basic instrumentation and musical language remained the same for over a hundred years-even as the venues moved indoors. Without breaks in continuity, each phase moved smoothly to the next, and newer artists respected their forbearers and cherished their accomplishments. Marching bands, concert bands, ragtime bands, and swing bands are still here today, but they have retired to the background. The band era was accompanied by some remarkable innovations, such as sound recording and radio. These technologies played a crucial role and receive considerable attention as the story unfolds. In addition to its historical contributions, On and Off the Bandstand pays tribute to a handful of dedicated individuals who have become advocates for the music of their parents' and grandparents' time.

The Askandar

Author: Norris Ray Peery
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595746640
Size: 66.24 MB
Format: PDF
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The Askandar is a continuation of the story ETMA PNIKRE. The Askandar, the great starship has escaped with its six thousand survivors from the cremation of the planet Earth and now rushes onward in its journey through the blackest darkness of the infinite ocean of the universe. In the starship, within its occupants, live all of the natural instincts and emotions, which had fluxed and flowed within the cultures, the survivors had left behind. No one had given much consideration to the great broad spectrum of the human condition, which would demand its satisfaction, even though it had been stripped from its natural home. The individual's instinctive creature found itself resident within a closed capsule, where it still needed to satisfy its ancient secret yearnings, and to find contentment for the beast, which secretly underlies civilized humanity, that it might be peaceably consoled. And so, though Earth and its societies had all become just a distant cinder, the mysterious ways of Mother Earth had been so patiently distilled into every cell and every fiber of the people on the starship, that her ways, her embedded instincts, her emotions of love, hatred, and savagery, rode within the ship in the safe luxury of each individual survivor.

Marrying Off Mother And Other Stories

Author: Gerald Durrell
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447214552
Size: 58.33 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Which of these stories is true and which is semi-true I have, of course, not the slightest intention of telling you, but I hope this will not detract from your enjoyment . . . Gerald Durrell introduces an eccentric cast of characters in this entertaining collection of stories, first published in 1991. In the title story, part of the inspiration behind the ITV drama The Durrells, we join his family in Corfu, where Gerry joins forces with Larry and Margo in encouraging Mother to consider finding a new husband, only to rue the consequences. Highlights from the other tales in this collection are the acquisition of a strongly perfumed pig named Esmerelda, a foul-mouthed parrot called Moses, and a compulsive gambler who inspires a miracle. Written with Durrell's usual sharp eye for observing humour in a situation, Marrying Off Mother will delight fans both old and new.