Arresting Dress

Author: Clare Sears
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822376199
Size: 32.74 MB
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In 1863, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors passed a law that criminalized appearing in public in “a dress not belonging to his or her sex.” Adopted as part of a broader anti-indecency campaign, the cross-dressing law became a flexible tool for policing multiple gender transgressions, facilitating over one hundred arrests before the century’s end. Over forty U.S. cities passed similar laws during this time, yet little is known about their emergence, operations, or effects. Grounded in a wealth of archival material, Arresting Dress traces the career of anti-cross-dressing laws from municipal courtrooms and codebooks to newspaper scandals, vaudevillian theater, freak-show performances, and commercial “slumming tours.” It shows that the law did not simply police normative gender but actively produced it by creating new definitions of gender normality and abnormality. It also tells the story of the tenacity of those who defied the law, spoke out when sentenced, and articulated different gender possibilities.

Regina Jos Galindo Ediz Italiana Inglese E Spagnola

Author: Regina José Galindo
Publisher: Silvana Editoriale
ISBN: 9788836619924
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Since 1999, the Guatemalan performance artist Regina José Galindo (born 1974) has drawn attention to her native country's oppression of women and the poor by activating her body as a site for collective inscription. Several of her performances are extreme exercises in the deprivation of dignity: she has been publicly stunned with an electroshock gun and "cleansed" with a power hose; she once commissioned a plastic surgeon to locate the imperfections on her naked body in public with a marker. In Guatemala, these actions are not so easily assigned to the symbolic realm: in a 2005 interview Galindo said, "As Guatemalans, we know how to decipher any image of pain, because we have seen it all up close." This volume surveys all of Regina José Galindo's works in performance and video from 2006 to 2010.