Backwards To Oregon

Author: Jae
Publisher: L-Book ePublisher
ISBN: 1934889083
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Lesbian Fiction: Historical Fiction - "Luke" Hamilton has always been sure that she'd never marry. She accepted that she would spend her life alone when she chose to live her life disguised as a man. After working in a brothel for three years, Nora Macauley has lost all illusions about love. She no longer hopes for a man who will sweep her off her feet and take her away to begin a new, respectable life. But now they find themselves married and on the way to Oregon in a covered wagon, with two thousand miles ahead of them.

The Trail To Oregon

Author: Stan Mirel
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781453585610
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When I started the Trail To Oregon, the research and thousands of facts and depressing incidents was almost overpowering. Getting into the wagons with them, fording the Rivers and walking barefoot with them was a struggle. They were sleeping in wagons laden with food and furniture, children and clothing, guns and forgotten belongings buried under blankets and animal feed. Their lives were fragile and the perils from nature and other men cost the lives of ten percent of all the travelers as they struggled from Missouri to Oregon. I wondered at first what kind of story I could extract from the bare facts, from the perilous threat the pilgrims presented to each other. But the courage of the men and women that walked across the states barefoot, that starved and bled and struggled, told me their stories as I searched their dark sunken eyes. They were possibly the bravest Americans very much like the men that fought alongside General Washington except the bravery and courage was shared by the women that shouldered most of the work. I was drawn into the struggle and felt the anguish when their children died, when a woman was accidentally shot. When mothers chewed leaves from the trees and fed the food to their husbands and children. Their tattered clothes hung like potato sacks on gaunt bodies long before Oregon was in sight as they clutched their rifles and bibles praying for the strength and endurance to survive and keep the children alive. Wooden crosses dotted the trail where weak, sick and unfortunate souls succumbed to sickness, accidental shootings, and the treacherous River crossings. The overland trail to Oregon was not for the meek or faint of heart, even the healthy and robust found prayer a necessity to bolster their strength for the months it took to reach Oregon. Come and share their courage, walk with us.

Living Backwards

Author: Carl Dawson
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 9780813916330
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Living Backwards: A Transatlantic Memoir incorporates November 1948 into a longer work that takes the ten-year-old author from a small gray Yorkshire village to the bright postwar boom of Los Angeles and back again at fourteen to the sober mill region of his ancestors. Back "home" without his family, he struggles with the loneliness of adolescence and the eccentric strangers of his new life.

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards The Cat Who Mysteries Book 1

Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755389298
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To puzzle out the mystery, he'll need the help of his feline assistant... The Cat Who Could Read Backwards begins Lilian Jackson Braun's captivating mystery series featuring a most extraordinary detective team. Perfect for cat lovers and crime fans. 'The fastidious plotting is designed to appeal to more than just the cat lover' - The Times The world of modern art is a mystery to many. But for Jim Qwilleran it turns into a mystery of another sort when his assignment to cover the art beat for the Daily Fluxion leads down the path to murder. A stabbing in an art gallery, vandalised paintings, a fatal fall from a scaffolding - this is not at all what Qwilleran expects when he turns his reporting talents to art. But now Qwilleran and his newly found partner, Koko the brilliant Siamese, are in their element - sniffing out clues and confounding criminals intent on mayhem and murder. What readers are saying about The Cat Who Could Read Backwards: 'This book is a good old classic whodunit and I enjoyed every minute' 'Really liked the character's in this super little book' 'Witty, easy to read and difficult to put down'

Beyond The Trail

Author: Jae
ISBN: 9783955330835
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Six short stories that give us glimpses into the lives of Luke, Nora, and the other characters from Backwards to Oregon. The Blue Hour: When her mother dies, twelve-year-old Lucinda Hamilton decides to start a new life-as a boy. Grasping at Straws: No one knows that Tess Swenson, madam of a brothel, also owns a livery stable and a number of other businesses. On one of her secret inspections, she makes a surprising discovery. A Rooster's Job: The Hamiltons hoped to build a home in the idyllic Willamette Valley with mild winters, but now they're snowed in and their rooster isn't doing such a great job either. The Art of Pretending: Tess finds out that someone is stealing her money. She suspects Frankie, a woman who reminds her of Luke. But nothing is as it seems. The Christmas Oak: Luke sets out to bring home a Christmas tree-but she finds something else. Swept Away: The greatest flood in the history of Oregon sweeps away houses, barns, and animals in the Willamette Valley. At the same time, fourteen-year-old Amy is swept away by her feelings for her best friend.

Oregon Warbird Survivors 2003

Author: Harold A. Skaarup
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462047866
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Some of the finest military warbirds in American aviation history are still flying in the West Coast State of Oregon. Many of them are on display in a number of excellent air museums, or they have been mounted on pylons to stand as memorials to the many military aviators who called Oregon home. This handbook is designed to provide aviation enthusiasts with a simple locating guide on where to find a good number of these incredible flying machines within the state. Many of the aircraft can be found in the Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum; the Evergreen Aviation Museum at McMinnville; in the Oregon Air & Space Museum at Eugene; with the Oregon Military Museum at Clackmas; or in the hands of private owners and collectors. The handbook provides photographs of many of the aircraft preserved in Oregon, along with a brief description and history of its service within the US armed forces. The aircraft are listed alphabetically by manufacturer, number and aircraft type. Famous aircraft found on display in Oregon include the gigantic Hughes HK-1 Flying Boat (also known as the Spruce Goose), and a number of very rare warbirds not found in many other museums.

Oregon Classic Christmas Trivia

Author: Carole Marsh
Publisher: Gallopade International
ISBN: 9780635014399
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I spent one winter researching the holiday history, folklore, legend, and more of each and every state, ' says Carole marsh. A great coffee-table book or classroom read, this book-in an edition for each U.S. state-shares a wealth of fascinating historical material and trivia about everything from holiday traditions to how we got the Christmas tree, superstitions, and more. From the Yule logs of Maine to snow on the Alamo, you'll love your own state book, but wish you could read them all. Don't forget to send your favorite teacher or grandchild a copy for their state

Oregon Biographical Dictionary

Author: Jan Onofrio
Publisher: Somerset Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 0403098416
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Describes the lives and accomplishments of over 120 important men and women in the history of Oregon, from business leaders and politicians to authors and actors.