Bare Roots

Author: Clifton Snider
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 0738848514
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Set in the 1960s and 70s, Bare Roots is a coming of age/coming out novel about a sensitive, intelligent boy, Justin Crystal, up to the age of nineteen. Justin´s whole life is a cycle of anticipation, fulfillment and disappointment, joy and agony, as he struggles to find out and accept who he is. When Justin is seven, his father asks his mother, Harriet, for a divorce. Not long afterwards, Justin and Harriet move from Wisconsin to Southern California, where Justin is surrounded by adult women: his mother, his grandmother, and his grandaunt. Eventually mother and son move to Long Beach, where Harriet has a job and meets Gerald, also divorced, whom she marries after dating a long time. Although Gerald becomes Justin´s stepfather, Gerald never accepts the role of father for Justin. Throughout his life, Justin has a series of close male friends, from whom he is separated for one reason or another. With each of these friends he shares a private world, but as an only child, he learns to live in his own fantasy world, reading books, listening to records, particularly the Beatles, and playing the piano. Fundamentalist Christian religion becomes an important influence. It provides a few social outlets and a Biblical education, but also it creates a lot of guilt, frustration, and confusion, especially about sex. Justin vacillates between desires for both sexes, but when he moves away to Southern California Baptist College, in San Diego, he has a passionate but chaotic affair with his roommate, Russ. Despite their intense relationship and potentially destructive environment, they are lovers throughout the school year till both are injured in a motorcycle accident. While he is in the hospital, Justin discovers Russ has apparently taken up with another young man. When he returns to his Long Beach home, Justin attempts suicide while his mother is in the hospital having a baby. The events of the novel are those Justin imagines as he swallows sleeping pills and Valium. While characters´ thoughts are freely given, especially those of Justin and Harriet, the reader never knows for sure if these are the actual thoughts or only those Justin, or the narrator, imagines. What the novel reveals are the roots of a young life, as it were, laid bare and, like roses planted with bare roots, ready to grow.

Bare Roots

Author: Molly S. Hillery
ISBN: 9780692851630
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bare roots is a collection of poetry written for anyone that has ever buried parts of themselves away from the world. The book is divided into six parts-- Pruning the Damage, Battling the Weeds, The Roses [and the Thorns], The Seedling Shall Blossom, Cultivating Wisdom, and Buds of Hope are delicately crafted segments that touch on the subjects of femininity, love and loss, trauma, mental illness, the search for meaning, and ultimately, how to grow from it all.[Some portions of this book contain mature content and may be triggering].

The Supporting Roots Of Trees And Woody Plants Form Function And Physiology

Author: A. Stokes
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401734690
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This publication comprises the proceedings of the first International Conference devoted to the structural roots of trees and woody plants. 'The Supporting Roots - Structure and Function,' 20-24 July 1998, Bordeaux, France. The meeting was held under the auspices ofIUFRO WPS 2. 01. 13 'Root Physiology and Symbiosis,' and its aim was to bring together scientific researchers, foresters and arboriculturalists, to discuss current problems in structural root research and disseminate knowledge to an audience from a wide disciplinary background. For the first time in an international conference, emphasis was placed on presenting recent reseach in the field of tree anchorage mechanics and root biomechanics. The way in which tree stability can be affected by root system symmetry and architecture was addressed, as well as how movement during wind sway can influence the development and shape of woody roots. The role of different nursery and planting techniques was discussed, in relation to effects on root system form and development. Root response to different environmental stresses, including water, temperature, nutrient and mechanical stress was addressed in detail. The structure and function of woody roots was also considered at different levels, from coarse to fine roots, with several papers discussing the interaction between roots and the rhizosphere. One of the conference highlights was the presentation of new methods in root research, by a series of workshops held at LRBB-INRA, Pierroton, on the northern border of the Gascony forest.

Planters Notes

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Some no. include reports compiled from information furnished by State Foresters (and others).

The Syntax Of Roots And The Roots Of Syntax

Author: Artemis Alexiadou
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199665273
Size: 62.44 MB
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This book investigates the nature and properties of roots, the core elements of word meaning. In particular, chapters examine the interaction of roots with syntactic structure, and the role of their semantic and morpho-phonological properties in that interaction. Issues addressed in the book include the semantics and phonology of roots in isolation and in context; the categorial specification of roots; and the role of phases in word formation. Internationally recognized scholars approach these topics from a variety of theoretical backgrounds, drawing on data from languages including German, Hebrew, and Modern Greek. The book will be of interest to linguistics students and researchers of all theoretical persuasions from graduate level upwards.

Learning Indigenous Languages Child Language Acquisition In Mesoamerica

Author: Barbara Pfeiler
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110923149
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This book includes six studies on the acquisition of single Mesoamerican indigenous languages, (Huichol, Zapotec, and the Mayan languages Ch'ol, Tzeltal, K'iche', and Yukatek); and a crosslinguistic study of five Mayan languages (K'anjob'al, K'iche', Tzeltal, Tzotzil, and Yukatek). Three topics are theoretically and methodologically discussed and empirically demonstrated: with respect to ergativity, the ergative-absolutive cross-referencing pattern on the morphological level, noun-verb distinction and the acquisition of body-part locatives in the early lexicon, and the role of semantic properties and cultural context in language acquisition and socialization. This book makes important claims regarding the methodology of cross-linguistic studies as well as the results of these studies and the comparative method used in the book (structural and discursive factors in language acquisition, cross-linguistic relationships and variation).

The Homesteading Handbook

Author: Abigail R. Gehring
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1616082658
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Explains how to grow an organic garden, preserve the food one grows, build alternate-energy devices by hand, identify edible wild foods, conserve water, handcraft household items and much more, in a book with 500 full-color illustrations. Original.

Routledge Handbook Of Urban Forestry

Author: Francesco Ferrini
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317237021
Size: 22.19 MB
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More than half the world's population now lives in cities. Creating sustainable, healthy and aesthetic urban environments is therefore a major policy goal and research agenda. This comprehensive handbook provides a global overview of the state of the art and science of urban forestry. It describes the multiple roles and benefits of urban green areas in general and the specific role of trees, including for issues such as air quality, human well-being and stormwater management. It reviews the various stresses experienced by trees in cities and tolerance mechanisms, as well as cultural techniques for either pre-conditioning or alleviating stress after planting. It sets out sound planning, design, species selection, establishment and management of urban trees. It shows that close interactions with the local urban communities who benefit from trees are key to success. By drawing upon international state-of-art knowledge on arboriculture and urban forestry, the book provides a definitive overview of the field and is an essential reference text for students, researchers and practitioners.