Because I Had A Teacher

Author: Kobi Yamada
Publisher: Casemate Publishers and Book Distributors
ISBN: 9781943200085
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Because I Had A Teacher

Author: One242Seven Prints
ISBN: 9781097101153
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This notebook or journal is the perfect way to thank those wonderful teachers in your life. Show them your gratitude with this beautiful flower journal with over 100 pages to fill. Show your gratitude and appreciation for your favorite teacher, tutor, daycare provider, coach, or even mom and dad with this stunning notebook! It is perfect for journaling, planning, to-do lists, writing down ideas, thoughts, stories, notes and more!

Because I Had A Teacher Lined Notebook

Author: Lucia Publishing
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781798766989
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A Perfect gift for a friend, colleague or family. This is a lined notebook (lined front and back). Simple and elegant. 108 pages, (6 x 9) inches in size.

Practical Ideas For Teaching Writing As A Process

Author: Carol B. Olson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 0788127187
Size: 46.90 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Contains a collection of specific classroom strategies & suggestions for teaching writing to elementary school students according to an eight-stage process. Specific techniques for teaching each stage of the writing process & descriptions of proven approaches for using these techniques are also included. "A wonderful resource, a labor of love from a large & talented group of educators." Had its beginnings in the California Writing Project at the Univ. of California, Irvine. Best Seller! Illustrated.

Tales From Kentucky One Room School Teachers

Author: William Lynwood Montell
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813139503
Size: 52.12 MB
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In an educational era defined by large school campuses and overcrowded classrooms, it is easy to overlook the era of one-room schools, when teachers filled every role, including janitor, and provided a familylike atmosphere in which children also learned from one another. In Tales from Kentucky One-Room School Teachers, William Lynwood Montell reclaims an important part of Kentucky's social, cultural, and educational heritage, assembling a fun and fascinating collection of schoolroom stories that chronicle a golden era in Kentucky. The firsthand narratives and anecdotes in this collection cover topics such as teacher-student relationships, day-to-day activities, lunchtime foods, students' personal relationships, and, of course, the challenges of teaching in a one-room school. Montell includes tales about fund-raising pie suppers, pranks, outrageous student behavior (such as the quiet little boy whose first "sharing" involved profanity), and variety of other topics. Montell even includes some of his own memories from his days as a pupil in a one-room school. Tales from Kentucky One-Room School Teachers is a delightful glimpse of the history of education.

I Mattered A Teacher S Story

Author: Dr. Frankie J. Monroe-Moore
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469151138
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In The New Meaning of Educational Change Fullen wrote, Low morale, depressed, feeling unfairly blamed for the ills of society? You must be a teacher. This quote spoke volumes to me as I watched politicians jockeying for position by spewing their recycled political rhetoric, and then launch an all out attack against public school teachers. In years past these attacks had been levied against those receiving social security, Medicare and Medicaid which mainly affected the poor, disabled and elderly. Dont get me wrong these issues are still on the table, but I guess politicians felt they had beaten them with a dead horse and needed another soft target to spark the publics interest so public school teachers was it. They struck with a vengeance firing public school teachers by the thousands throughout the country. In an attempt to reduce the collective bargaining power of teacher unions, such as American Federation of Teacher (AFT) in Texas they claimed the only way they knew to help balance the state and district school budget shortfalls was to rescind some of the benefits they had agreed too. It hurts when the profession Ive dedicated over half of my adult life (25 yrs.) to; is under attack by politicians and others that have no true concept of whats involved in being a public school teacher. We have absolutely nothing to do with the decision making process. First were told to do one thing and then were told to do something entirely different. Its almost schizophrenic. To all of my colleagues that remain on the frontlines of public education and those that are planning to take up the banner This books for you. You might not have control over the decisions being made outside your classroom, but you can control those things going on inside. I provide ways to control student behavior by the design of your classroom to the use of a simple yellow tablet.

Teaching In America

Author: Charles B. Hutchison
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402037719
Size: 52.29 MB
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Scenario One Imagine a teacher walking into a classroom. The students stood up to greet the teacher on his or her entrance through the door, and remained standing until they were beckoned to sit down. The students then sat down, with their eyes fixed on the teacher, waiting for instructions on what to do next. The teacher was in absolute control, knew exactly what was going on, and what to expect from the students. On their part, the students knew exactly what to expect from the teacher; standing up to greet the teacher on his or her entrance into the classroom was normal. In fact, it was cultural. They had therefore not done anything extraordinary. The teacher proceeded to have a verygood class period. Nothing different was expected; this was a normal day. Scenario Two Imagine the same teacher, with the same expectations as in Scenario One, walking into a different classroom. The students did not stand up to greet him or her; they did not know about such a tradition, nor was it a part of their culture. In fact, some were standing and chatting with friends as he or she entered the classroom.

The Net Result Book 3

Author: Lucille Orr
ISBN: 0987159852
Size: 19.25 MB
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This third book in a series of four books; includes the success stories of business and professional women who won the "Speaking Awards" organised for the members of the Australian Executive Women's Network. This series of books have been used in "Career Study Classes" in High Schools, Universities and Business Colleges since the nineties. Women wanting to start their own small businesses and those keen to climb corporate ladders or sit on company boards have all gained the valuable knowledge they needed from these pioneering women's stories. Lucille Orr the founder and president of the Australian Executive Women's Network is also a professional speaker and radio broadcaster and to assist you to become a confident, speaker she has included a Speaker's Guide in this book. Be sure to collect the four volumes in this set of invaluable books.

Tomorrow I M Dead

Author: Bun Yom
Publisher: AudioInk
ISBN: 0983361711
Size: 19.34 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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After three years as a killing field slave, seventeen-year-old Bun Yom escaped from the Khmer Rouge and became a "Freedom Fighter." Using his wisdom, courage, and unprecedented compassion, Bun rescued thousands of Cambodian people and soon became the Cambodian Freedom Army's greatest soldier. This is his story.

Secrets Of Forbidden Love

Author: Cándida R. DeVito
Publisher: Palibrio
ISBN: 1463328044
Size: 46.67 MB
Format: PDF
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A young girl never forgets her first love. But what if this love is forbidden? Despite the age gap, Cndida had a crush on Andrew De Vito since she was eight years old. As time grew, so did her feelings for him. She never thought that one day, he would reciprocate her feelings for him, but he did. There was only one problem. He was already marriedto the church. Cndidas story, Secrets of Forbidden Love, is a beautiful and romantic tale of a forbidden love. It is also a story of love and forgiveness in several dimensions.