Because I Had A Teacher

Author: Kobi Yamada
Publisher: Casemate Publishers and Book Distributors
ISBN: 9781943200085
Size: 76.71 MB
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Tales From Kentucky One Room School Teachers

Author: William Lynwood Montell
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813139503
Size: 10.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In an educational era defined by large school campuses and overcrowded classrooms, it is easy to overlook the era of one-room schools, when teachers filled every role, including janitor, and provided a familylike atmosphere in which children also learned from one another. In Tales from Kentucky One-Room School Teachers, William Lynwood Montell reclaims an important part of Kentucky's social, cultural, and educational heritage, assembling a fun and fascinating collection of schoolroom stories that chronicle a golden era in Kentucky. The firsthand narratives and anecdotes in this collection cover topics such as teacher-student relationships, day-to-day activities, lunchtime foods, students' personal relationships, and, of course, the challenges of teaching in a one-room school. Montell includes tales about fund-raising pie suppers, pranks, outrageous student behavior (such as the quiet little boy whose first "sharing" involved profanity), and variety of other topics. Montell even includes some of his own memories from his days as a pupil in a one-room school. Tales from Kentucky One-Room School Teachers is a delightful glimpse of the history of education.

Teaching The Teacher

Author: James F. Moore
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595429920
Size: 61.16 MB
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How many educators think they are going to change the world, only to grow frustrated over the pace of change in a school system? Teaching is a challenging profession and, according to Moore, it is a career in which one often questions whether the challenges are worth the rewards. Teaching the Teacher details the personal reflections and lessons educator James Moore learned over more that twenty years as he journeys full circle from questioning a major life decision to feeling at peace with his career choice.Moore emphasizes that too often teachers become caught up in a world packed with lesson plans, parent phone calls, staff meetings, and papers to grade and forget that they should be learning along with their students. Beginning with the story of his first job interview and the racial tension he encounters in the hallway as a new teacher, Moore weaves in many anecdotes about students, colleagues, and schools while sharing valuable lessons learned about his career.Whether you just graduated from college or are an experienced teacher, Moore will help you realize that there is much more to an education than the standard curriculum covered in schools today.

Teaching In America

Author: Charles B. Hutchison
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402037719
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Scenario One Imagine a teacher walking into a classroom. The students stood up to greet the teacher on his or her entrance through the door, and remained standing until they were beckoned to sit down. The students then sat down, with their eyes fixed on the teacher, waiting for instructions on what to do next. The teacher was in absolute control, knew exactly what was going on, and what to expect from the students. On their part, the students knew exactly what to expect from the teacher; standing up to greet the teacher on his or her entrance into the classroom was normal. In fact, it was cultural. They had therefore not done anything extraordinary. The teacher proceeded to have a verygood class period. Nothing different was expected; this was a normal day. Scenario Two Imagine the same teacher, with the same expectations as in Scenario One, walking into a different classroom. The students did not stand up to greet him or her; they did not know about such a tradition, nor was it a part of their culture. In fact, some were standing and chatting with friends as he or she entered the classroom.

White Shirt

Author: Crystal Washington
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781453591376
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He gives true accounts of his life in the streets of Wellston dealing with gang rivalry and police corruption. She writes about experiences growing up a female with no father at home, overcoming child molestation, incest and rape, a single parent and poor in St. Louis city. She has witnessed gang rapes, murders and other vile things that come with a life of being poor. Life is truly a battlefield when you are born at the bottom. Crime is not a fairy tale. It’s a dead end and there is no outlet. This book is a love story about a couple who have gone through all types of trials and tribulations growing up at the bottom of the ghetto. Their lives went through all types of twists and turns, only in the end to find true love. In the end, God had their backs.

Language Teacher Identities

Author: Dr. Matthew Clarke
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
ISBN: 1847699545
Size: 26.19 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Set in the rapidly changing world of the contemporary United Arab Emirates and bringing together detailed linguistic analysis with cutting edge social theory, this book explores the development of the first cohort of students to complete a new Bachelor of Education in English language teaching, theorizing the students’ learning to teach in terms of the discursive construction of a teaching identity within an evolving community of practice. Both a study of the influence of issues such as gender and nationalism in language teacher education in the Middle East, as well as of the power of discourse and community in shaping identity, this book will be of relevance to anyone working in teacher education as well as to those with an interest in theorizations of discourse and identity.

Critical Incidents In Teaching Classic Edition

Author: David Tripp
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113662385X
Size: 65.15 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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What are the instincts of a good teacher? Can they be taught? Good teachers use good techniques and routines, but techniques and routines alone do not produce good teaching. The real art of teaching lies in teachers' professional judgement because in teaching there is seldom one "right answer". This combination of experience, flexibility, informe

Researching Mathematics Education In South Africa

Author: Renuka Vithal
Publisher: HSRC Press
ISBN: 9780796920478
Size: 57.71 MB
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Reflecting on the theoretical and ideological work that has contributed to the growth of mathematics education research in South Africa, this study provides a historical analysis of forces that have changed and shaped mathematics curricula over the years. The themes researched and explored include radical pedagogy, progressive classroom practices, ethnomathematics, and South African mathematics education research within both its local and international contexts.

International Handbook Of Teachers And Teaching

Author: Bruce J. Biddle
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792335320
Size: 13.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Recent years have generated a huge increase in the number of research and scholarly works concerned with teachers and teaching, and this effort has generated new and important insights that are crucial for understanding education today. This handbook provides a host of chapters, written by leading authorities, that review both the major traditions of work and the newest perspectives, concepts, insights, and research-based knowledge concerned with teachers and teaching. Many of the chapters discuss developments that are international in scope, but coverage is also provided for education in a number of specific countries. Many chapters also review contemporary problems faced by educators and the dangers posed by recent, politically-inspired attempts to `reform' schools and school systems. The Handbook provides an invaluable resource for scholars, teacher-educators, graduate students, and all thoughtful persons concerned with the best thinking about teachers and teaching, current problems, and the future of education.

Critical Literacy Critical Teaching

Author: Cheryl Dozier
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 9780807746455
Size: 45.19 MB
Format: PDF
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This book describes and documents an exciting new approach to educating literacy teachers. The authors show how to help teachers develop their own critical literacy, while also preparing them to accelerate the literacy learning of struggling readers. The text takes readers inside a literacy lab in a high-poverty urban elementary school, reveals the instructional approach in action, and provides many excellent examples of critically responsive teaching. Featuring a synthesis of several fields of theory and research, this book: illustrates teacher preparation and development as personal and social transformation - demonstrating that this process requires changing the ways teachers think about students, language, culture, literacy, learning, and themselves as educators; provides pedagogical tools - including the history of the innovative literacy lab, the context of the instructional interactions, and the transition from a university-based to a school-based project; and combines critical and accelerative literacy instruction, showing how teachers can accelerate the slowest developing readers in their classrooms and also build a sense of engagement for students with the social world.