Being And Nothingness

Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671867806
Size: 52.59 MB
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Sartre explains the theory of existential psychoanalysis in this treatise on human reality

A Commentary On Jean Paul Sartre S Being And Nothingness

Author: Joseph S. Catalano
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226096995
Size: 16.84 MB
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"[A Commentary on Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness] represents, I believe, a very important beginning of a deservingly serious effort to make the whole of Being and Nothingness more readily understandable and readable. . . . In his systematic interpretations of Sartre's book, [Catalano] demonstrates a determination to confront many of the most demanding issues and concepts of Being and Nothingness. He does not shrink—as do so many interpreters of Sartre—from such issues as the varied meanings of 'being,' the meaning of 'internal negation' and 'absolute event,' the idiosyncratic senses of transcendence, the meaning of the 'upsurge' in its different contexts, what it means to say that we 'exist our body,' the connotation of such concepts as quality, quantity, potentiality, and instrumentality (in respect to Sartre's world of 'things'), or the origin of negation. . . . Catalano offers what is doubtless one of the most probing, original, and illuminating interpretations of Sartre's crucial concept of nothingness to appear in the Sartrean literature."—Ronald E. Santoni, International Philosophical Quarterly

Sartre S Being And Nothingness

Author: Sebastian Gardner
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826474683
Size: 37.27 MB
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This text presents a concise and accessible introduction Jean-Paul Satre's existentialist book 'Being and Nothingness'.

Sartre On Sin

Author: Kate Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019881173X
Size: 54.70 MB
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This work argues that Jean-Paul Sartre's early philosophy had a notable inheritance from the Christian doctrine of original sin. With particular attention to being and nothingness, Kirkpatrick connects Sartre to an Augustinian tradition of Christian thought according to which nothingness enters the world with the creation of the human.

The Credo Of Being And Nothingness

Author: Wole Soyinka
Publisher: Spectrum Books
Size: 45.84 MB
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"From the first African Nobel Laureate, this is the first in a series of Olufosoye Annual Lectures on Religions, delivered at the University of Ibadan in 1991. Soyinka, in his characteristically stimulating way, discusses the religions of Nigeria in their national context, and other religions from around the world. The author says ""At one conceptual level or the other...deeply embedded as an article of faith, is a relegation of this material world to a mere staging-post...then universal negation...Existence, as we know it, comes to the end that was pre-ordained from the beginning of time. Indeed, time itself comes to anend."""

Ontology And Ethics In Sartre S Early Philosophy

Author: Yiwei Zheng
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739111178
Size: 41.31 MB
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At the end of Being and Nothingness, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-80) claims that his ethics follow from his ontology and are based on it. Zheng (philosophy, St. Cloud State U.) investigates whether, and to what extent, that is true. After studying in detail the important notions in his early ontology and ethics, including some notorio

The Existentialist S Guide To Death The Universe And Nothingness

Author: Gary Cox
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1441157379
Size: 73.97 MB
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The Existentialist's Guide to Death, the Universe and Nothingness is an entertaining philosophical guide to life, love, hate, freedom, sex, anxiety, God and death; a guide to everything and nothing. Gary Cox, bestselling author of How to Be an Existentialist and How to Be a Philosopher, takes us on an exciting journey through the central themes of existentialism, a philosophy of the human condition. The Existentialist's Guide fascinates, informs, provokes and inspires as it explores existentialism's uncompromising view of human reality. It leaves the reader with no illusions about how hard it is to live honestly and achieve authenticity. It has, however, a redeeming humour that sets the wisdom of the great existentialist philosophers alongside the wit of great musicians and comedians. A realistic self-help book for anyone interested in personal empowerment, The Existentialist's Guide offers a wealth of profound philosophical insight into life, the universe and everything.