Nursing Pathways For Patient Safety E Book

Author: National Council of State Boards of Nursing
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323079350
Size: 11.69 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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With a wealth of helpful guidelines and assessment tools, Nursing Pathways for Patient Safety makes it easy to identify the causes of practice breakdowns and to reduce health care errors. It provides expert guidance from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), plus an overview of the TERCAP® assessment tool. The book systematically examines the causes of practice breakdowns resulting from practice styles, health care environments, teamwork, and structural systems to promote patient safety. An overview of the NCSBN Practice Breakdown Initiative introduces the TERCAP® assessment tool and provides a helpful framework for understanding the scope of problems, along with NCSBN’s approach to addressing them. Coverage of each type of practice breakdown systematically explores errors in areas such as clinical reasoning or judgment, prevention, and intervention. Case Studies provide real-life examples of practice breakdowns and help you learn to identify problems and propose solutions. Chapters on mandatory reporting and implementation of a whole systems approach offer practical information on understanding TERCAP® and implementing a whole systems approach to preventing practice breakdowns.

Treating The Lifetime Health Effects Of Childhood Victimization

Author: Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett
Publisher: Civic Research Institute, Inc.
ISBN: 1887554343
Size: 67.15 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Treating the Lifetime Health Effects of Childhood Victimization:- reports on the latest research in both child maltreatment and health psychology/behavioral medicine and concisely outlines five critical pathways by which childhood abuse can negatively impact the health of your adult patients.-shows how each variable pertains to adult survivors, and then how it is related to health. Dozens of important studies are detailed and their implications for clinical practice set out clearly. The book focuses on health care settings, where health problems are most likely to surface. Both health care and mental health professionals will find clinical management guidelines of direct, practical use.

Credit And Blame

Author: Charles Tilly
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400829644
Size: 44.93 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In his eye-opening book Why?, world-renowned social scientist Charles Tilly exposed some startling truths about the excuses people make and the reasons they give. Now he's back with further explorations into the complexities of human relationships, this time examining what's really going on when we assign credit or cast blame. Everybody does it, but few understand the hidden motivations behind it. With his customary wit and dazzling insight, Tilly takes a lively and thought-provoking look at the ways people fault and applaud each other and themselves. The stories he gathers in Credit and Blame range from the everyday to the altogether unexpected, from the revealingly personal to the insightfully humorous--whether it's the gushing acceptance speech of an Academy Award winner or testimony before a congressional panel, accusations hurled in a lover's quarrel or those traded by nations in a post-9/11 crisis, or a job promotion or the Nobel Prize. Drawing examples from literature, history, pop culture, and much more, Tilly argues that people seek not only understanding through credit and blame, but also justice. The punishment must fit the crime, accomplishments should be rewarded, and the guilty parties must always get their just deserts. Brilliantly conceived and masterfully written, Credit and Blame is a book that revolutionizes our understanding of the compliments we pay and the accusations we make.

All Things To All People Confessions Of A Rebellious Preacher S Son

Author: Begees McFree
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 145757005X
Size: 12.41 MB
Format: PDF
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All Things to All People is an introverted narrative penned by the son of a Gospel preacher and his alter ego, Begees McFree. This playfully written autobiography of a simple, quiet, and peaceable man guides the reader through depression-induced insomniac confessions. Looking deep into the often-hidden places of the heart and mind, these confessions freed the writer from lies and misunderstandings that had been buried deep within. All Things to All People shares the spiritual struggle of a man after a divorce broke apart his life and separated him from his children. Begees uses freewriting to disentangle his poor choices from his good intentions, gaining more selfcontrol and growing closer to God while strenuously pushing unbelief out of his mind.