Dash Diet Cookbook

Author: Michelle Thomas
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781987430974
Size: 64.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do you suffer from high blood pressure and struggles keeping your weight under control? Did you know that hypertension can be controlled and even reversed by simply changing your diet? That's right! There have been numerous studies carried out over the years to examine exactly how the food you eat affects your blood pressure. The result all lead to the DASH Diet. The DASH Diet was initially developed due to the results of research sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health to help hypertension patients lower their blood pressure without medication. Little did they know that years later it would expand into not only a natural remedy for hypertension but also a top ranked dietary lifestyle for weight loss and other chronic diseases. The Diet Changed Millions of Lives. It's Your Turn! The DASH Diet was developed and trusted by many health professionals and has since then been recognized as number 1 on the US News & World Report for more than 4 years in a row. So, you can rest assured that by opting to switch over to this lifestyle you would be not only be taking a step to change the foods you eat but also making the first step to a healthier and happier you. Becoming the best you that you can be on the DASH Diet, however, can be a long and complicated road without proper guidance, and there is where we come in with this DASH Diet Cookbook with Over 400 Proven, Easy and Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss and Lowering Blood Pressure. This DASH Diet Cookbook will serve as a guide to help you achieve an easy transition into the DASH Diet by providing you with the background information about the diet and strategies you can use to stay the course of the diet. The cookbook includes a 21 - day Meal plan that will provide you with: -2 breakfast options -2 lunch options -2 dinner options -2 snack options -And even 2 dessert options for each day. Preview of the Cookbook: -Over 400 Easy & Delicious Recipes for the DASH diet - Access to Recipes that Include Detailed Nutritional Information, Ingredient List, Cook/Prep Time & Detailed Instructions - What is Dash Diet? - Practical Guide to Transition to Dash Diet Lifestyle - Top 10 Secrets to Improve Your Metabolism, Lower Your Blood Pressure and Lower Your Body Fat. - Top 10 Foods You Need to Avoid - 5 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why the Dash Diet Works - Tips & Tricks to Easily Stick to the Dash Diet - 21-Day Meal Plan - Mouth-watering Meat Recipes - Easy Seafood Recipes - Delicious Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes - Amazing Soup Recipes - Instant Pot Recipes - Slow Cooker Recipes - Dash Recipes for Two - Much, Much More! Who says being a healthier you has to be hard? With the right tools, you should be able to not only have an easy transition but also a better, healthier life going forward. Take the first step today by getting your very own copy of the DASH Diet Cookbook and start saying goodbye to hypertension!


Author: Clarke M. Ivanich
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781590333112
Size: 35.51 MB
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Stress seems to be an affliction common to almost everyone living in the 21st century except perhaps a few inhabitants of some far-off islands untouched by modern society. But what is it? And more importantly, what is there we can do about it? Some research says we need it but this seems hard to believe. Other research, no less believable, says we don't need it but we can manage it. About the only thing about stress that seems certain is that there is a lot of it around and that the less of it that lands on a person the better. This book gathers new and important citations from both the journal and the book literature and provides access through author, subject and title indexes.

Physicians Desk Reference For Ophthalmic Medicines

Author: Medical Economics Company
Publisher: Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)
ISBN: 9781563633669
Size: 57.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This definitive reference is filled with accurate, up-to-date information specifically for the eye-care professional. The 29th edition provides detailed references on drugs and equipment used in the fields of Ophthalmology and Optometry. The 2001 edition contains: The latest information on newly approved ophthalmic pharmaceuticals such as Carteolol Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution USP, 1%, Ocuvite Lutein Antioxidant, Hypo Tears Select Lubricant Eye Drops and Visudyne; Complete and accurate information on instrumentation, equipment and supplies -- many with full-color photographs for easy identification; Critical updates on new and revised drugs and adverse reactions encountered in ophthalmology; a detailed overview of pharmaceuticals used in ophthalmology, including a complete list of off-label drug applications; In-depth coverage of all types of lenses; Four comprehensive indices which provide instant access to manufacturer, product name, product category, active ingredients, instrumentation, equipment and sutures; a section on vision standards, low visual impairment evaluation and low vision aids and much more.

The Doctor S Book Of Home Remedies For Men

Author: Jack Croft
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781579542610
Size: 38.52 MB
Format: PDF
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A collection of home remedies offers two thousand practical tips for dealing with 170 ailments afflicting men

The Consumer Health Information Source Book

Author: Alan M. Rees
ISBN: 9780897744089
Size: 72.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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How can an award-winning source book that helps consumers find health information be improved? Health expert Alan Rees has done just that in his sixth edition by providing practical advice on using the Internet, tips on where to find Spanish-language health pamphlets, and recommendations on what's most important in the world of alternative medicine. The sixty edition provides users with an annotated guide to health-related resources-hotlines, newsletters, pamphlets, Web sites, CD-ROMS, magazines, books, and more! Readers are given a description on each resource and how to best use it.