Bloody Biscay

Author: Chris Goss
Publisher: Crecy Pub
ISBN: 9780947554873
Size: 40.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The story of the Luftwaffe's only long range maritime fighter unit - V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40 (V/KG40) - and its battles against the Royal Air Force (RAF), the US Army Air Force (USAAF) and the US Navy (USN) in the skies above the Bay of Biscay. Using personal accounts from both German and Allied survivors from July 1942 onwards, Bloody Biscay relates the initial tribulations of the unit and its battles against overwhelming odds to its eventual annihilation over the Normandy beaches in June 1944. Comprehensive appendices detail the unit's commanding officers, known aircrew, all of its 109 known 'kills' matched to Allied losses and the 88 combat losses of the unit with the details of who shot those aircraft down. The twenty-six aircraft lost in accidents and further aircraft interned in Spain are also listed. Containing nearly 200 photographs, the vast majority of German origin, Bloody Biscay will give the reader a graphic insight into V/KG40's aircraft, crews and 'kills' .

Winston Churchill Myth And Reality

Author: Richard M. Langworth
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476665834
Size: 34.99 MB
Format: PDF
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"In challenging popular misperceptions, Langworth has taken Churchill out of the clutches of both the worshipful and the iconoclasts, thus giving him over to the appreciative..those who can look at him, warts and all."--Warren Kimball, editor of Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence "No one alive knows more about Winston Churchill than Richard Langworth, his vicar on earth. This superb book lays bare the lies told by some, but also reveals new truths about The Greatest Englishman."--Andrew Roberts, Lehrman Institute Distinguished Scholar, New-York Historical Society "No one is better qualified than Richard Langworth, a lifelong student of Churchill, to strip away the falsehoods that belittle the personality, the career and the greatness of this giant historical figure."--Paul Addison, University of Edinburgh. Winston Churchill, indispensable when liberty was in peril, died in 1965. Yet he is still accused of numerous sins, from alcoholism and racism to misogyny and warmongering. On the Internet, he simmers in a stew of imagined misdeeds--using poison gas, firebombing Dresden, causing the Bengal famine, and so on. Drawing on the author's fifty years of research and writing on Churchill, this book uncovers scores of myths surrounding him--the popular and the obscure--to reveal what he really said and did about many issues. Churchill had two personas--one that thought deeply about the nature of humanity, and one that helped to solve seemingly intractable problems. In his many decades in public life, he made mistakes, but his faults were eclipsed by his virtues.

Luftwaffe Maritime Operations In World War Ii Thought Organization And Technology

Author: Major Winston A. Gould
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1782897984
Size: 45.39 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The development of airpower can be traced to three key elements: thought, organization and technology. The Luftwaffe of World War II is no different. This paper will examine the Luftwaffe’s thought, organization and technology as it pertains to maritime operations, or as the modern United States Air Force (USAF) calls it, Countersea Operations. These maritime operations will include direct support of the Kriegsmarine and independent Luftwaffe operations against the Allies. Luftwaffe thought will show that doctrinally the Luftwaffe was not as prepared for the maritime role its leaders thrust upon it, but flexibility and the application of the tenets of airpower provided the basis for adaptation. Also included will be an examination of the fierce rivalry between the Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine senior leadership and how this interfered with the conduct of countersea operations. Luftwaffe organization during World War II provided a more than adequate basis for conducting the countersea campaign. The adaptability of the operational and support structure allowed the Luftwaffe to accomplish a variety of missions, even as their aircraft and weapons were proving deficient. Finally, the Luftwaffe was at the forefront of innovation in the field of aviation technology, including airframe and weapon development. Once again, interference by senior leadership and equipment teething problems combined with increasing Allied attacks cost the Luftwaffe precious time.

Operation Long Jump

Author: Bill Yenne
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1621574407
Size: 71.85 MB
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In the middle of World War II, Nazi military intelligence discovered a seemingly easy way to win the war for Adolf Hitler. The three heads of the Allied forces—Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin—were planning to meet in Tehran in October, 1943. Under Hitler's personal direction, the Nazis launched “Operation Long Jump,” an intricate plan to track the Allied leaders in Tehran and assassinate all three men at the same time. “I suppose it would make a pretty good haul if they could get all three of us,” Roosevelt later said. Historian Bill Yenne retells the incredible, globe-spanning story of the most ambitious assassination plot ever thwarted in Operation Long Jump.

Flights Of No Return

Author: Steven A. Ruffin
Publisher: Zenith Press
ISBN: 0760347921
Size: 42.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Discover the mysterious, controversial, and sometimes downright eerie history of flights that didn't end as planned. The history of aviation is full of accounts of history's most spectacular flights. But what about the ones from which someone failed to return? - A celebrated millionaire--who also happened to be the world's foremost aviator--lifted off in a small plane one clear morning in 2007 and disappeared. - The glamorous son of a beloved fallen president took off on a hazy summer night in 1999 and plunged himself and two others into the Atlantic Ocean. - A US Navy blimp landed one Sunday morning in 1942 in the middle of a city street in California with no one aboard. Some of these "non-returns" occurred because of errors in judgment; others were intentional, and some resulted from causes still unknown. Get the full, meticulous account of the fascinating people involved in these flights, the mistakes they made, and the ways in which their "flight of no return" affected the world. Pilot and aviation writer Steven A. Ruffin covers the entire 230-year span of manned flight in all types of aircraft through war and peace. Balloons, blimps, biplanes, jets, and spaceships have all suffered mishaps over the years. Don't miss the mystery, adventure, intrigue, and a sprinkling of the supernatural and extraterrestrial in Flights of No Return.

Ardenas 1944

Author: Antony Beevor
Publisher: Grupo Planeta Spain
ISBN: 8498928516
Size: 54.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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El sábado 16 de diciembre de 1944 Hitler inició su “última jugada” en los bosques nevados de las Ardenas. Su intención era realizar un ataque por sorpresa que, avanzando hacia Amberes, dividiese los ejércitos aliados e hiciese posible infligirles una severa derrota: un nuevo Dunquerque que cambiase el curso de una guerra que había llegado a una situación angustiosa, con los ejércitos soviéticos avanzando en suelo alemán. El ataque, en el que intervendrían dos ejércitos blindados, se complementaba con la actuación en la retaguardia de un comando de soldados alemanes, con uniformes y vehículos norteamericanos. Como hiciera en Stalingrado, Beevor consigue aquí combinar una visión épica de la que fue la mayor batalla de la guerra en el frente occidental –una batalla librada en condiciones extremas, que llegó a implicar a un millón de hombres y en la que los dos bandos cometieron crímenes brutales- con una aproximación directa al heroísmo, el miedo y el sufrimiento de los seres humanos.

Coming To Terms With Security

Author: Steve Tulliu
Publisher: United Nations Publications UNIDIR
ISBN: 9789290451570
Size: 59.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This glossary provides clear and precise definitions of arms control terms and places them in a historical context. It introduces the reader to the primary themes and concepts in the field of arms control and explains relevant terminology. The publication looks at the major arms control and disarmament agreements related to conventional, biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. The information is presented in English and Spanish.