Mi Vida Con Los Santos

Author: James Martin
Publisher: Loyola Press
ISBN: 9780829432961
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Para el padre James Martin, SJ los Santos ¡son mucho más que estatuas de yeso, son amigos personales! En Mi vida con los Santos James Martin nos presenta una conmovedora experiencia respect a su relación con los Santos –desde María, la madre de Jesús, hasta San Francisco o la Madre Teresa− y la manera personal en la que ha side dirigido por los heroes de la Iglesia a lo largo de toda su vida. El padre James nos presenta vívidos y encantadores relatos de los Santos más populares, permitiéndonos ver no solo su santidad, sino su humanidad. A partir de esta experiencia descubrimos la llamada y posibilidad de vivir la santidad en nuestra propia humanidad. James Martin has led an entirely modern life: from a lukewarm Catholic childhood, to an education at the Wharton School of Business, to the executive fast track at General Electric, to ministry as a Jesuit priest, to a busy media career in Manhattan. But at every step he has been accompanied by some surprising friends—the saints of the Catholic Church. For many, these holy men and women remain just historical figures. For Martin, they are intimate companions. “They pray for me, offer me comfort, give me examples of discipleship, and help me along the way,” he writes. The author is both engaging and specific about the help and companionship he has received. When his pride proves trouble­some, he seeks help from Thomas Merton, the monk and writer who struggled with egotism. In sickness he turns to Thérèse of Lisieux, who knew about the boredom and self-pity that come with illness. Joan of Arc shores up his flagging courage. Aloysius Gonzaga deepens his compassion. Pope John XXIII helps him to laugh and not take life too seriously. Martin’s inspiring, witty, and always fascinating memoir encompasses saints from the whole of Christian history— from St. Peter to Dorothy Day. His saintly friends include Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola, Mother Teresa, and other beloved figures. They accompany the author on a lifelong pilgrimage that includes stops in a sunlit square of a French town, a quiet retreat house on a New England beach, the gritty housing projects of inner-city Chicago, the sprawling slums of Nairobi, and a gorgeous Baroque church in Rome. This rich, vibrant, stirring narrative shows how the saints can help all of us find our way in the world.


Author: Emma Cecilia García Krinsky
Publisher: UNAM
ISBN: 9789701874004
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Dios Dios D Nde Est S

Author: Apostol Delio Zuluaga M.
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1622301269
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El autor del libro narra con lujo de detalles el llamado de Dios desde su tierna edad cuando apenas ten a seis a os; su t o David quien se desempe a como Superior del convento, le cultiva este llamado de Dios llev ndolo al seminario al cumplir sus nueve a os, para prepararlo como misionero, porque discierne claramente que en este ni o, Delio, hay vocaci n religiosa, Delio hace y termina sus estudios de bachillerato en Medell n Colombia, y para hacer su teolog a, filosof a y letras lo env an a Europa; Francia (Saint Maurice L'Exille, Lion), y luego m s tarde a Italia (M naco) donde se recibe como misionero y es designado al continente Africano (Congo) para cumplir y desempe arse en su llamado de Misionero. Sin haber una causa seria que lo lleve a abortar su ordenaci n religiosa, en esa circunstancia y momento preciso cuando recibe sus h bitos y confirmaci n al servicio de Dios, se le manifiesta el dilema m s serio y cruel que lo llevar a un cambio radical de 180 grados; cuando Delio Recibe su ordenaci n y hace sus votos de pobreza, castidad y obediencia, y es revestido con las investiduras religiosas, es invadido de una soledad espiritual terrible, apoder ndose de l el p nico de la muerte. Cuando sus Superiores lo observan, se dieron cuenta de inmediato, el cambio radical y el cuadro Psicol gico manifestado en el rostro del Joven misionero... Qu te sucede hijo!...!Tu rostro est demudado!... Mira como votas chorros de sudor!...!Qu te est ocurriendo!.. Delio... Con sus ojos fijos en su Superior Alem n...Solo le hizo una pregunta como respuesta a la interrogaci n de su Superior...

The Battle For Spain

Author: Antony Beevor
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780224532
Size: 61.43 MB
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'Fascination lies in the human drama, superbly captured by Beevor ... A vivid chronicle of a dreadful time and place' Max Hastings, Sunday Times 'A moving masterpiece' TLS The civil war that tore Spain apart between 1936 and 1939 and attracted liberals and socialists from across the world to support the cause against Franco was one of the most hard-fought and bitterest conflicts of the 20th century: a war of atrocities and political genocide and a military testing ground before WWII for the Russians, Italians and Germans, whose Condor Legion so notoriously destroyed Guernica. Antony Beevor's account narrates the origins of the Civil War and its violent and dramatic course from the coup d'etat in July 1936 through the savage fighting of the next three years which ended in catastrophic defeat for the Republicans in 1939. And he succeeds especially well in unravelling the complex political and regional forces that played such an important part in the origins and history of the war.

The Work Of Recognition

Author: Jason McGraw
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469617870
Size: 78.24 MB
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This book tells the compelling story of postemancipation Colombia, from the liberation of the slaves in the 1850s through the country's first general labor strikes in the 1910s. As Jason McGraw demonstrates, ending slavery fostered a new sense of citizenship, one shaped both by a model of universal rights and by the particular freedom struggles of African-descended people. Colombia's Caribbean coast was at the center of these transformations, in which women and men of color, the region's majority population, increasingly asserted the freedom to control their working conditions, fight in civil wars, and express their religious beliefs. The history of Afro-Colombians as principal social actors after emancipation, McGraw argues, opens up a new view on the practice and meaning of citizenship. Crucial to this conception of citizenship was the right of recognition. Indeed, attempts to deny the role of people of color in the republic occurred at key turning points exactly because they demanded public recognition as citizens. In connecting Afro-Colombians to national development, The Work of Recognition also places the story within the broader contexts of Latin American popular politics, culture, and the African diaspora.

Revista De Historia De Am Rica

Author: Silvio Arturo Zavala
Size: 60.77 MB
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Includes sections "Reseñas de libros," "Revistas" and "Bibliografía de historia de América."