Criminal Law And Its Processes

Author: Sanford H. Kadish
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454886250
Size: 17.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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From a preeminent authorship team, Criminal Law and its Processes: Cases and Materials, Tenth Edition, continues in the tradition of its best-selling predecessors by providing students not only with a cohesive policy framework through which they can understand and examine the use of criminal laws as a means for social control but also analytic tools to understand and apply important criminal law doctrines. Instead of presenting the elements of various crimes in a disjointed fashion, Criminal Law and its Processes: Cases and Materials focuses on having students develop a nuanced understanding of the underlying principles, rules, and policy rationales that inform all criminal laws. A cases-and-notes pedagogy along with scholarly excerpts, questions, and notes, provides students with a rich foundation for not only the academic examination of criminal laws but also the application of the law to real-world scenarios. Features: Retains prior edition’s principal cases and Notes and Questions approach to explain and probe fundamental concepts. Notes updated to incorporate contemporary cases and recent news touching on criminal law. Inclusion of additional preeminent cases in the field of criminal law, including: Yates v. United States, 135 S. Ct. 1074, (Supreme Court application of common statutory interpretation techniques and the rule of lenity) Rosamond v. United States, 134 S. Ct. 1240, (Supreme Court examination of accomplice liability) Perry v. Florida (examination of the agreement requirement for conspiracy through the lens of a Florida sexual battery offense). Theft (chapter 9) substantially revised to include new principal case dealing with trespassers takers in the credit card context. Expanded discussion of: mass incarceration and prosecutorial/law enforcement discretion; and, the intersections between race and criminal la

Criminal Law

Author: John Kaplan
Publisher: Aspen Law & Business
ISBN: 9780735540361
Size: 72.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When you choose materials for your next criminal law course, consider the book that offers analysis of both the Model Penal Code and common law doctrine, enriched by vivid excerpts that evoke the social, political and criminological context of the law, Crimial Law: Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition. What makes this book so effective? Exceptionally strong authorship -- the late John Kaplan was a truly legendary teacher and scholar, and Robert Weisberg and Guyora Binder uphold his standard of excellence. An interdisciplinary approach that fuels class discussion and enriches study. Clear instruction on skills of statutory construction and element analysis. Well-edited cases, interesting materials, and clear explanations and exercises to capture and hold student attention. Logical organizations into categories dealing with the purposes and limits of punishment, offense elements, specific offenses, defenses, and rules of attribution. Cutting-edge coverage of important legal and social questions, such as, who we punish and why. Especially strong treatment of the controversial topics of death penalty and rape. This extremely thorough revision presents: New Material on state sentencing guidelines to supplement coverage of federal guidelines and provide an analytic framework for true understanding of guideline sentencing, rather than just conveying information. A new section on possession offenses, with cases on the elements of possession and new scholarly criticisms of the increasing reliance on possession laws as substitutes for unconstitutional vagrancy and status offenses. Expanded treatment of robbery and burglary. New case law, including Apprendi v. New Jersey (sentencing guidelines), Atkins v. Virginia (the definition of cruel and unusual punishment), Ewing v. California (proportionality), Ring v. Arizona (jury sentencing in the death penalty phase), United States v. Zavala (constructive possession), Rogers v. Tennessee (retroactivity), Recio v. United States (conspiracy), and recent cases on impossible attempt and internet child pornography stings. Streamlined explanation of mistakes of law and the mental element of accomplice liability. A subject as important as criminal law deserves a casebook as good as John Kaplan, Robert Weisberg, and Guyora Binder's Fifth Edition. An author website to support classroom instruction using this title is available at

Criminal Law

Author: Jonathan Herring
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198811810
Size: 14.28 MB
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Jonathan Herring's unique and bestselling approach of separating out the doctrinal and theoretical aspects of the law, alongside expertly selected extracts, makes this book enduringly popular with students and teachers.

Complete Criminal Law

Author: Janet Loveless
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198753292
Size: 61.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Complete Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers a student-centered approach to the criminal law syllabus. A clear and concise explanation of general legal principles is combined with fully integrated extracts from the leading cases and a wide range of academic materials. The extractshave been carefully selected to ensure that they are detailed enough to illustrate the point of law under consideration, but succinct enough not to disrupt the flow of the text or to intimidate the student new to the study of criminal law. The book has been carefully structured with the needs of the student firmly in mind. Each chapter begins with basic principles, and gradually covers all the core topics a student needs to know. Unique to this textbook is the extent to which the law is placed firmly in its social context. This willreinforce understanding by relating essential aspects of the law to vital social and moral problems. Throughout the text a range of learning features are employed to consolidate understanding and encourage application: 'thinking points' containing reflective and short answer questions, definition boxes, summary points, diagrams, and problem/essay questions (with guidance on answering all questionson the accompanying Online Resource Centre). Chapter summaries and further reading recommendations provide the perfect springboard for further research. This innovative text aims to engage the reader in an active approach to learning and to stimulate reflection about the role of criminal law in society. Online Resource Centre:Student resources* Annual updates* Links to relevant websites* Answer guidance on problem questions and 'thinking points' from the text* Extra exam style questions with answers guidance Lecturer resources* Test bank of 200 multiple choice questions

Cases And Materials On Criminal Law

Author: Joshua Dressler
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781628102055
Size: 65.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This title is a part of our CasebookPlus(tm) offering as ISBN 9781634601658. Learn more at This popular casebook, through the selection of classic and modern cases, provides an excellent tool for teaching students the common law foundations of the criminal law and modern statutory reform, including the Model Penal Code. Along the way, the casebook considers modern controversies (e.g., "shaming" punishment, capital punishment, broadening sexual assault law, self-defense by battered women, euthanasia, the role of culture in determining culpability), and creatively uses literature (e.g., examining insanity through Edgar Allen Poe's The-Tell Tale Heart) and even "brain teasers" to confront (as the Preface states) "the Big Questions . . . that philosophers, theologians, scientists, and poets, as well as lawyers, have grappled with for centuries." The Seventh Edition, as in the past, includes new cases, as well as updates in the notes that bring current issues of criminal law to the fore. New Power Points have been added to the casebook companion website. For more information and additional teaching materials, visit the companion site.

Smith And Hogan S Text Cases And Materials On Criminal Law

Author: David Ormerod
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199694885
Size: 29.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Smith and Hogan Criminal Law: Text and Materials is an essential, accessible guide to the criminal law. The eminently clear text that is the hallmark of the Smith & Hogan approach is supplemented by extracts from all of the key criminal law cases, together with other essential materials from statutes, reports, and articles. Introductory notes, commentary, summaries, and questions help students to contextualize the materials and to apply the law confidently, gaining an in-depth insight into the problems that the law poses and faces. The contents of the eleventh edition have been substantially revised and restructured to present the materials in an order that closely matches the structure of contemporary courses on criminal law. The overall approach that the book takes has been adjusted to include significantly more explanatory text, thus ensuring that the book is suitable for use as a core textbook. The latest legislation and all of the recent cases that continue to shape the law are included, providing the law student with everything they need to develop a thorough understanding of the key cases and the legal principles that they illustrate.

Cases Materials On Criminal Law

Author: Mike Molan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134096216
Size: 53.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Cases and Materials on Criminal Law provides a comprehensive selection of key materials drawn from law reports, legislation, Law Commission consultation papers and reports, and Home Office publications. Clear and highly accessible, this volume is presented in a coherent structure and provides full coverage of the topics commonly found in the criminal law syllabus. The range of thoughtfully selected materials and authoritative commentary ensures that this book provides an essential collection of materials and analysis to stimulate the reader and assist in the study of this difficult and challenging area of law. New features include: revised text design with clear page layout, headings and boxed and shaded sections to aid navigation and readability chapter introductions to highlight the salient features under discussion short chapter table of contents to enable easier navigation "Comments and Questions" sections to encourage students to reflect on their reading expanded further reading to encourage students to engage further with the subject a Companion Website to provide regular updates to the book. Recent decisions of note that are extracted and analysed include R v Kennedy (manslaughter based on supply of heroin); Attorney General for Jersey v Holley (provocation); R v Mark and R v Willoughby (elements of killing by gross negligence); R v Barnes (consent as a defence to sporting injuries); Attorney General’s Reference (No 3 of 2004) (accessorial liability) and R v Hatton (intoxicated mistake in self defence cases). Consideration is also given to the likely changes to the law relating to corporate manslaughter, at the time of writing contained in the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill currently before Parliament. Two major law reform publications are extensively extracted and contextualised in this 4th edition - the Law Commission’s report on Murder, Manslaughter and Infanticide (Law Com No 304) and the Law Commission’s Report on Inchoate Liability for Assisting and Encouraging Crime (Law Com No 300). This book is an invaluable reference for students on undergraduate or CPE/PG Diploma in Law criminal law courses, particularly those studying independently or on distance learning programmes.

Smith Hogan And Ormerod S Text Cases And Materials On Criminal Law

Author: David Ormerod
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198788711
Size: 21.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Smith, Hogan, & Ormerod's Text, Cases, & Materials on Criminal Law is a thorough and accessible guide to criminal law, combining extracts from key cases and statutes, together with invaluable extracts from expert reports and articles. Ormerod and Laird expertly guide the reader through the various facets of the law while posing numerous questions for further investigation and reflection. The contents of the twelfth edition have been substantially revised and restructured to closely match the structure of contemporary courses. This new edition includes significantly more explanatory text and third-party critical commentary, ensuring that the book is suitable for use as a core textbook. This book provides the law student with everything they need to develop a thorough understanding of this fascinating subject. Online Resource Centre This book is accompanied by a selection of online resources, including detailed annual updates, useful web links, and outline answer guidance to selected in-text questions.

Text Cases And Materials On Criminal Law

Author: Stuart Keith Macdonald
ISBN: 9781292219929
Size: 49.41 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3538
Text, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law offers a thought-provoking, engaging and comprehensive account of criminal law and its underpinning principles and policies. It includes a range of carefully selected extracts to help you get used to reading court judgments, legislation, official reports and academic writings. Dedicated questions also help you to analyse each extract and develop your critical thinking skills. A range of features, specifically designed to help make your reading as interesting and active as possible, are also available within each chapter including: � Chapter objectives at the start of each chapter, and checklists at the end, so that you know exactly what you need to achieve and are able to assess your progress; � Practical activities, so you can develop your legal skills by practising applying what you have learnt to scenario-based problems; � Self-test questions, which consolidate your understanding by providing an opportunity to apply the material you have studied; � Further reading lists, to enable you to explore key issues in greater depth. This new edition has been fully updated with all major legal developments in the area, including R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8 and R v Johnson [2016] EWCA Crim 1613 on joint enterprise and the Law Commission's scoping report on non-fatal offences against the person. Stuart Macdonald is Professor of Law at Swansea University. He has taught criminal law for over 15 years and has published widely on criminal justice issues, particularly the regulation of anti-social behaviour and counterterrorism legislation and policy.