Catch Me If You Can

Author: Frank W. Abagnale
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0767915607
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The uproarious, bestselling true story of the world's most sought-after con man, immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in DreamWorks' feature film of the same name. Frank W. Abagnale, alias Frank Williams, Robert Conrad, Frank Adams, and Robert Monjo, was one of the most daring con men, forgers, imposters, and escape artists in history. In his brief but notorious criminal career, Abagnale donned a pilot's uniform and copiloted a Pan Am jet, masqueraded as the supervising resident of a hospital, practiced law without a license, passed himself off as a college sociology professor, and cashed over $2.5 million in forged checks, all before he was twenty-one. Known by the police of twenty-six foreign countries and all fifty states as "The Skywayman," Abagnale lived a sumptuous life on the lam--until the law caught up with him. Now recognized as the nation's leading authority on financial foul play, Abagnale is a charming rogue whose hilarious, stranger-than-fiction international escapades, and ingenious escapes-including one from an airplane-make Catch Me If You Can an irresistible tale of deceit.

Catch Me If You Can

Author: Frank Abagnale
Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN: 174274723X
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The amazing true story of the most extraordinary liar in the history of fun and profit! 'Irresistible! ... touches that current of larceny that lies within all of us.' (Houston Chronicle) Frank Abagnale wrote US$2.5 million in bad cheques, practised law without a licence, practised medicine with no medical training, co-piloted a Pan-Am jet with a fake licence, taught at a college though he was actually a high school drop-out, and managed to outwit and outrage the police of 26 foreign countries and every US state, before he turned 21. Catch Me If You Can is the hilarious, now-classic story of Abagnale's stranger-than-fiction international escapades, and his ingenious escapes - including one from an airplane. This amazing true story of how one man fooled multi-national corporations, banks, universities, hospitals, and law enforcement organisations around the world is utterly riveting, and astounding even today, and contains all the ingredients of the most wildly imaginative fiction (except that all of Abagnale's exploits actually happened). Stylish, charming and not one to skimp on luxury, Abagnale lived a luxurious life on the lam until his 'retirement' at 21. After conning his way around the world, Frank was jailed and released five years later, only after he agreed to work, unpaid, for the US government sharing his knowledge of fraud with them in order to help them prevent it. He is now one of the world's foremost experts in secure documents and fraud prevention and travels to Australia regularly in his role as consultant for Leigh-Mardon Australia, the company responsible for design and production of all Australia's secure documents including passports, banknotes, bank cheques, personal cheques, credit cards, drivers licences etc. His bestselling memoir, Catch Me If You Can, was made into a major film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

The Art Of The Steal

Author: Frank W. Abagnale
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 0767910915
Size: 47.58 MB
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The world--famous former con artist and bestselling author of Catch Me if You Can now reveals the mind--boggling tricks of the scam trade--with advice that has made him one of America's most sought--after fraud--prevention experts. "I had as much knowledge as any man alive concerning the mechanics of forgery, check swindling, counterfeiting, and other similar crimes. Ever since I'd been released from prison, I'd often felt that if I directed this knowledge into the right channels, I could help people a great deal. Every time I went to the store and wrote a check, I would see two or three mistakes made on the part of the clerk or cashier, mistakes that a flimflam artist would take advantage of. . . . In a certain sense, I'm still a con artist. I'm just putting down a positive con these days, as opposed to the negative con I used in the past. I've merely redirected the talents I've always possessed. I've applied the same relentless attention to working on stopping fraud that I once applied to perpetuating fraud." In Catch Me if You Can, Frank W. Abagnale recounted his youthful career as a master imposter and forger. In The Art of the Steal, Abagnale tells the remarkable story of how he parlayed his knowledge of cons and scams into a successful career as a consultant on preventing financial foul play--while showing you how to identify and outsmart perpetrators of fraud. Technology may have made it easier to track down criminals, but cyberspace has spawned a skyrocketing number of ways to commit crime--much of it untraceable. Businesses are estimated to lose an unprecedented $400 billion a year from fraud of one sort or another. If we were able to do away with fraud for just two years, we'd erase the national debt and pay Social Security for the next one hundred years. However, Abagnale has discovered that punishment for committing fraud, much less recovery of stolen funds, seldom happens: Once you're a victim, you won't get your money back. Prevention is the best form of protection. Drawn from his twenty-five years of experience as an ingenious con artist (whose check scams alone mounted to more than $2 million in stolen funds), Abagnale's The Art of the Steal provides eye-opening stories of true scams, with tips on how they can be prevented. Abagnale takes you deep inside the world and mind of the con artist, showing you just how he pulled off his scams and what you can do to avoid becoming the next victim. You'll hear the stories of notorious swindles, like the mustard squirter trick and the "rock in the box" ploy, and meet the criminals like the famous Vickers Gang who perpetrated them. You'll find out why crooks wash checks and iron credit cards and why a thief brings glue with him to the ATM. And finally, you'll learn how to recognize a bogus check or a counterfeit bill, and why you shouldn't write your grocery list on a deposit slip. A revealing look inside the predatory criminal mind from a former master of the con, The Art of the Steal is the ultimate defense against even the craftiest crook.

American Cinema Of The 2000s

Author: Timothy Corrigan
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813553237
Size: 62.78 MB
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The decade from 2000 to 2009 is framed, at one end, by the traumatic catastrophe of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and, at the other, by the election of the first African American president of the United States. In between, the United States and the world witnessed the rapid expansion of new media and the Internet, such natural disasters as Hurricane Katrina, political uprisings around the world, and a massive meltdown of world economies. Amid these crises and revolutions, American films responded in multiple ways, sometimes directly reflecting these turbulent times, and sometimes indirectly couching history in traditional genres and stories. In American Cinema of the 2000s, essays from ten top film scholars examine such popular series as the groundbreaking Matrix films and the gripping adventures of former CIA covert operative Jason Bourne; new, offbeat films like Juno; and the resurgence of documentaries like Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. Each essay demonstrates the complex ways in which American culture and American cinema are bound together in subtle and challenging ways.

Fake Identity

Author: Caroline Rosenthal
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593501015
Size: 48.53 MB
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In North America, imposture narratives of all kinds from ethnic impersonation to confidence games abound because the socio-cultural history and national mythologies of the US and Canada are an especially fertile ground for the invention of identities, whether fake or "real." When discovered, imposture incites fascination and scandal--yet it also showcases how identities are made. Fake identities thus are a negative lens through which the performance of selves become obvious. The essays in this book examine both real and fictional imposture with a special interest in identity performance and in the cultural value attributed to authenticity in Western culture. The North American impostor narrative helps contextualise and historicize how selves are made, from the narrator of colonial travelogues to postmodernist author/narrator voices, from the urban con game to trickster shamanism."

Profiling The Fraudster

Author: Simon Padgett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118871049
Size: 41.52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Detect and combat corporate fraud with new profiling techniques Profiling the Fraudster: Removing the Mask to Prevent and Detect Fraud takes a step-by-step approach beyond the Fraud Triangle to identify characteristics in potential fraudsters, employees and new hires that will sound alarm bells before they get their hands on your organization's assets. The typical organization loses a staggering 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. Traditional fraud investigations focus on the breakdown of internal controls but what happens when the human beings forming a key component of that chain of control are inherently dishonest? This book shows you how to recognize the characteristics and behavioral patterns of potential fraudsters who are entrusted with safeguarding corporate assets. The book includes: An in-depth look at fraud investigation techniques and how these can be enhanced by using the characteristics of fraudulent behavior, A detailed look at profiling potential perpetrators of fraud, A detailed breakdown of how to compile a fraud profile, A discussion of a wide range of organizational fraud, including abuse of power, embezzlement, computer fraud, expense abuse, and more, Tables, illustrations, and diagrams to enhance the narrative If you're a corporate fraud investigator, auditor, forensic accountant, law enforcement professional, or anyone challenged with safeguarding your organizations assets—Profiling the Fraudster shows you how to remove the mask and prevent and detect fraud.

The Cinema Of Steven Spielberg

Author: Nigel Morris
Publisher: Wallflower Press
ISBN: 9781904764885
Size: 45.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Detailed textual analysis of films from Spielberg's entire career reveal that alongside conventional commercial appeal, his movies function as a self-reflexive, they invite divergent readings and self-conscious spectatorship which contradict assumptions about their ideological tendencies.

New York

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Workplace Privacy

Author: Jonathan Remy Nash
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9789041131638
Size: 36.81 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Employers everywhere today must delicately balance the need to maintain a safe and proper workplace with employees rights and the risk of liability. The fact that new technologies make it easier for employers to monitor their employees whereabouts, communications, and activities only serves to make the issue more acute. Now, in this collection of essays by outstanding scholars and practitioners in U.S. labour law and practice, employers and their legal counsel will find a broad array of important contributions to the law and study of workplace privacy. Based on papers delivered at the 58th annual labour conference of the New York University Center on Labor and Employment Law, this book reflects and analyzes recent developments, providing the best comprehensive work on U.S. workplace privacy. How far should employers be allowed to go in monitoring employers? Where do employers rights to run their businesses end and employees privacy rights begin? Is the existing law sufficient to resolve recurring conflicts? These are among the big questions tackled in these articles. Among the many specific issues covered are the following: use of global positioning systems (GPS) in tracking employees; background checking for job applicants; email monitoring; physical monitoring of employees; scope and lawfulness of so-called lawful activity laws; employer involvement in employees nonworkplace behaviour (e.g., drug testing); employees rights of association; regulation of fraternizing and dating among employees; employee privacy issues in employer-union bargaining; privacy issues in public sector employment; privacy issues and threats of terrorism; and efforts by employers to verify employees nationality and immigration status. Authors pay special attention to fast-break developments such as in the extraterritorial reach of the European Union s data protection directive and the current status of the U.S. National Labor Relations Board s Register-Guard decision. A special feature is a very early draft of a chapter of the forthcoming Restatement (Third) of Labor and Employment Law made available through the graces of the American Law Institute on the U.S. common law of employee privacy rights. As always, this important annual publication offers definitive current scholarship in its theme area of labour and employment law. As such, it will be of inestimable value to practitioners, government officials, academics, and others interested in developments in employment and labour relations law and practice.