Changing The Score

Author: Hilary Poriss
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190452684
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This study seeks to explore the role and significance of aria insertion, the practice that allowed singers to introduce music of their own choice into productions of Italian operas. Each chapter investigates the art of aria insertion during the nineteenth century from varying perspectives, beginning with an overview of the changing fortunes of the practice, followed by explorations of individual prima donnas and their relationship with particular insertion arias: Carolina Ungher's difficulties in finding a "perfect" aria to introduce into Donizetti's Marino Faliero; Guiditta Pasta's performance of an aria from Pacini's Niobe in a variety of operas, and the subsequent fortunes of that particular aria; Maria Malibran's interpolation of Vaccai's final scene from Giulietta e Romeo in place of Bellini's original setting in his I Capuleti e i Montecchi; and Adelina Patti's "mini-concerts" in the lesson scene of Il barbiere di Siviglia. The final chapter provides a treatment of a short story, "Memoir of a Song," narrated by none other than an insertion aria itself, and the volume concludes with an appendix containing the first modern edition of this short story, a narrative that has lain utterly forgotten since its publication in 1849. This book covers a wide variety of material that will be of interest to opera scholars and opera lovers alike, touching on the fluidity of the operatic work, on the reception of the singers, and on the shifting and hardening aesthetics of music criticism through the period.

Cinderella Cenerentola

Author: Charles Perrault
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781724476197
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*** Italiano (for English scroll down) *** Edizione Integrale Bilingue (con testo inglese a fronte) specifica per kindle e quindi con testo a fronte reale, illustrazioni e indice navigabile. Se sei interessato ad imparare o migliorare il tuo inglese o il tuo italiano, questa edizione contiene una delle più fedeli traduzioni di questo capolavoro. Una versione Inglese-Italiano con paragrafo a fronte facile da leggere. * Su Kindle Paperwhite e Kindle Fire o dispositivi più recenti e su tablet e smartphone Android, il testo verrà visualizzato a due colonne affiancate, una per lingua. Sui dispositivi più vecchi, iPad/iPhone e sull'anteprima del sito "look inside", il testo verrà visualizzato a paragrafi alternati fra le due lingue. ** Per una migliore visualizzazione potrebbe essere utile ridurre la dimensione dei caratteri e/o ruotare il kindle. § Questo ebook è basato sull'opera di Charles Perrault "Cenerentola" scritta nel 1697. La traduzione inglese si basa sull'edizione del 1901 curata da Charles Welsh, aggiornata all'inglese corrente dalla redazione. La traduzione italiana si basa sull'edizione del 1875 curata da Carlo Collodi, aggiornata all'italiano corrente dal redattore. Il testo della fiaba è completo ed è arricchito da 18 disegni d'epoca. Altri ebook bilingue con testo a fronte dello stesso redattore: Nuova edizione rivista e corretta: 2 marzo 2016 Nota: Se hai acquistato questo ebook prima del 2 marzo 2016 e vuoi ricevere gratuitamente la nuova edizione, rivista e corretta, invia un'email alla redazione di Kentauron, all'indirizzo che trovi all'interno dell'ebook. *** English *** Kindle bilingual edition (English - Italian parallel texts) Italian easy readers: If you are learning or improving your Italian or English as second language, grab this bilingual edition containing a bilingual edition of this masterpiece. An easy to read paragraph by paragraph English-Italian parallel text version. * On Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire or on newer devices and on Android tablet and smartphone, text is displayed in two columns, one for each language. On older devices, iPad/iPhone and on the "look inside" site preview, the text will be displayed by alternate paragraphs between the two languages. ** Rotate your device in landscape mode could enhance the visualization of some paragraphs. § This ebook is based on the work of Charles Perrault "Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper". Illustrations by Ch. Pellerin à Épinal English translation has been made in 1901 by Charles Welsh, updated to current English by the editor. Italian translation is based on 1875 edition by Carlo Collodi, updated to current Italian by the editor. Grab the free preview ("send sample" button) and give it a try Other bilingual parallel text ebooks by the same editor Revised edition: March 2, 2016 Note: If you purchased this eBook before March 2, 2016 and you would like to receive the new revised edition for free, just send an email to Kentauron Publisher directly, using the email address you can find in the eBook.

Writing And Translating For Children

Author: Elena Di Giovanni
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9789052016603
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De l'etude de quelques auteurs classiques a l'analyse du role des illustrations, en passant par la bande dessinee et le theatre pour les enfants, ce volume analyse le vaste champ de l'ecriture pour la jeunesse. Differentes contributions se penchent sur la traduction de la litterature de jeunesse, et plus particulierement sur sa nature intersemiotique. Elles abordent de la sorte la problematique de la voix du traducteur et les principes theoriques guidant ce-dernier, ou se concentrent specifiquement sur diverses litteratures nationales. Un dernier axe de reflexion, enfin, offre un apercu sur la traduction audiovisuelle, ses principes theoriques, ses realisations concretes et ses effets du point de vue de la reception. Les contributions reunies dans ce volume sont en francais, anglais et italien. The first section of this volume features a variety of essays on writing for children, ranging from studies of classic authors to an analysis of the role of pictures in children's books, to an examination of comics and theatre for the young. Subjects addressed in the second section include the intersemiotic nature of translating for children, the question of the translator's voice, the theoretical principles that best aid translators in the field of children's literature, as well as chapters exploring the idea of national literatures for the young. The third and final section offers insights into audiovisual translation for children. These contributions focus on theories and models for this kind of translational activity, as well as addressing a number of real-life cases and their reception. The volume features contributions in three languages: French, English and Italian."

Italia Civilta E Cultura

Author: Paola Lorenzi
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761843467
Size: 56.47 MB
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Italia: Civilta e Cultura offers a comprehensive description of historical and cultural development on the Italian peninsula. This project was developed to provide students and professors with a flexible and easy-to-read reference book about Italian civilization and cultural studies, also appropriate for cinema and Italian literature classes. This text is intended for students pursuing a minor or a major in Italian studies and serves as an important learning tool with its all-inclusive vision of Italy. Each chapter includes thematic itineraries to promote active class discussion and textual comprehension check-questions to guide students through the reading and understanding of the subject matter.


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Author: Florence (Italy). Consiglio communale
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Journal of film history.