Author: John Layman
ISBN: 9781534300316
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Collects Chew #56-60 & Demon Chicken Poyo.

Naval Documents Of The American Revolution Volume 12 American Theater April 1 1778 May 31 1778 European Theater April 1 1778 May 31 1778

Author: Naval History & Heritage Command (U.S.)
Publisher: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 9780945274728
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With a foreword by President Barack Obama, the twelfth volume in the Naval History and Heritage Command’s Naval Documents of the American Revolution series tells the story of the Revolutionary War on the water during the period of April to June 1778. In the tradition of the preceding volumes—the first of which was published in 1964—this work synthesizes edited documents, including correspondence, ship logs, muster rolls, orders, and newspaper accounts, that provide a comprehensive understanding of the war at sea in the spring of 1778. The editors organize this wide array of texts chronologically by theater and incorporate French, Italian, and Spanish transcriptions with English translations throughout. Volume 12 presents the essential primary sources on a crucial time in the young republic’s naval history—as the British consolidate their strength in the Mid-Atlantic, and the Americans threaten British shipping in European waters and gain a powerful ally as France prepares to enter the war.

Advances In Geosciences

Author: Wing-Huen Ip
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814469491
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Advances in Geosciences is the result of a concerted effort to bring together the latest results and planning activities related to earth and space science in Asia and the international arena. The volume editors are all leading scientists in their research fields covering six sections: Atmospheric Science (AS), Hydrological Science (HS), Ocean Science (OS), Solid Earth (SE), Solar Terrestrial (ST) and Planetary Science (PS). The main purpose is to highlight the scientific issues essential to the study of earthquakes, tsunamis, atmospheric dust storms, climate change, drought, flood, typhoons, monsoons, space weather, and planetary exploration. This volume is abstracted in NASA's Astrophysics Data System: Contents:Volume 10: Atmospheric Science (AS) Rainfall over Thailand during ENSO (1997–2000) (Wonlee & Prungchan)Formation of Tropical Cyclone Concentric Eye Walls by Wave–Mean Flow Interactions (J-Y Peng et al.)Anthropogenic Aerosol Radiative Forcing in the INDO-Gangetic Basi (S Dey & S N Tripathi)and other papersVolume 11: Hydrological Science (HS)Study for the Fresh Ground Water Resources, Neil, Island, India (V K Saxena)Emerging Concepts in Hydrology for Tropical Pacific Regimes (J Terry)Analysis of Monami Waves in Aquatic Vegetation (S Patil et al.)and other papersVolume 12: Ocean Science (OS)3D Current Characteristics Simulation with ANN (C Z Chew et al.)Classification of Ocean Waves from the Data Buoy Measurements (R Balaji et al.)Intercomparison of Various Latent Heat Flux Products in the South China Sea (Zhen et al.)and other papersVolume 13: Solid Earth (SE)The International Laser Ranging Service (M Pearlman et al.)Numerical Modeling of the 2006 Java Tsunami Earthquake (N R Hanifa et al.)Statistical Properties and Time Trend in the Number of Holocene Volcanic Eruptions. (A N Zemtsov & A A Tron)and other papersVolume 14: Solar Terrestrial (ST)ULF Waves: Exploring the Earth's Magnetosphere (B J Fraser)Spectrum of Density Fluctuations in the Solar Wind (V Krishnan)Polarization Properties of the Ultra-Low Frequency Waves in Non-Axisymmetric Background Magnetic Fields (K Kabin et al.)and other papersVolume 15: Planetary Science (PS)X-Rays from Nonmagnetic Planets (K Dennerl)Clouds, Clumps, Cores, and Comets — A Cosmic Chemical Connection? (S B Charnley & S D Rodgers)Comparative X-Ray Studies of Planetary Aurorae (G Branduardi-Raymont)and other papers Readership: Academics, researchers and postgraduate students in geosciences. Key Features: Provides an important source of new and not-yet-published results from the growing Asian and international geoscience community Presents a unique view of the rapid scientific progress made by Asian researchers in topics crucial to the future of the global environment Highlights a first-hand description of how the largest scientific population in the world is working together to manage the environmental problems which will determine the economic and social growth of the world itselfKeywords:Planetary Science;Atmosphere;Ionosphere;Magnetosphere “This set is the result of an effort to bring together the latest results and planning activities related to earth and space science in Asia and the international arena. The main purpose of this set is to highlight the scientific issues essential to the study of earthquakes, tsunami, atmospheric dust storms, climate change, drought, floods, typhoons, monsoons, space weather, and planetary exploration.” Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Blood Of Kings Harbinger Of Doom Volume 12

Author: Glenn G. Thater
Publisher: Glenn G. Thater
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Glenn G. Thater’s epic Harbinger of Doom saga continues in this twelfth volume, entitled Blood of Kings. In the Age of Myth and Legend, Thetan’s Fallen Arkons raged against their god across the endless Fimbulwinter, until the Sphere of the Heavens awoke, ripped open the boundary betwixt Midgaard and the Nether Realms, and ushered in a new age of horror where even gods could die. When Lord Angle Theta and Gallis Korrgonn crossed swords in Anglotor Tower, good battled evil, villain fought virtue, man met monster, and only one survived. But which one is the hero, and which the devil? Or are they one and the same?

Integral Equation Methods For Electromagnetic And Elastic Waves

Author: Weng Cho Chew
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers
ISBN: 1598291483
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Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetic and Elastic Waves is an outgrowth of several years of work. There have been no recent books on integral equation methods. There are books written on integral equations, but either they have been around for a while, or they were written by mathematicians. Much of the knowledge in integral equation methods still resides in journal papers. With this book, important relevant knowledge for integral equations are consolidated in one place and researchers need only read the pertinent chapters in this book to gain important knowledge needed for integral equation research. Also, learning the fundamentals of linear elastic wave theory does not require a quantum leap for electromagnetic practitioners.