California Civil Procedure In A Nutshell

Author: William R. Slomanson
Publisher: West Group
Size: 54.25 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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California Court System; State/Federal Relationship; Sources of Procedural Law; Selecting the Proper Court: Subject Matter Jurisdiction; Transfer; Aggregation of Claims; Personal Jurisdiction; Venue; Forum Non Conveniens; Conflicts; Pleading: Nomenclature; Demurrers; Amendments; Indemnity; SOL; Diligent Prosecution: Discovery: Scope; Relevance; Admissibility; Methods; Experts; Sanctions; Punitive Damages; Disposition Without Trial: Summary Judgment; Default; Offer of Judgment; Contribution; Arbitration; Preemption; Fast Track; Trial; Jury; Waiver; Size; Voir Dire; Motions: Instructions; Verdicts; Remedies: Claim & Delivery; Attachment; Injunctions; Supplementary Proceedings; Contempt; Costs; Attorney's Fees; Appeals: Pre-Judgment Review; Sanctions; Timeliness; Substantial Evidence; Harmless Error; Prior Suit: Stare Decisis; Res Judicata; Collateral Estoppel; Parties; Intersystem Preclusion.

Civil Procedure In A Nutshell

Author: Mary Kay Kane
ISBN: 9780314093981
Size: 30.80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Current Structure of Court Systems; Subject-Matter Jurisdiction; Venue; Personal Jurisdiction; Service of Process; Challenges to Plaintiff's Court Selection; Pleading; Party and Claim Joinder; Discovery; Pretrial Conferences; Summary Judgment; Default Judgment; Voluntary and Involuntary Dismissal; The Trial Process; Jury Trial; Directed Verdicts; Judgments Notwithstanding the Verdict; New Trial Motions; Partial and Conditional New Trials; Relief from Judgments; Securing and Enforcing Judgments; Binding Effect of Judgments; Time for Bringing an Appeal; Mechanics of Appeal; Class Actions; Interpleader; Multidistrict Litigation; Standing, Mootness, and Justiciability; Determining the Governing, Law in Federal Courts; Federal Law in State Courts.

Pretrial Litigation In A Nutshell

Author: R. Lawrence Dessem
Publisher: West Academic
Size: 62.25 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This Nutshell focuses on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, covering changes that resulted from major amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence that became effective on December 1, 2000. Since state counterparts to these federal rules have been adopted in a majority of jurisdictions, the pretrial skills considered in this text are essential in both state and federal practice. Coverage includes client interviewing, attorney-client relationship, pretrial planning and investigation, the complaint, responses, discovery, interrogatories, depositions, production requests, examination, and admissions. Also explores judicial intervention into the discovery process, pretrial motion practice, and judgments.

Civil Procedure In Sweden

Author: R.B. Ginsburgs
Publisher: Brill Archive
Size: 13.33 MB
Format: PDF
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First of a series to be prepared by the Project on International Procedure of the Columbia University School of Law.

American Civil Procedure

Author: John Bilyeu Oakley
Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.
ISBN: 9041128727
Size: 47.63 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This convenient description of civil procedure in the federal and state courts of the United States will be greatly welcomed by lawyers and legal scholars everywhere. Without going into deep analysis, the book covers every important feature of these legal systems, drawing on the expertise and experience of two well-versed practitioners. As well as the rules, policies, normative principles, and future trends, the authors cite recent cases affecting procedure. Areas covered include sources, judicial organization, exercise of the legal profession, jurisdiction, due process standards, rules of evidence, enforcement of judgements, arbitration, and much more.

Civil Procedure Of The Trial Court In Historical Perspective

Author: Robert Wyness Millar
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 1584774584
Size: 74.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Millar, Robert Wyness. Civil Procedure of the Trial Court in Historical Perspective. New York: Published by the Law Center of New York University for the National Conference of Judicial Councils, 1952. xvi, 534 pp. Reprint available November 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-458-4. Cloth. $95. * Reprint of a title from the Judicial Administration Series published by the National Conference of Judicial Councils. Millar [1876-1959], a professor at Northwestern University Law School, was a leading authority on civil procedure and its history. Written near the end of his career, the present study is a brilliant summary of his life's work. It discusses antecedents of the Anglo-American system, the evolution of procedure and American and English civil procedure in the nineteenth century. Other chapters discuss the development of specific areas, such as introduction of the cause, mode of trial and voluntary dismissal.

Civil Procedure In Greece

Author: Pelayia Yessiou-Faltsi
Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.
ISBN: 940350983X
Size: 24.29 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2005
Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this convenient volume provides comprehensive analysis of the legislation and rules that determine civil procedure and practice in Greece. Lawyers who handle transnational matters will appreciate the book’s clear explanation of distinct terminology and application of rules. The structure follows the classical chapters of a handbook on civil procedure: beginning with the judicial organization of the courts, jurisdiction issues, a discussion of the various actions and claims, and then moving to a review of the proceedings as such. These general chapters are followed by a discussion of the incidents during proceedings, the legal aid and legal costs, and the regulation of evidence. There are chapters on seizure for security and enforcement of judgments, and a final section on alternative dispute resolution. Facts are presented in such a way that readers who are unfamiliar with specific terms and concepts in varying contexts will fully grasp their meaning and significance. Succinct, scholarly, and practical, this book will prove a valuable time-saving tool for business and legal professionals alike. Lawyers representing parties with interests in Greece will welcome this very useful guide, and academics and researchers will appreciate its comparative value as a contribution to the study of civil procedure in the international context.