G D H Cole

Author: L. P. Carpenter
Publisher: CUP Archive
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A sensitive analysis of the thought and intellectual development of G. D. H. Cole (1889-1959) the distinguished Labour historian. Cole's career is traced from his earliest days in the Labour movement to his final years as Chichele Professor of Social and Political Thought at Oxford. Professor Carpenter examines Cole's role in the creation of Guild Socialism; his work in the early 1920s when after the decline of Guild Socialism, he turned towards the analysis of policies, research through the New Statesman and the New Fabian Research Bureau and teaching at Oxford; his attempts to provide a policy for the Left in the 1930s, the idea of economic planning and the Popular Front; his activities during the Second World War; and his place in the debates over the Labour movement's cause after the 1945 government. Finally Professor Carpenter discusses Cole's courageous recognition, towards the end of his life, that Socialism had not come and his attempts to start a new cycle of research in one of the first efforts to create a New Left.

Integrated Pest Management For Cole Crops And Lettuce

Author: University of California Integrated Pest Management Program
Publisher: UCANR Publications
ISBN: 9780931876707
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Growth requirements and development of cole crops and lettuce; Managing pests in cole crops and lettuce; Insects; Diseases; Abiotic disorders; Nematodes; Vertebrates; Weeds.

Cole Younger

Author: Homer Croy
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803264007
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Violence dictated the daily rhythms of Cole Younger?s life. During the Civil War he was selected to join Quantrill?s Raiders because he owned his own revolver. His participation in the brutal 1863 raid on Lawrence, Kansas, drove him and other guerrillas into hiding as Union troops sought to punish the perpetrators of atrocities including the murder of women and children. Younger met up with Jesse James in 1866. The James and Younger families cooperated in a series of bank and train robberies over the next decade that led to a feeling of invincibility. That feeling came to an end in Northfield, Minnesota, when local citizens killed two of the gang and wounded most of the others. Cole and his younger brothers were captured, tried, and sentenced to life in the Minnesota State Penitentiary. But even a life sentence could not keep Younger in prison. Despite a career that included thirty wounds, battles with Pinkerton detectives and Yankees, an affair with outlaw Belle Starr, and a near-fatal confrontation with Jesse James, Cole Younger survived to become a living legend in his home state of Missouri. He died peacefully, a free man.

The Attack On The Uss Cole In Yemen On October 12 2000

Author: Betty Burnett
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780823938605
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Describes the terrorist attack on the USS Cole, a destroyer whose UN mission was to patrol the northern Persian Gulf, as well as the aftermath, investigation, and context of the bombing.


Author: Christine Donovan
Publisher: Christine Donovan
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Cole Jackson spends fifteen years in prison for a murder he did not commit, the murder of his wife, Lindsey. His talent as a songwriter and an avid reader save him from the loneliness of the cold, dark and unforgiving prison walls. But as he joins the world of the free again, he struggles with his once again fame, because of his rock-n-roll band, of being a convicted killer and the fact that his self-esteem and self-respect were lost years ago. Prison will do that to you, not to mention drugs, alcohol and an unfaithful wife. He no longer has the drugs, the alcohol or the unfaithful wife. What he has is a tarnished reputation and the determination to find the true killer and restore his life. Shannon Gallagher's hard work as a writer has finally paid off. She believes her life is complete living in her dream home on the ocean until she meets Cole Jackson. She idolized him at sixteen, cried at twenty-one when he went to prison. Now at thirty-six she meets him and falls instantly in love. But as Cole gets closer to his wife's killer, he puts Shannon's life in danger. Can he expose the murderer and keep Shannon safe?

Cole I Love You To The Moon And Back

Author: Aaron Dean Ruotsala
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1607914441
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Like most parents, the thought of having to bury your child never crossed our minds, especially from a cancer we had never heard about. Before July 2008, I didn't know that a cancer like adrenocortical carcinoma even existed. To think that someone so innocent and who had so much life ahead of him could even get cancer was beyond our comprehension. The topic of "childhood cancer" was completely unknown to us. Now here I am writing the obituary for my son Cole. - Prologue.

Cole Porter

Author: William McBrien
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307791882
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In his life and in his music, Cole Porter was the top—the pinnacle of wit and sophistication. From the 1910s through the ‘50s, from Yale pep rallies through the Broadway triumphs of Anything Goes and Kiss Me, Kate, he delighted audiences with a glittering torrent of song: “I Get a Kick Out of You.” “Night and Day,” “Love for Sale,” and “Just One of Those Things.” The bright surface of these gems—their catchy melodies and ingenious lyrics—made them instant pop hits. Their more subtle qualities and their musical and emotional depth have made them lasting standards, among the greatest glories of the American songbook. In Cole Porter, William McBrien has thoroughly captured the creator of these songs, whose life was one not only of wealth and privilege but also of tragedy, secrecy, and courage. A prodigal young man, Porter found his aesthetic and emotional anchor in a long, loving, if sexless marriage, while continuing to maintain many discreet affairs with men. In 1937, at the height of his success, he suffered a near-fatal riding accident; his last eighteen years were marked by pain, drugs, and repeated operations on his legs, years of physical agony but unstinting artistic achievement. Here is the book that Porter’s fans have long hoped for—a life that informs the great music and lyrics though illuminating glimpses of the hidden, complicated, private man.

Cole A Hathaway House Heartwarming Romance

Author: Dale Mayer
Publisher: Valley Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 1773361562
Size: 76.83 MB
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Hathaway House: Cole (Book 3) Welcome to Hathaway House, a heartwarming military romance series from USA TODAY best-selling author Dale Mayer. Here you’ll meet a whole new group of friends, along with a few favorite characters from Heroes for Hire. Instead of action, you’ll find emotion. Instead of suspense, you’ll find healing. Instead of romance, … oh, wait. … There is romance—of course! Welcome to Hathaway House. Rehab Center. Safe Haven. Second chance at life and love. When Navy SEAL Cole Muster entered Hathaway House weeks ago, he was doing well. His meds were under control; his recovery was progressing at a safe rate, and he was getting better every day. But, left to his own devices, Cole pushed himself too hard and took himself off his medication—and ended up causing himself harm and earned himself time in a hospital. Now he’s returned, hoping that Hathaway House can get him back on track one more time. RN Sandra Denver feels responsible for what happened to Cole. She was his nurse and should have realized that he wasn’t ready to leave Hathaway House. His setback was her fault, or at least she could have prevented it, if she’d made sure he was taking those meds she gave him daily. Now that he’s back, she’s finding it hard to trust not just him but herself. And she understands, when Cole has a hard time trusting himself too, it won’t make his recovery any easier. For Cole’s sake, Sandra must help him overcome his stumbling blocks as well as her own. With any luck, they’ll find a second chance at recovery, for both of them, at Hathaway House.