College Admission

Author: Robin Mamlet
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)
ISBN: 0307590321
Size: 74.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A comprehensive guide for college-bound teens and their parents shares step-by-step coverage of today's competitive admissions processes based on expert advice by 50 admissions deans from ivy-league universities, in a reference that outlines recommendations for the sophomore, junior and senior grades of high school. Original.

From Applications To Acceptance The Step By Step College Admissions Guide The Only Book For High School Students Written By A High School Student

Author: Rebecca Goldstein
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1438922612
Size: 43.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book will help any High School Junior or Senior applying to colleges. It gives the student step-by-step instructions on how to research and choose schools, manage the activities on their resume, apply to college, and decide on the right school once they are accepted.

The Applica Phobia Of College Admissions

Author: P. J. Finer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469115905
Size: 14.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you are preparing to apply to colleges and universities in the United Statesyou need this book! College is one of the most expensive investment students will make. Therefore, helping students find the right college for them not only makes for happy students, but helps parents feel more confident about the result. College is not only a big decision that students have to make, but it is also the foundation of their future success. Students and parents are discovering that schools that a few years ago were considered second- and even third-tier schools have elevated their standards significantly. With substantially more students applying, and in some cases fewer spots available, for the select colleges across the country, schools are demanding higher grades and have higher test score criteria, which seemingly place college out of reach. The applicant pool changes annually, thus nothing is carved in stone as to which students are accepted and which are not. However, the best chance of getting in to the school of your choice is to display your passion as to where you are headed in life, starting in 9th grade. High school seniors and college transfer students know how difficult it is to get into the top-tier colleges today. Creating a persuasive, eye-catching application requires creativity, foresight, and a marketable presentation as to what you can offer that will attract schools. That is why the process has to start with a resume. The student applying to college today must show schools why they are different from every other student applying. If you showcase your abilities through the development of a talented resume and a strong essay, admissions committees will have no choice but to fall in love with you! Students must figure out how best to present themselves to admissions committees; difficulties arise when students begin feeling anxiety, their parents begin applying real or perceived pressure, and the student crumbles. The Applica-phobia of College Admissions: Why Getting in Starts With Your Resume is a how-to guide for students navigating the Applica-phobia of the application process. Oftentimes students dont know where to start, and the entire experience becomes overwhelming. This book offers a program that assists students by mapping out the plan that will best suit them. The book addresses how to explore your talents, skills, and aspirationsto create a picture of who you are; how to identify the schools that are right for you; how to determine which type of application to submit (early action vs. early decision, binding vs. non-binding); exercises to help determine what you can bring to a college or university that will create interest; ideas for essay topics, a step-by-step guide to writing a college application essay, and sample essays to get your creative juices flowing; techniques you can use in the interview to convince admissions committees you are the right candidate for their schools; how to put your summers and out-of-school time to beneficial use (with internships, jobs and/or community service); and more. Students who fall under The DREAM Act and Student Adjustment Act will have an opportunity to understand this favorable bi-partisan legislation and the benefits it offers them and their communities. This section also includes a listing of various grants, loans, and scholarships for which students can apply. Colleges and universities across America have one goal: to get the best students that fit within their ideals, thoughts, and personality. Your job is to figure out what those components are and how you fit inand this book will help you.

The Ultimate College Application Guide

Author: Judy Berg
ISBN: 9780996212205
Size: 57.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get an edge on the competitive world of college admissions with The Ultimate College Application Guide. Stay organized with 438 pages of useful tips, tricks, and checklists to complete your college applications from start to finish. Work smarter and read more acceptance letters. Attend to every detail with 32 checklists keeping everything in one place with this grab and go guide.Prepare for your standardized exams with a step-by-step study plan. Use 17 customizable priorities to develop your college application list. Get more from your college visits with a detailed agenda, packing tips, and follow-up emails. Track your application submissions with a 30-point checklist and follow detailed timelines for scholarship applications and financial aid documents. The Ultimate College Application Guide allows you to track requirements and deadlines with 37 ledgers and develop timelines with 11 calendars. Compare college acceptances with a detailed cost analysis and priority evaluation. Create a pre-college summer agenda including orientation, class schedule, and moving day. Purchase college supplies using a six-page list with over 150 useful items.From exams to moving day, this is the ultimate guide. For more information visit our website at

Accepted A Monthly Guide To College Applications And Admission To Any School

Author: Alpha Academia
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329509625
Size: 29.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Any high school student can get into their best fit school with a little planning and a little information. This book will give you both. The entire college application process and everything you could possibly want to know about building the best application possible is in this book. Each month of your high school career has been assigned a specific topic with a specific task to accomplish. By taking it one month at a time you will reduce your stress and increase the likelihood that you get accepted into your first choice school. Join Sarah Ballard of Alpha Academia on your journey to college. Sarah has never been rejected from a single school, including the Ivy League, graduate school, and law school. She is a Georgetown University and Law Center Alumna who won more than $150,000 in scholarships, did a major fellowship, and has helped select new undergrads and fellowship winners. Sarah knows what admissions officers are looking for, and she has been good at giving it to them.

Acing The College Application

Author: Michele Hernandez
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345462025
Size: 72.55 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3745
With so many qualified applicants, competition for college admissions is fiercer than ever. Now you can put yourself ahead of the pack by making your application flawless! When applying for college, good grades and high standardized test scores are not always enough to guarantee admission. What sets you apart, argues Michele Hernández, is the way you describe yourself in your application. But how do you present yourself with flair, and highlight all your talents, skills, and passions, in just a few pages? A former assistant director of admissions at Dartmouth College, Dr. Hernández takes you step-by-step through the entire application process, revealing the details that make or break an applicant. From the multitude of short and longer essays to the myriad of charts, lists, and personal data sections, she offers essential advice, useful anecdotes, and vivid examples. Included are: • A line-by-line look at the common application • The truth about the essays, with samples of those that made the grade • The best way to ask for teacher and guidance counselor recommendations • When to provide colleges with optional essays and peer evaluations • The ten common myths and misconceptions of the on-campus interview • The most meaningful academic subjects, work experience, and extracurricular activities to mention • Early action versus early decision—the trade offs With this helpful, savvy book, prospective college students—and their parents and counselors—can now vastly improve their chances of getting into the college of their choice. “Want to scale the Ivy wall? Michele Hernández gives you the tools to do it. This brisk, no-nonsense book is built on inside dope, and Hernández’s experience allows her to challenge conventional admissions thinking.” —HARRY BAULD Author of On Writing the College Application Essay

The Provost S Handbook

Author: James Martin
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421416271
Size: 42.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2549
As the chief academic officer, the provost plays the central role in the contemporary university or college. He or she leads the faculty and serves as their key representative to the administration while simultaneously acting as the administration’s spokesperson to the academic faculty. How has this essential leadership position evolved over the past few decades, and what are the best practices to adopt for succeeding in specific operational areas? In seventeen essays written by some of the most successful chief academic officers in the United States, The Provost’s Handbook outlines key topics related to the changing environment of higher education while explaining what constitutes effective leadership at the college and university level. How, for example, does the provost lead in a time of disruption and shifting needs? What skills should he or she nurture in new faculty? What role should data and institutional research play in decision making? How can a provost navigate the often stormy situations of shared governance? These questions—and many more challenges presented by this role—are addressed in this essential volume. Assembled by James Martin and James E. Samels, accomplished authors and scholars of leadership in higher education, The Provost’s Handbook is destined to become the go-to resource for deans, presidents, trustees, and chief academic officers everywhere.

8 Steps To Help Black Families Pay For College

Author: Thomas Alexis LaVeist
Publisher: The Princeton Review
ISBN: 9780375763069
Size: 70.28 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3151
A handbook for African-American students and their parents explores the costs of a college education, a variety of financial aid opportunities, and the application process for the different types of financial aid.

Rock Hard Apps

Author: Katherine Cohen
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 9780786868629
Size: 31.36 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5569
Demonstrates how to get into the college of one's choice, providing essential information on SATs, courses and grades, personal essays, and extracurricular activities while explaining how to write the perfect college application.