Albert Camus

Author: Ramin Jahanbegloo
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1000025667
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This book interprets the ideas, thoughts and concepts that characterize the writings and philosophy of Albert Camus for our contemporary times. It investigates Camus’ "revolted compassion" as an outsider and a philosopher-writer who in his own words believed in "creating dangerously". The author examines Camus’ interventions on political, philosophical and moral questions, such as Algerian independence, capital punishment, ideological violence, nihilism in the context of his ideals of the absurd and revolt, and justice and liberty. Further, it goes on to provide an exhaustive analysis of Camus’ critique of violence and his intellectual resistance to totalitarianism. Bringing together latest scholarship with an acute analysis of Albert Camus’ philosophy, this sourcebook throws a powerful light on the intellectual foundations of the twentieth century and its relevance for the twenty-first. The book will be of interest to scholars of literature, philosophy and African Studies.

France Since 1870

Author: Charles Sowerwine
ISBN: 1137406119
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Emergencies And Disorder In The European Empires After 1945

Author: Robert Holland
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0714645168
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Bringing together for the first time leading historians of European decolonization, this book is a landmark in the comparative analysis of the fall of the European empires, viewed both as a problematic of European policy-making and as a formative experience in the development of new states.

The 1899 Hague Peace Conference

Author: Arthur Eyffinger
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9041111921
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'The Dawn of a New Era', as some rejoiced, 'a printer's error in the history of mankind', as others loathed. From the day Czar Nicholas' Peace Rescript surprised a divided world, the First Hague Peace Conference has evoked irreconcilable responses. A predictable failure in the disarmament debate, a distinct leap ahead in curbing the Moloch of War, its lasting repute is linked to its brainchild, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the cradle of The Hague's present claim as self-imposed Juridical Capital of the World. By all accounts, this 'First Parliament of Man' opened the door to the International Era & man's ultimate dream, 'The Federation of the World'. The 1899 Hague Peace Conference pays tribute to this historical assembly. It deals comprehensively with the genesis, proceedings, & outcome of this first diplomatic encounter of its kind, in the political heart & royal residence of a small, yet ambitious nation. It details the substance matter of the Conference, to put a check on the armaments spiral, to restrain the evils & control the customs of war, & to provide for the peaceful settlement of disputes. Enlarging on the intense debate in committees large & small, the publication likewise echoes the splendour of the ceremonial sittings of the Plenary, that 'New Areopagus' gathered in the House in the Wood, itself the glorification of the Peace of Westphalia, its exotic drawing rooms & celebrated canvasses the pinnacle of arts & crafts of the Dutch Golden Age. On top of this, the work colourfully portrays to a man the full hundred delegates, politicians, diplomats, jurists, & military men, luminaries of the day most of them, & highlights some of their astounding addresses. It introduces the world of pacifists, led by Bloch, Stead, & Von Suttner, who gravitated in great numbers to the hotels of repute at the luxury seashore resort. In a wealth of anecdotes distilled from diaries, memoirs & magazines, this jubilee book pictures in gorgeous detail the splendid social entourage of royal receptions, public dinners & cultural excursions. Lavishly illustrated with scores of ravishing pictures it sketches The Hague of the Belle Epoque, the world of Mesdag & Couperus. Based on primary sources & in-depth research, this commemorative publication is an essentially multi-disciplined approach to a pivotal diplomatic venue, a sweeping legal debate, & a breath-taking social event. Arthur Eyffinger's book on the 1899 Hague Peace Conference was awarded the Certificate of Merit for High Technical Craftsmanship. The Committee stated: "The book was painstakingly researched & richly descriptive, reflecting archival research at its best. Eyffinger recreates the Hague Peace Conference for a contemporary audience, incorporating historical & political context & art, as well as the text of a wealth of original documents. Readers are genuinely transported back to another world, in a way that helps them better appreciate this one."

African History And Literatures

Author: Harvard University. Library
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This shelflist catalogue will be of greatest utility to those using the libraries at Harvard, but in spite of its limitations, it can serve as a general bibliography of the subject and is therefore being made available to other interested libraries and individuals. The computer-based shelflist files are being maintained on a continuing basis so that updated editions of volumes in the series can be published as the need arises.