Der Scharfsch Tze Von Stalingrad

Author: Wolfgang Wallenda
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 374480822X
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Stalingrad 1942 - der 19jährige Alfred Müller ist Angehöriger der 100. Jäger-Division und lernt bei den Kämpfen in der Stadt und um das Werk "Roter Oktober" die Schrecken des Krieges kennen und hassen. Aufgrund seiner Schießfertigkeit avanciert er zum Scharfschützen. Nach der Einkesselung der 6. Armee nimmt das Schicksal seinen Lauf. Der junge Österreicher zieht als Jäger und Gejagter durch die Ruinen der sterbenden Stadt an der Wolga. Seine ständigen Begleiter sind Hunger, Kälte, Elend, Tod und Angst. Der Krieg schlägt täglich hart und erbarmungslos zu. Die Landser verrohen - ihre Hoffnung auf Rettung stirbt. Es gibt letztendlich nur noch zwei Wege, einem leidvollen, düsteren Schicksal zu entrinnen. Entweder man ergattert einen Platz in einem der Flugzeuge aus dem Kessel oder man findet Erlösung durch den Tod. Allgemeine Informationen über das Scharfschützenwesen der Wehrmacht sowie sechs Original-Fotos aus Stalingrad runden diesen Roman ab.

Out Of Nowhere

Author: Martin Pegler
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1849088756
Size: 69.88 MB
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The sniper is probably the most feared specialist warrior and the most efficient killer on the battlefield. Endlessly patient and highly skilled, once he has you in his crosshairs, your chances of survival are slim. This revised edition of Out of Nowhere provides a comprehensive history of the sniper, giving insights into all aspects of his life; his training tactics, equipment and the psychology of sniping are examined in the context of the major wars of modern times – including the American Civil War, both world wars, the Vietnam War and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. First-hand accounts from veteran snipers demonstrate their skill and extraordinary courage and show why they are still such a vital part of any war.

Hitler S Armies

Author: Chris McNab
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1849088861
Size: 32.17 MB
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The definitive work on Hitler's war machine charting its evolution from the formidable force which won stunning victories during the Blitzkrieg in 1940, to the hard campaigns it fought in the deserts of North Africa and the frozen wastelands of the Soviet Union to the eventual retreat to the Fatherland itself. Drawing upon Osprey Publishing's unique archive, this volume expertly weaves together the story of the development and deployment of Hitler's armies displayed alongside a stunning collection of original artwork and photographs to show the kit and equipment of the various land forces.

The Children S War

Author: Peter Bodo Gawenda
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1612549020
Size: 20.96 MB
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“Always remember today’s date,” her grandmother said to Irma. “El diez de Mayo”—the tenth of May. After World War II, Peter, a handsome German pilot, met Irma, a beautiful Texan woman of Hispanic descent. It was love at first sight. Their meeting had been prophesized—for Irma by her grandmother and for Peter by a Gypsy—and together the couple would create an extraordinary life. Irma’s Story: American by Birth, Hispanic by Choice chronicles Irma’s life and the experiences of the “Texan Gawendas” during their tenure in the German military in Europe and the United States. Though Irma, accepted as an American while in Europe, faced discrimination in her home country and contended with the challenges of being a military wife, Peter’s love and companionship remained constant. In his second book, Peter B. Gawenda, author of The Children’s War, offers readers an insider’s view of the joys that the marriage of two people—from two completely different worlds—can bring. Presenting the dynamics of racial issues against the backdrop of military life, the captivating story of Irma Lozano de Gawenda depicts a fearless, fiercely loyal woman willing to do anything for her family. Written with a passion that has spanned five decades, Irma’s Story celebrates the strength of an once-in-a-lifetime love.

Elite Of The Third Reich

Author: Walther-Peer Fellgiebel
Publisher: Helion & Company Limited
ISBN: 9781874622468
Size: 64.65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Until now, this essential reference book has only been available in its hard-to-find German version - Helion are pleased to announce not only a complete translation of this important source.The text lists all known recipients (over 7,000 of them), giving name, rank, unit, and date of award for each. Recipients of the higher classes of this decoration, such as the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, are also included. Elite of the Third Reich is destined to become a standard reference work on the Second World War German Armed Forces - Army, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS. The publication of occasional updates is planned, containing corrections and amendments.


Author: Bärbel Dalichow
ISBN: 9783894875084
Size: 74.87 MB
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