Ready To Die

Author: Lisa Jackson
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 1420132040
Size: 61.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nothing His blood quickens as he stares at the photographs. Six faces, all guilty--and detectives Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez are at the top of his list. One by one, he'll stalk them, then he'll squeeze the trigger, savoring the way each lifeless body crumples to the reddening snow. One down already. And then there were five. . . Can Prepare You Sheriff Dan Grayson lies near death after a shooting, and the police department of Grizzly Falls, Montana, is in shock. Alvarez, torn between a new relationship and her loyalty to Grayson, works with Pescoli to whittle down the list of suspects. The deeper they go, the more personal and dangerous the case becomes. Then a prominent judge's body is found and the killer sends a sinister warning to the press: "Who's Next?" To Face A Killer Pescoli isn't waiting to find out. Headstrong and eager for justice, she'll track the scant clues on her own if she has to. But her search leads her straight to a monster who has had her in his sights all along. And when hunter meets prey, both must be willing to kill--and ready to die. . .

The Husband Who Refused To Die

Author: Andrea Darby
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 178589935X
Size: 16.11 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Her husband’s died, though he doesn’t see it that way… So what next for Carrie? No body. No coffin. No closure… Carrie’s no ordinary widow. Husband Dan has died unexpectedly and left behind an extraordinary wish – to be frozen. He believes his life’s simply been ‘suspended’, that he can come back … one day … when science has moved on. He’d hoped his wife would want to do the same. But she doesn’t. Two years on and Carrie, mum to increasingly truculent teenage daughter Eleanor, tentatively reconnects with an old boyfriend, whose dramatic exit from her life has always been a painful mystery. But their romance is hampered by Carrie’s never-ending personal problems, not least her interfering sister-in-law Sunny, a reflexologist with a soft voice, loud clothes and a bag full of natural remedies. Sunny’s intent on keeping her brother’s memory alive and ensuring Carrie honours his request. After Dan’s story is resurrected in the news headlines, some distressing secrets from the past are revealed, and Carrie is taunted by someone with a serious grudge. But are the secrets true? Will she discover who’s behind the malicious acts – and why? Told with warmth and wit, The Husband Who Refused to Die is a pacy novel with an original premise that casts an unusual light on a story about love, loss, family and friendship. ‘The perfect book for readers who like a contemporary romance but are open to something different.’

Stalker In The Shadows

Author: Camy Tang
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373444753
Size: 63.92 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"Consider this a warning." Lately, nurse Monica Grant feels she's being watched. Followed. And then she receives a threatening letter—accompanied by a dead snake. If she doesn't stop her plans to open a free children's clinic, she'll end up dead, too. Terrified, Monica turns to former lawman Shaun O'Neill—who believes the same madman murdered his own sister five years before. She understands how much it means to the handsome, heart-guarding man to save her—and her dream. Even if he has to lure a deadly stalker out of the shadows—straight toward himself.

Spin And Die

Author: Stella Whitelaw
Publisher: Severn House Publishers
ISBN: 9780727858313
Size: 51.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Private investigator Lacey Jordan may have taken on more than she can handle after she agrees to work a surveillance case, investigate a backhoe incident, and search for a robber, while also helping Christmas shoppers in her store.

In Case We Die

Author: Danny Bland
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 1606996754
Size: 59.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Danny Bland’s fictional prose novel about a doomed junkie couple is given depth by his first hand experiences in the ’90s grunge rock scene. “It wasn’t the pounding headache or the all too familiar taste of blood in my mouth that woke me that morning, but the stink of cat piss. They all have cats. Cats and bad tattoos and mops of dyed black hair that reek of cigarettes and watermelon Bubblicious.” This debut novel by veteran Seattle musician Danny Bland follows a pair of outsiders who find themselves locked in the palpable, dizzy grunge-rock scene of early-’90s Seattle. Vulnerable to the high relief of heroin addiction, Bland’s characters ― Charlie Hyatt and Carrie Finch ― are unapologetic protagonists whose epiphanies are as blinding as their weaknesses. Finch, 21, beautiful and dangerous, drowns out the voices in her head and the consequences of a misled life with electric guitars, booze and petulant misbehavior. Her single abiding faith takes the form of an unlikely savior ― ’60s psychedelic musician Roky Erikson. At the ripe old age of 28, Hyatt attempts to make sense of the cards he has been dealt: a miserable job in a porn shop, a drug habit he cannot afford and the wildly unstable woman he had chosen to love. Two damaged people can balance a seesaw for a long time, even finding the illusion of safety; but when one gets off unannounced, the other will fall. As Finch finds sobriety, her sanity and her relationship with Hyatt falter until an inevitable event brings the two back together a decade later.


Size: 28.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Killing Fields

Author: Sereena Nightshade
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483688127
Size: 74.31 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6040
The Killing Fields is a rated R adult color book of poetry and photos describing the reality of being a stalking victim as this writer was from October 1999 to summer 2004. Stalker’s frequently tamper with, harm, abuse and/or murder animals (pets and livestock). During the years of stalking terrorism this writer like other victims had a life outside of that which the accused predator/stalker created when the active stalking began and then continued for years. Within this other life outside of just being a stalking victim this writer care very deeply for a man who despite his proclamations of caring and even at one point love left this writer to die in the killing fields. During the time frame from 2000 to mid 2003 the man who claimed to care for this writer, the non-stalker from Afar, appeared to wonder and in fact fret over whether or not this writer matched his minimal standard for physical attractiveness. This writer never met him face to face because as the stalking horrors unfolded this writer could not abandon the animal victims to suffer more and die more just to prove to the One from Afar that this writer was acceptable and the One from Afar claimed he was too afraid of the accused stalker to come to the State of residency where this writer resided. The end result was being brutally stalked while trying to cope with a life outside of being stalked while trying to deal with the Black Market feel that transcended from expectations, questions, pressures, hang-ups from the One from Afar. Additional explanation is offered in the Books The Visage, House of Sorrows and especially in Sweetie-Baby and Black Market. In publishing The Killing Fields this writer further will hopefully feel granted permission to throw the remaining photos of these horrors away as once published the victims’ images are less easily forgotten or made into something that never existed, swept under the proverbial rug, despite the reality of how this all did exist for so many years in the undocumented war-zone and drafted by force status that defines a good portion of what it is to be stalked.