Technological Dictionary

Author: NA Hoyer
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In cases where, in one language, a particular term is applicable to several professions, industries, etc. while the foreign equivalent varies according to the industry, etc. in which it is used, the particular branch of industry is noted in parenthesis in accordance with the ""Explanations of Abbreviations and Signs"" given at the beginning of the book. This reference has, however, been omitted where there can be no doubt as to the industry, etc. covered by the term. Expressions which are preferred, or are used almost exclusively, in the United States, are marked (A). I would like to sincerely.

The Art Of Fencing Reduced To A Methodical Summary

Author: Chris Slee
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Jean de Brye's The Art of Fencing (1721) is a manual for fencing instructors and coaches showing how to break down the discipline into four broad developmental stages. He begins with the basics of posture, balance, guard positions and simple actions before progressing to chaining together these actions to make complex attack phrases and later moving on to sparring with another opponent. It is not a book which teaches early French smallsword techniques but it describes a small collection of techniques for illustrative purposes. Historical European Martial Arts instructors and historians will find The Art of Fencing useful in understanding Enlightenment period fencing pedagogy as well as proving a useful framework for teaching period swordsmanship in the modern day. There are a great many practical examples of how de Brye's teaching framework was and can be put into action in the training hall. This is a book which deserves to be found on every fencing instructor's bookshelf.

Schools And Masters Of Fencing

Author: Egerton Castle
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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The definitive work on fencing history and the art swordsmanship traces the sport from its rough beginnings to its latter-day refinement, focusing primarily on the 16th-century development of the rapier and its popularity in Italy.

Martini A Z Of Fencing

Author: E. D. Morton
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This is an extensive glossary of terms, a listing of famous fencers and masters, a compendium of passages on the history of fencing, and a collection of accounts of the duels and swashbucklers of fact and fiction.