Author: Clinton Ober
ISBN: 1458751775
Size: 43.45 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Connect to the Earth and Heal! Beneath your feet outdoors is not just a mere patch of grass, dirt, sand, or concrete. It is an omnipresent source of natural healing energy. After you read this book, you will never look at the ground the same way. We humans, as all other living beings, are electrical creatures on an electrical planet, and the ground beneath us is more than something we just stand, walk, play, and build on. ''This inspired and well-researched book explains the perils we face by being disconnected from the power and energy of the Earth and its boundless storehouse and free electrons. Could much of the disease, chronic inflammation, poor sleep, more be the result of this? A brilliant hypothesis well-grounded in science.'' Nicholas Perricone, M.D., author of Ageless Face, Ageless Mind


Author: Martin Zucker
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant
ISBN: 9781459680258
Size: 79.51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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'Earthing introduces readers to the landmark discovery that living in contact with the Earth's natural surface charge being 'grounded' naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body. This effect has massive health implications because of the well-established link between chronic inflammation and all chronic diseases, including the diseases of aging, and the aging process itself. Throughout history, humans have maintained an electrical ground connection with the Earth that naturally curbed inflammation disorders in the body. We walked barefoot and slept directly on the Earth. We were, at all times, naturally charged with the healing energy of the Earth. Today, however, we mostly live and work insulated from the Earth. We wear nonconductive shoes with synthetic soles, walk on carpeted floors, and sleep in elevated beds. We rarely go barefoot outside. We're disconnected. Consequently, our bodies become chronically charged with inflammation. Earthing is the simple solution to reduce and prevent inflammation, and is as easy as being barefoot outdoors or sleeping, working, and relaxing indoors on conductive products that conveniently ground your body to the Earth. This book documents how grounding the body consistently produces these and other benefits: · Rapid reduction of inflammation · Rapid reduction or elimination of chronic pain · Dynamic blood flow improvement · Reduced stress · Increased energy · Improved sleep · Accelerated healing from injuries and surgery without the burning inflammatory pain · Earthing is a missing link in the health equation. This book tells why and what to do · about it.'

Llewellyn S Complete Book Of Mindful Living

Author: Michael Bernard Beckwith
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738750832
Size: 80.95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Enhance your awareness, achieve higher focus and happiness, and improve all levels of your health with the supportive practices in this guide to mindful living. Featuring over twenty-five leading meditation and mindfulness experts, Llewellyn's Complete Book of Mindful Living shows you how to boost your well-being and overcome obstacles. With an impressive array of topics by visionary teachers and authors, this comprehensive book provides inspiration, discussion, and specific techniques based on the transformative applications of mindfulness: basic understanding and practices, better health, loving your body, reaching your potential, and connecting to subtle energy and spirit. Using meditation, breathwork, and other powerful exercises, you'll bring the many benefits of mindfulness into your everyday life. Contributors include Rachel Avalon, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Sarah Bowen, Jeanne Van Bronkhorst, Erin Byron, Robert Butera, Jack Canfield, Alexandra Chauran, Cyndi Dale, Sherrie Dillard, Guy Finley, Rolf Gates, Melissa Grabau, Servet Hasan, Ana Holub, Patricia Johnson, Shakta Khalsa, Melanie Klein, Danielle MacKinnon, Mark A. Michaels, William L. Mikulas, Thomas Moore, Keith Park, Deborah Sandella, Amy B. Scher, Tess Whitehurst, and Angela Wix.

The Econest Home

Author: Robert Laporte
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 1550925687
Size: 25.37 MB
Format: PDF
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Step-by-step instructions to build your own beautiful, environmentally-friendly, healthy natural home.

Born Together

Author: Patricia Gachagan
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1788036972
Size: 27.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Born Together is the inspiring memoir of Patricia Gachagan, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and her determination to overcome the challenges to live a full life and to be a mother to her son, Elliot. When Patricia became pregnant with Elliot, she could not contain her joy and elation at the prospect of starting a family. But within hours of his birth, her body began to deteriorate. Born Together tells of Patricia’s struggle to cope with her declining health and the simultaneous demands of motherhood. Eventually, Patricia was diagnosed with MS, and it was put to her that her immune system had attacked itself, in error, following the birth of her baby boy. Patricia took an alternative approach to almost everything and refused to settle for a prognosis of a life of disability and vulnerability. Many doubted her ability to succeed, but her determination to turn her life around was rewarded with a new and pioneering treatment, researched by Medical Research Scotland and part-funded by the Scottish Government Enterprise Scheme. Born Together is a unique story of courage and innovation which will both move and inspire the readers. It provides an eye-opening insight into life and motherhood with Multiple Sclerosis, and into the world of new therapies with Patricia being the first person, with MS, to test the Robo-Physio device – a new invention that is currently being researched further. Born Together will inspire its readers who are also living with MS when it is released in time for World MS Day in May 2017.

Bioelectromagnetic And Subtle Energy Medicine

Author: Paul J. Rosch
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482233207
Size: 48.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine focuses on a wide variety of evidence-based bioelectromagnetic and subtle energy therapies for disorders ranging from cancer, cardiomyopathy, and Parkinson's disease to depression, anxiety, and pain. Since publication of the first edition more than a decade ago, there have been so many advances in these and other diseases, that a thorough revision is required for this resource to remain the gold standard in a burgeoning field. This second edition updates previous topics and features many new chapters describing novel approaches that promise to replace drugs or surgery because they are more effective and much safer, such as rTMS for depression, MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound for bone and uterine tumors, and TheraBionic LEET for liver cancer. Others discuss biological water (H3O2) that acts like a battery, health benefits of Earthing, malignant and other brain tumors from cell and cordless phones, visualizing and measuring energy fields in humans and nature, making sense of homeopathy and "memory of water," basic science support for acupuncture, electrosensitivity, ion cyclotron resonance, the role of the pineal gland, the health effects of solar storms and terrestrial influences, and why Bioelectric Resonance Therapy bridges Chinese and Western medicine. This is only a sampling of the 50 chapters contributed by authorities from the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, China, Japan, and Iran.

Common Pain Conditions

Author: Marc S. Micozzi
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323430244
Size: 79.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Learn to treat pain naturally using evidence-based therapies with Micozzi’s Common Pain Conditions: A Clinical Guide to Natural Treatments. This groundbreaking title provides in-depth information on current natural pain therapies that utilize the latest 21st scientific ideas, including the role of energy in medicine. Each chapter provides content on the biology and neuroscience, as well as social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of each natural treatment approach along with clinical data and pragmatic information about healing pain using these treatments. Whether your patients are suffering from anxiety, arthritis, back pain, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, migraine and tension headaches, phantom pain, post-traumatic stress, ulcers, or just general chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, this book offers the insights and evidence-based guidance you need to successfully treat pain naturally. Coverage of safe and effective natural treatments for common pain conditions provides a wide variety of options for treating the conditions that practitioners most encounter in practice. Evidence-based approach focuses on natural treatments best supported by clinical trials and scientific evidence. Experienced medical educator and author Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD, lends extensive experience researching natural therapies. Case studies illustrate specific points and provide clinical applications for added context. Sidebars and in-text boxes feature supplementary, brief background and observations in addition to covering specific topics in detail, and to help introduce complex and challenging topics. Psychometric Evaluation interactive appendix aids in matching each patient to the right, individualized specific remedies. Suggested readings and references for each chapter provide great resources for further research.


Author: Elaine Ferguson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0757317537
Size: 40.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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From Hippocrates in ancient Greece to the medical healers of today, the impact that the mind-body connection has had on overall health has been widely recognized. And while advancements in technology are vast, the constraints of conventional medicine are an impediment to successfully preventing, reversing, or addressing the causes of chronic diseases—diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, acid reflux, cancer, and more. At times, these advancements have even proven fatal. In Superhealing: Engaging Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Create Optimal Health and Well-being, Dr. Elaine Ferguson uses an integrative approach to healing as a way of eradicating the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual limitations—illustrated from the real-life stories she has witnessed throughout her medical career—that lead to chronic diseases and imbalance. Throughout Superhealing, readers will explore the truth about genetics and disease; the central role and significance stress has on the mind-body connection, as well as the distinctions between feelings, thoughts, and emotions and how both positive and negative emotions factor into one's health. Readers will also discover: The power of a plant-based diet and the true dangers of processed food The impact healthy relationships have on the body The significance of vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, critical minerals, and vitamin B complex Why exercise should be the readers' superhealing "drug" of choice The superhealing power of touch—particularly massage and reflexology Toxic environmental factors such as the health-damaging chemicals present in most personal care and cleaning products and how to reduce or eliminate them How laughter, meditation, guided imagery, cognitive reprogramming, journaling, forgiveness, and gratitude affects one's health How spiritual beliefs and practices, isolation, and adversarial relationships contribute to physical and psychological decline Once the groundwork is complete, readers will construct an individualized, forty-day, two-part plan using a variety of clinically proven, holistic techniques that will encompass four core steps to a superhealing lifestyle. These steps will guide them on a unique path to better health while bringing the mind, body, and spirit, back into balance.

Stress Relief For Men

Author: Jed Diamond, Ph.D.
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1583947892
Size: 47.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Depression, fatigue, chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, anger, and irritability: these are just some of the toxic effects of stress. Stress Relief for Men introduces energy healing techniques based on ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science that are designed to neutralize stress so that you can regain inner strength and power in your life--without talk therapy or drugs. According to preeminent heart surgeon and author Mehmet Oz, MD, "The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine." This essential resource provides the most scientifically sound tools from this emerging new field applied to the most pressing problems facing men today. Learn how to: • Eradicate depression, anxiety, anger, and irritability • Improve your love life--including better communication with your partner • Eliminate chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and sleep better • Develop peace of mind, greater well-being, and a passion for life This book teaches you how to apply these proven energy healing "power tools": • Earthing (Grounding)--healing through connection with the Earth's surface energy • Heart Coherence--heart-based breathing and visualization techniques • Attachment Love--activating healthy connection in relationships • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping)--described as an emotional version of acupuncture The ultimate goal of these practices is health, vitality, and empowerment--so that you can successfully navigate relationships, skillfully face life's challenges, and enjoy your life!

From The Ground Up

Author: Laura Koniver MD
ISBN: 9781937848033
Size: 43.61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"From The Ground Up" is the world's first healing children's book about grounding Also known as "earthing," connecting with the earth (ground) is one of the best things you can do to support your natural health and healing. This picture book illustrates for children, in full color, how Mother Earth is our ally in health and how we can use her powers to heal. There are text boxes with more detailed information for older children, and a parent reference section in the back full of more ideas for parents in supporting the health of their child. Parents can grab this book and read it outside with their child...and by the end of the book their child could be feeling more centered, happier, and healthier A breakthrough picture book for all ages, baby through adult. Written by physician Laura Koniver, MD, one of the expert protagonists in the motion picture "The Grounded." "The Grounded" is a movie about the extraordinary healing powers of the Earth. Dr. Koniver took the scientific and intuitive understanding about grounding, presented in the film, and translated this into an informative and enchanting picture book for children. Never before has this information been accessible to children the way it is presented in "From The Ground Up." Read this book to your children, and discover new ways that you can both become grounded, healthy, and happy. Enjoy BOOK REVIEWS: ""A timely story with wonderful illustrations that prompt our intuitive knowing of the Mother Earth effect: health and happiness."" -Clinton Ober, co-author of "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?" ""Children mirror what you do, not what you say. Dr. Koniver's picturesque children's book is a magnificent portrayal in teaching our children all about grounding-the most important healing discovery ever. A must read for children and adults alike. This book deserves to grace the bookshelves of every family's home. Its vibrant illustrations and powerful message captivate the spirit and illuminate the possibility of a world where people recognize their interconnectedness. What a beautiful way to tuck our children into sleep at night...with a loving reminder that Mother Earth is here to heal and support us and we are never alone."" -Dr. Christy Westen, Director of The Earthing Foundation ""This book is a golden key to unlocking a world of vibrance awaiting us all. As important as a first-aid kit in every home. Dr.Koniver has unveiled a stunning remedy for what's ailing us."" -Steve Kroschel, Director of the motion picture The Grounded