Calle Olvera De Los Angeles

Author: William D. Estrada
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439614113
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El mercado mexicano de Olvera Street y su plaza forman el hogar de la cultura Latina en la región de Los Angeles. En este sector de la ciudad donde se realizan muchas fiestas, incluyendo el Cinco de Mayo, todavia se mantienen en pie Avila Adobe, la iglesia de la plaza—La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles, Pico House, Sepúlveda House y L.A. Firehouse No. 1. El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles fue fundado en 1781. La plaza construida en los años 1820 fue gobernada por décadas por el magnánimo Juez Agustn Olvera. Wine Street fue renombrada en su honor después de su muerte y tomo una dureza de callejón representada en las primeras pelculas de Hollywood. En los años 1920, Christine Sterling hizo una campaña para salvar Avila Adobe de una demolición y transformar Olvera Street en un destino turstico reconocido internacionalmente, el cual se inauguró en 1930. Hoy la antigua plaza y las tiendas de Olvera Street, junto con sus restaurantes, museos y vendedores atraen a un millón de personas anualmente bajo el auspicio de El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument.

The Herald S History Of Los Angeles City

Author: Charles Dwight Willard
Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag
ISBN: 3849648524
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The career of a city contains as much good material, out of which an entertaining history may be constructed, as does the life of an individual, or the development of a nation; but, for some reason, it has come to pass in America that the preparation of city, or "local", history has usually fallen into the hands of schemers who exploit the "prominent" citizen for his biography, and throw in something of a narrative, merely as an apology for the book's existence. The present book is an attempt to supply in convenient and portable shape the material facts in the history of Los Angeles city. It contains nothing in the form of paid or biographical matter (strange that such a statement should be needed!), and it is offered for sale at the bookshops on its merits as a book.

Los Angeles S Olvera Street

Author: William D. Estrada
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738531052
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Olvera Street Mexican marketplace and its plaza form the home of Latino culture in the Los Angeles region. Still standing in this downtown location of many fiestas, including Cinco de Mayo, are the Avila Adobe, plaza church-- La Iglesia de Nuestra Se±ora La Reina de Los Angeles, Pico House, Sepulveda House, and L.A. Firehouse No. 1. El Pueblo de La Reina de Los Angeles was founded in 1781. The 1820sbuilt plaza was ruled for decades by the magnanimous Judge Agust­n Olvera. Wine Street was renamed in his honor after his 1876 death and took on a back-alley toughness depicted in early Hollywood films. In the 1920s, Christine Sterling campaigned to save the Avila Adobe from demolition and transform Olvera Street into an internationally recognized tourist destination, which opened in 1930. Today the old plaza and Olvera Street shops, restaurants, museums, and vendors draw 1 million people annually under the auspices of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument.

Night Day Los Angeles

Author: Paul Zemanek
Publisher: ASDavis Media Group
ISBN: 0976601354
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This sleek guide emphasizes the details that busy and discerning travelers need to know: the very best venues and activities, the prime time to be in every spot, and packed with insider tips. Structured around styles (such as hot & cool, hip, classic) that make up Los Angeles' unique character, the guide's easy to use format gives travelers a selection based on the city's array of personalities, not geography or price.

A Companion To Los Angeles

Author: William Deverell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444390957
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This Companion contains 25 original essays by writers and scholars who present an expert assessment of the best and most important work to date on the complex history of Los Angeles. The first Companion providing a historical survey of Los Angeles, incorporating critical, multi-disciplinary themes and innovative scholarship Features essays from a range of disciplines, including history, political science, cultural studies, and geography Photo essays and ‘contemporary voice’ sections combine with traditional historiographic essays to provide a multi-dimensional view of this vibrant and diverse city Essays cover the key topics in the field within a thematic structure, including demography, social unrest, politics, popular culture, architecture, and urban studies

Chronicles Of Old Los Angeles

Author: James Roman
Publisher: Museyon
ISBN: 1938450760
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There's more to Los Angeles than lights, camera, action; discover the city yourself with six guided walking/driving tours of LA's historic neighborhoods, illustrated with color photographs and period maps. From the city's early days marked by missionaries, robber barons, orange groves, and oil wells to the invention of the movie camera, Chronicles of Old Los Angeles explains how the Wild West became the Left Coast, and how Alta California became the 31st state. Learn how ethnic waves built Los Angeles—from Native Americans to Spaniards, Latinos, Chinese, Japanese, and all the characters that crowded into California during the Gold Rush—and learn about the gangsters, surfers, architects, and Hollywood pioneers who brought fame to the City of the Angels.

Missions Of Los Angeles

Author: Robert A. Bellezza
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 0738596817
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After establishing the settlement of San Francisco, visionary mission president Fr. Junipero Serra journeyed south to found Mission San Juan Capistrano, Alta California's seventh, on November 1, 1776. By order of King Carlos III of Spain, El Pueblo de la Reina de los �ngeles (the Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels) was founded on September 4, 1781, following the recommendation of the first California governor, Felipe de Neve. At nearby Mission San Gabriel Arc�ngel, de Neve gathered a group of 11 men, 11 women, and 22 children, soldiers, mission priests, and a few Indians and traveled nine miles to the banks of the Los Angeles River, blessing the new site. By 1800, the city of Los Angeles had a population of 300 with a meeting hall, guardhouse, army barracks, and granary. Built a day's journey apart on El Camino Real, the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espa�a was dedicated on September 8, 1797, and completed the lineage of California's monumental landmark missions near Los Angeles.

Rethinking Los Angeles

Author: Michael Dear
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780803972872
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The Los Angeles region is increasingly being held up as a prototype for the collective urban future of the United States. Yet it is probably the least understood, most under-studied major city in the US. Very few people beyond the boundaries of Southern California have an accurate appreciation of what the region is, who lives there, and what it does. This groundbreaking collection of essays brings together well-respected contributors to dispel the myths about Southern California and to begin the process of `rethinking' Los Angeles.